City Of Tshwane / accounts not being issued and then final demand and service levies are being issued

Pretoria, South Africa

How many tshwane residents did not receive their october account and have now received a service levy and letter of demand for their account not being paid in time?

I pay tshwane immediately when I get my invoice either via post, sms, or e-mail. Tshwane failed to load an invoice via e-tshwane (and ketiwe phasha and her supervisor tenda masotsasa from customer services, tell me that they are aware of issues with invoices not being processed). They also failed to send anything via postal services and sms services and have issued me an invoice now 7/12/16 which I paid on the 7/12/16 for october and november. Then I receive a letter of demand printed 9/12/2016 for both months???. They do not inform me and wait until it's too late to pay the previous month account (e-tshwane does not work) and then charge me r190 service fee. How many other people are being scammed due to tshwane's unproductiveness? Is tshwane filling their pockets for christmas bonus with this service levy? Now they want me to go to credit control offices.

Dec 12, 2016

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