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Citimortgage, Inc. / not following home affordable modification program guidelines

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Tangi smith
2896 via palma, lake worth, florida 33461

july 2, 2009

Citimortgage, inc.
Loss mitigation department
1000 technology drive
O’fallon, mo 63368

Fax number: [protected]

Re: loan number [protected]

Summary of situation

Due to financial hardship as a result of an unexpected divorce at the end of 2008, I contacted citimortgage, inc. at the beginning of january 2009 to explain that I needed help getting my loan modified.

on january 14, 2009, I faxed over my citimortgage workable solutions application which consisted of fifty-eight pages.

On january 26, 2009 I called citimortgage, inc. they stated they had received my fax but were still working on reviewing it. they would call me back soon. I never heard from them.

On january 23, 2009, I called citimortgage, inc. and spoke to representative “mark”. he stated that the fifty-eight pages of my citimortgage workable solutions application had not been “scanned” in yet and he would have to transfer me to “whitney” with citimortgage, inc. loss mitigation department. “whitney” explained to me that I would need to do a “trial run” of modified payments of

Page two of four
July 2, 2009
Loan # [protected]

$ 995.00 for four months to prove I could afford them and pay on time. after paying these four payments I would then qualify for a permanent modified mortgage program. she stated that she would be mailing the documentation regarding this arrangement to me for my review and signature and then for me to return them to citimortgage, inc. “whitney” instructed me to call citimortgage loss mitigation department back immediately after paying my june, 2009 payment to complete the process. I never did receive any documentation during these four months even though I had made several telephone calls requesting them. I did pay the modified payments of $ 995.00 on time in march, april, may and june 2009 as requested.

June 29th and july 1st, 2009

Listed below is a summary of important details that were covered in telephone conversations with “ms. rachael, supervisor” of citimortgage, inc. and myself on monday, june 29th, 2009 and with “ms. aaron, supervisor” of citimortgage, inc. along ms. ivy with the hope for homeowners organization and myself on wednesday, july 1st, 2009 regarding my pending home affordable modification for the above referenced loan number.

• on monday, june 29th, 2009 “ms. rachel, supervisor” of citimortgage, inc. gave me information regarding the payments I would have to pay under the home affordable modification program. I stated that the amount citimortgage, inc. was requesting from me as a monthly payment was higher than I had been paying for the past four months and did not reflect a modified mortgage payment of 31% (thirty-one percent) of my gross income (as specified in the home affordable modification program guidelines). “ms. rachael” stated “we don’t have to do anything for you but this is what we are offering. you can review and sign the modification agreement or you can pay a balloon payment of approximately $ 3, 400.00 which is due july 25th, 2009.” she stated that I was never on a trial basis for a modification program but in forbearance. never at any time since my conversations started with citimortgage, inc. on january 23, 2009 did anyone state to me forbearance or a balloon payment being due in july 2009.

Page three of four
July 2, 2009
Loan # [protected]

• on wednesday, july 1st, 2009 ms. ivy with the hope for homeowner’s organization and myself contacted citimortgage, inc. again regarding this situation. when speaking with “ms. aaron, supervisor” at citimortgage, inc. regarding the issue of my modified payment not meeting the 31% mortgage payment goal “ms. aaron” stated that “these are the figures our computer system is giving us”. we pointed out once again that the figures where not correct. according to the guidelines of the home affordable modification program, the borrows’ monthly mortgage payment, including principal, interest, property taxes, property insurance, etc. should be set at 31% of the borrows’ gross order to reach the target affordability level of 31%, interest payments can be reduced down to as low as 2%. if at that rate the debt to income level is still over 31%, then the lender needs to extend the term or amortization period up to 40 years and finally if needed, forbear principal at no interest, until the payment is reduced to the 31% target. “ms. aaron” then placed ivy with the hope for homeowner’s organization and myself on hold to discuss this problem with her supervisor. she came back and stated “my supervisor has informed me to tell you there must be a glitch in our computer system. he will have a technician look into it. you will have to call back in two weeks”. I was advised then by hope for homeowner’s that we should end our telephone conversation with citimortgage, inc.

I will be calling back in two weeks along with a representative from the hope for homeowner’s organization. I can only hope the “glitch” in citimortgage, inc.’s computer system that is giving incorrect information will be fixed in order for myself and possibly other citimortgage, inc. customers to get accurate modified payments equal to 31% of the borrows’ gross income as outlined by president obama’s home affordable modification program.

Meanwhile, I sit for another two weeks with this so called “balloon payment” hanging over my head and my children and I wondering what is going to happen to our home. I have honestly done everything citimortgage, inc. has asked me to do

Page four of four
July 2, 2009
Loan # [protected]

For the past four months and have researched the u. s. department of the treasury’s guidelines for their “making home affordable” program to the fullest extent only to find myself in an unfair business situation.

