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Acc: [protected]
Good day,

The electricity meter for this account is not working, this is a very very very old meter that is still inside the house. It has not been working for a long time even though we have reported it and City of Tshwane is only giving estimates on the account, we have mailed through photos showing that the meter has been standing still and still no response from Tshwane, this is unacceptable, we have applied for and paid for a pre-paid meter last year already through a company:
Pre paid tshwane /online prepaid
Vendor 425
Duke Ave 13
Irene Farm Villages
E-mail: [protected]
Att: Bain Jolly
Your previous mail says we must find out how far this is by visiting the walk in center, where we have applied for the Prepaid, to check how far they are with our installation. We cannot do this as we did the application on-line through the above agent, so we are urging you to please go and replace the meter or install our prepaid meter urgently as the meter is not working and you cannot bill us "estimates". As a matter of fact you cannot bill us at all as according to this meter we are not using any electricity!! so rectifying the problem!! We have already paid an account over R50, 000.00 because of Tshwane not wanting to sort this out. Now it has started all over again, estimates, estimates...….
Every month we get a ridicules account and we do not even have a electric stove but a gas stove and only 1 geyser.
I think it is extremely poor service from the City of Tshwane!!!
Ilse van Wyk

Jun 01, 2018
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  • Sa
      Jul 03, 2018

    I have 6 reference numbers accumulated over 3 months regarding a broken prepaid electricity meter and still no action.

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