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CitiMortgage / unapplied payment

1 Phoenix, AZ, United States Review updated:

I have had similiar problems with CitiMortgage. I am current with my mortgage payment. I use money orders and I have all my reciepts. When they started sending default notices, I contacted them noting that fact. I first requested a refinance of my mortgage, since the interest rates had dropped, which they refused. They directed me to loss mitigation as if I was behind. I kept telling them that I was current. They sent me paperwork from loss mitigation and I filled it out. I thought this had something to do with getting a lower interest rate. I was told that I would be contacted in appx. 6 weeks.?? Next thing I recieved another default notice. I contacted customer service to get this all straightened out. Citimortgage claimed that 500$ of my payment had not been recieved. I immediately checked that the money orders had been cashed..(I send 2 money orders because they only sell for up to 500$)...They both had cashed the exact same day! I again contacted CitiMortgage informing them of this fact. I was told to fax the reciepts to Payment research. I was given the incorrect number. I recieved another default notice. I contacted CitiMortgage again finally getting, hopefully the correct fax number to payment research. They sent a letter saying that I would have to get a copy of the money order from the money order company and fax it again. I am currently waiting for the copies from Moneygram. Has anyone started a class action lawsuit against this bailout bilking corporation. I have been told that they only "service" the mortgages for Fannie Mae. I would like to add my name to any class action lawsuit against them.

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  • Rg
      1st of Jun, 2009
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    My husband and I had a similiar problem where they did not apply my payments and refused to correct the matter until we involved a lawyer.

  • Ma
      24th of Aug, 2009
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    same problem

  • Ph
      29th of Nov, 2009
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    Would love to be involved in any class action suits...check out our blog post about our situation! It's a mess!

  • Le
      12th of May, 2010
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    I also have a problem with Citi...I have been making my current loan mod payments...out of the clear blue I get a foreclosure
    letter...the funny thing home burned down in Feb 2010...Yes let's give the banks more American money to party on
    why not...????? They really seem to know what they are doing...Remember this ask the bank to produce the NOTE...chances are...they do not have it...espicially if your loan has been sold more than once...mine...5 times...
    Let's do a class action lawsuit against Citi...a bank that services Freddie Mac...

  • Ak
      17th of May, 2010
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    This is happening to me. In the past two months, I have attempted to submit 4 separate payments through the citimortgage website. In each case, the payment was noted with a confirmation email. In each case, I received an additional notice a week later stating that the payment had been returned. But the money was available in my checking account, and my bank shows no record of a request for the funds!

    This is not an error in entry of my checking account or routing number. 3 of these payments were submitted using account information already stored with Citimortgage, which had been used successfully in the past. The 4th payment was submitted while I was on the phone with my bank, and I confirmed my checking account numbers twice.

    I have been charged $250 per month by citimortgage for fees and penalties. I am being harassed by phone 3 times per day. My credit score has dropped by 150 points because of the resulting late payment status on my mortgage account. I am now seeking a lawyer to help me address this.

  • Pj
      15th of Sep, 2010
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    I am going through the same things as mentioned above. My mortgage was okay until May, 2010. Up until May, my payment was $912 a month. I was late sending in the May payment. They rec'd $950 on June 6. On June 1st, my payment increased from $912 to $982. So, they didn't apply my $950 payment to May, as they said it was not the entire payment. Instead my payment went into a "unapplied fund" account. I sent $1, 000 in July and another $1, 000 in August. Actually thinking that I was paying more than was due! HOWEVER, my payments for three months of $2, 950 are all sitting in this "unapplied fund" account. AND, this week I rec'd a letter from their attorney that my house is in foreclosure! I have called Citimortgage numerous times. Yes, they agree that this should never have happened... however, they can't do anything and I cannot get through to the Foreclosure Department. HELP!!!

  • Si
      21st of Sep, 2010
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    I have had the same problem since august of O8 they keep putting my payment in escrow and then when i go to make the next months payment they would tell me that i am not current and that i am a month behind I DONT EVEN HAVE AN ESCROW ACCOUNT!!! and i would spend all day long on the trying to get the mess fixed and they would pass me from person to person and every person i talked to told me something different heck one day i spoke with twenty people and each one of them told me something different not one person told me the same thing twice . I also got ID numbers and names of every one i spoke with it still didnt help and as of march of this year i filed bankrupsy chapter 13 just so i could hold on to my home and i have only been in it for six months and citimortgage has tried to change terms of the loan by upping my mortgage payment and saying they are paying my land taxes and home insurance . I have been doing that all along myself !!! What gives

  • Kr
      21st of Nov, 2010
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    I would jump at the chance to join a Complaint against Citi-Bank. They are crooks of the first order. I pay periodically throughout the month on my small mortgage with them. I live near a CB "banking" site and walk in my final payment each month near the deadline date, to make any remainder payment in cash. I save the receipts due to past bad experiences with them in making cash payments.
    They have begun to refuse to accept my final payment of the month, as it is less than the mortgage payment, because I have already paid the rest of it previously that month.
    For example, through another bank, I make about 2 payments of several hundred on my mortgage each month and then walk in a final payment at the end of my payment period. These 3 payments either equal my mortgage or are slightly more than my mortgage payment.
    I have begun asking them for a writing refusing to accept my payment.
    Now they are saying I have an escrow account attached to my mort. for property taxes, BUT I pay my own property taxes and have checked with the County. The County says I have paid my taxes and on time. They said about 5 mths ago they received a check from CB for my taxes and that they immediately returned that check.
    I have spoken with CB and notified them of their error and now they are saying my mortgage payment in full, is in a side account and my payment is late, because I have not paid the escrow amount.
    On top of all this, the new manager at the bank has physically threatened me when I was attempting to make my payment, which they were refusing to accept. I was irritated, but never raised my voice and the clerk and I were doing fine together.
    Additionally, when you log out of CB online banking you are not actually logged out!!! There is a minor inconsequential question after you log out, like, do you want to go paperless. If you ignore that question and move on to another website, you can hit the Back button and you will be in your CB account. Anyone can get into your CB acct for about 20 minutes, at which time the system finally closes it. I have complained about this to them for years, but they don't care.
    This bank is a joke. They do not seem to understand the most basic things about banking or accounting.
    Sign me up for lawsuits against these crooks.

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