I clearly understand that lender’s, including citimortgage, inc., are receiving funds from the u. s. treasury for participating in this program. I would like to believe that citimortgage, inc. is following the making home affordable guidelines accurately since they are financially benefiting from the u. s. government. I guess in two weeks I will know the answer to this.

I would also like to state I have also been advised to call the state of florida attorney general’s office regarding this “glitch” in citimortgage, inc. computer system and also discuss with them the details of my situation. I will be making this telephone call along with mailing this letter to the below listed organizations and businesses. if citimortgage, inc. or any of the following carbon copied businesses would like to contact me, you can reach me anytime at [protected].


Tangi smith

Cc: mr. bill mccollum, attorney general/state of florida
federal trade commission& fdic
better business bureau
hope for homeowners
wpec news 12

Note: the spelling of the employee’s names at citimortgage, inc. may be incorrect and no last names are ever given out.

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  • Gl
      30th of Jul, 2009
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    on the 30th of june i receive a package from citimortgage loanmodification dep. with the document that i need to fill out and sign and also to furish other document, when i went through the document i notice that some of the paperwork was in another homeowners name along with her loan number .on july 1st i call citimortgage and they went over the package with me then she took my phone number and said she would call me right back after she talk to her supervisor, i waited for days but nobody called on the 7th i call again i heard different story i call on the 14th different story i have been bounce around from one department to the other and nobody seems to be helpimg me to correct the mistake they made in your office i call again on the 21st an the supervison ashured me that i will receive another package at the beginning of this week now today is thursday and no package before the supervisor told that story there was a guy who promise me that he is going to mail the paper work off right away .i dont know what to do about your company they frustrate me they always push you around from one call center to another with no result i need my paper work to continue with my modification that mistake was due to bad office help, there are too many people giving advise and most of the time is bad advise for a big company as yours you need to have better costomer service and dedicated workers to help the public if i dont get the help i need intime i will have to report this company to my states attorneys office and other public agent so they can know whats going on at citimortgage modification department.thanks gladys lewis of connecticut loan#2004820205

  • An
      27th of Oct, 2009
    0 Votes

    I would like to file a class action lawsuit against citi as well. In June 2009 I was put on a payment plan and told that I would get my package within 30 to 45 days. I never got the package I called back and was told that I should get the package in about two weeks. The next time that I called back I was told that I should get the package in about another 30 days. I got the package did everything that I was asked to do. I then get a call from some group saying that they needed additional documents some which had been included in my package already. I then was given a fax number to fax over the documents which I did when I called back to check with citi to find out if the documents were received I was told that it takes anywhere from 10 to 15 working days for the documents to be scaned into the system so I could not be told if the documents were received. I get calls every two days about the same documents that I have faxed. It has been about two weeks now and the items still have not been scaned I am told that it could take another week and that know one can verifiy if the documents have been received at this time. I was also given another fax number which is now being used which is going to make the process more smoother so I am being told to fax the items again but I will still need to wait and see if the documents have been received. I called citi and now I am being told that my property will be forclossed on in 14 days because I have not made my payments which is not true. I have not been notified by anyone asking for any payments I have been making the payments which I was told to make when the modification was set up now for more than six months which only three of the months were to be a trail period which is trunning into a much longer period. Prior to being set up on the new program my house note was paid on time once i was given the new amount to pay citi has ruined my credit and will not honor the home affordability plan. I say let's all get together file a lawsuit and stop paying our mortage let's put the bank out of business. I think everyone should go see the movie Capitalism and fight back.

    my # is 310-293-9207

  • An
      27th of Oct, 2009
    0 Votes

    Citi is also telling people who are disabled that they do not qualify for the home affordability program.

  • Ha
      6th of Nov, 2009
    0 Votes

    I just got off the phone with Citi and am in tears. We started our modification, sent all necessary paper work back in. I have spoken to several diffrent people several times in regards to our modification. Upon recieving the package it stated our trial period was Oct, Nov and Dec. I called about this issue since that seemed like a long gap between payments. I was assured it was a glich in ther computer system and they needed to fill out a form to get the dates in the computer changed to the dates on my documents. We have made Oct and Nov. payments before the first of the month. Today I recieve a letter stating they have cancelled our modification. I proceed to call them and be told we did not make our payment for Sept. I am beyond upset right now the gentlemen on the phone stated they screwed up but there is nothing they can do. I am at a loss right now as to what to do. I hate this company and will be writting letters to everyone and anyone who will listen.

