City Of Tshwanefaulty electricity disconnection

B Aug 22, 2014 Review updated:

My electricity was disconnected with no warning or notice and is still off since monday and it is friday now. All the accounts are paid fully and up to date. The tshwane people came in monday and brought the police with because I live in a security estate and they cut the cable under the ground and did not disconnect it at the box but also under the ground. Their reason is that the rates and taxes are not paid. I tried to phone email ten times but with no prevail. No answer and even some of the tel no on the internet does not exist. Its been five days now and no one came back to me. We are four units that they disconnected with no notice or warning and my neighbor said he got through once and they admitted it was a mistake but the power is still off. All my food is wrotten and I had to throw it away. This is unacceptable


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      Jan 31, 2015

    We should charge the bill to them for the rotten food and numerous telephone calls. It has taken me 10 hours 32 minutes to calm down. They forget that we are their customers using their product electricity! A courtesy call is very welcome. Oh yes incorrect data sent to the contractors for disconnection, regardless of who it is and arrangements that are or were made.

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