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Ermelo, ZA

Good evening

I have been having challenges with tshwane municipality, where I was billed on a meter that was stuck.
The electricity meter got stuck around august 2015 @ 40565 and I only noticed that it was stuck in january when they sent a bill saying my actual reading is 56363, and I asked how was the reading taken where as the meter was stuck, and when I asked for records on how the readings were taken and who took the readings, I was never shown.
Then again an actual reading was taken in march 2016 @ 48397, while the meter was stuck @ 40565 as per attached picture.

I have made enquiries at the city of tshwane offices to resolve this matter, however it was not resolved to my satisfaction, because the meter was changed in april 2016, however the billing of the faulty meter still carried over.

I would like city of tshwane to bill me as from april 2016 when the new meter as fitted.

I would appreciate your assistance.


Wisani risenga

Account no. [protected]

City Of Tshwane
City Of Tshwane
City Of Tshwane

Mar 13, 2017

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