  • Mi
      9th of Nov, 2009
    0 Votes

    All of my husband and I nightmares began when we got involved with CitiMortgage, Inc., this whole thing is way beyond ridiculious. We bale them out and this is what we all get for it. We have lived in our house for over 20 years and it wasn't till Citi came along that we got to the point of loseing our home. We have been through the same thing as all of the rest of you and it sounds like it's time for someone to do something about the incompetence. No one knows what is going on there. We gave up on the modification program a long time ago and have given up at this point. We are now just waiting for the sheriff to come knocking on the door. We are just plain tired. I also think the only thing that would change anything with them is a class action lawsuit. You can't trust them to give you the right amount for a house payment I sure don't want to trust them to pay our taxes and insurance. Everyone should send a complaint to the If enough of us do this can't hurt to try. Frustrated in Mn

  • Lo
      18th of Nov, 2009
    0 Votes

    Though my loan has been successfully modified, I was lied to by Citi. When I was asked to start making "trial" payments I asked if this reduced payment was going to affect my loan in any detrimental way. I explained that I could still make the full payment, and would unless it would have no detrimental effect. I was assured that the reduced payment reflected a new payment amount, and would not impact my credit in any way.

    When my payments went into the "trial" period, which it turns out lasted nearly 9 months, Citimortgage's automated account phone center kept stating that our payments had not been made, and that we owed for as far back as March of this year. So, I got a regular customer service rep (csr) on the phone to ask about that. She told me that my account was in forbearance. I said that couldn't be, and she said that is what the computer said.

    I called "loss mitigation" and they explained that the accounts office wasn't right, that the record would be corrected once the terms of the loan were re-written.

    I recently received my forms for my new loan terms and learned that the reduced payments are used against you as leverage to accept the new terms. In other words, my normal payment was $2400/mo. My trial payment was roughly $1700. Over 9 months, I came to owe $6300 to CitiMortgage. As such, I can either accept their terms or pay them $63000 immediately. THE NEW TERMS REQUIRED ME TO STATE THAT I HAD DEFAULTED ON MY LOAN! I never defaulted!

    I did sign the form, but as soon as this is all said and done I plan to file a complaint with the NYS Attorney General's Office. I'm really pissed off!

  • Pa
      23rd of Nov, 2009
    0 Votes

    This is a messed up company, I finished my Chapter 13 in dec.2008 everything current, then citi says we can't except Jan 2009 payment or Feb 2009 says I'm in foreclosure I have fought with these guys for months trying to prove my case, Have actually had trustees office send docs. to prove payments made now in Oct.2009 they out of clear blue ( because I gave up talking to them in May) say you are in default heading for foreclosure, now tell me if you are in foreclosure in Jan 2009 how can you be heading for foreclosure in Oct.2009? They just give you the run around it pisses me off they get the money to save there butts and still won't give you the time of day.. I even tried the workable solutions.

  • Do
      22nd of Dec, 2009
    0 Votes

    I was told by a Citimortgage representative to pay $889.23 of my 1423.00 mortgage as a trial for three months, and after the 3 months, my mortgage would be modified with a lower fixed interest rate. I now have a 5-year ARM. So I complied and sent in (on time) for the months of October, November and December the 889.23 I was told to send until my modification was approved. Not once was I told that if it was denied, I would have to pay all the money that I was not sending back to them. I was told on December 19, 2009 that I was denied the modification and that I would have to pay back all the money that I had been told to not pay for the three months trial period. Now the way I understand it, this program was suppose to help me, but it has placed a greater burden on me than before I selected to try for it. I have to pay all this money back, plus the same amount of mortgage that I started off with. I was told by Citimortgage (1866-272-4749) that my mortgage was in default and that the 1617.77 that they told me not to pay was due at once or I would have to pay interest on it, but if I pay 270.00 extra a month, they would kindly forgo the interest on this amount. Either that, or they could take my house and sell it on a short sell basis. This is the biggest scam since the prime loans scams. These banks have not changed, they are still scam artist. Same ###, new smell.

  • Do
      31st of Dec, 2009
    0 Votes

    These American mortgage companies are run by nothing but greedy, souless hyper-capitalists! Just like the automobile industry, foreign mortgage companies should be allowed to deal directly with American consumers so we have more competition to force the quality of business to go up just like the option of buying a high quality/valued Japanese car made (almost) U.S. carmakers step up their game to stop churning out crap in Detroit!

    Just like the American medical and pharmaceutical industries, more Americans are seeking care and medicine OUTSIDE of this greedy country because the services here are crappy and overpriced! Hyper-patriots are always whining buy American, use American, blah blah blah, but then look what we end up with when we do...

    Greedy American companies need to be allowed to fail, and foreign companies can come in so we can benefit from the competition that will eventually raise the quality of care and products in this country and force bad companies out of business! It has gone on too long and will only get worse!

  • Ke
      15th of Jan, 2010
    0 Votes

    Me TOO! Citi Mortage took me exactly the same way took over 7 months over 6000 back pay I was denied I am in a worse off position than before. They also lied to the credit bureau this should be illegal and stated I paid my mortgage late 3 times. Which not one payment ever sent was late. These people need to be stopped. Maybe not paying them will get their attention and then I will be approved for the modification.

    I honestly feel like selling everything I own in this house and just leaving it it is not worth what I owe and it is falling apart let them get stuck with it. They will not be able to sell it.

    I work so hard for me and my daughter and this is how my country pays us back no healthcare also scams, no college tuition we need to pay this (with some financial aid help but not enough).What we get is taxed more than any other country when you figure we pay taxes on the same money over and over again. and we get nothing in return.

    What do we get for our tax dollars that we do pay not even safe travel.

    Obama may have meant well but his modification bill put more people in worse off positions than they were before.
    Sorry Obama but you failed here.

    All we do in this country is worry about health care bills, college tuition, paying our mortgage, the crappy streets we have to drive on, you have to worry when you die. You can not even die in peace here with some dignity.


  • Sf
      27th of Jan, 2010
    0 Votes

    Wow, it's great to hear others have had the same nightmare experience as I have trying to modify my loan. Here's my story. Was set up on a trial period of modified payments of $1209/month. I made all my trial payments timely - my trial period lasted 6 months. I then received my modification agreement documents to finalize the home modification. My new payment jumped $324/month to a payment of $1535/month! I called the underwriter of my modified loan every day for a week and never got a call back. I finally asked to speak to anyone in the home modifcation dept. Today I was given an explanation for the big jump. Ready for this. According to Citimortage they are allowed to adjust my gross income by 25% per the Treasury Dept and then determine my mortgage payment. Basically, they falsely changed my income by increasing it $988/month. I told them if I had the extra $988/month I wouldn't need a modifcation. They told me my complaint is not with them, its with the Treasury. I've now called the Treasury and filed a complaint. I think I'll follow your lead and also file a complaint with my State's Attorney. has any one else had their gross income changed, literally, by an increase of 25%?????? What the heck.

  • Fr
      23rd of Feb, 2010
    0 Votes

    I have been trying to modify my loan since March 2009 and they have been giving me the total run around. Is there anyone there who has successfully modiefied their loans? We need to know that such a group exists for us to belive that
    CityMortrage is doing something. I have totally lost faith in the American Banking system. What is the treasury doing about the rouge banks? and this administration that we put so much faith on. Rather than continuing to grip we need to mobilise and file a class action suite. Let us join together and take these dishonest people at citiMortgage to court, including the CEO. Rd

  • De
      23rd of Feb, 2010
    0 Votes

    I haven't heard of one success story about CitiMortgage. My story is pretty much the same as all of yours. Given the run around for months. In a bigger mess now than I was to begin with. I wasn't delinquent when I started the trial payments in Sept. Made 6 trial period payments and am now told we don't qualify. When I asked the CitiMortgage rep what their success rate was for these modificatoins I was told it was very high. But it seems to me based on the stories that I've seen on the internet that many of us have the same story.

    Took me 2 months to have a packet sent out to me. Now that we have not been approved have been hit with the $15 monthly drive by fees to take pictures of my home. Not only that but now being charged $59 late fees for each and every month I was in the trial period phase.

    I agree with a class action lawsuit. Not sure of how to do that but it seems that this program and CitiMortgage has gotten us all in a Catch 22. Something isn't right here. Now I'm gettin the line that the only thing we can suggest is a short sale.

  • Ha
      1st of Mar, 2010
    0 Votes

    Hey, guys im in the same situation as all of you and guess what?they just added the $20 fee for just making a payment over the phone.i was pissed!how can you do that without telling anyone or mailing a simple letter saying that they will start charging.1 thing after another with this bank.first its not getting paperwork needed, fax not scanned, call back in two weeks, i mean i had to pull out everything out of my ### just to let them no i dont have any more paystubs or tax papers.i hate this bank!theyre ###s!stupid!i could of written a book on excuses and ### from these im in so much debt!!!

  • Ma
      8th of Mar, 2010
    0 Votes

    I had the same problem with citimorage, I called to get a deferred payment, they talked me into a home modification. They said it wouldn't affect my credit score and i wouldn't owe any more if i was deiend, that it would be tack on to the end of the loan. they set me up with a lower payment. I applied for a parrent plus loan for my son for college i got turned down becuse of my credit. So i pulled my credit report up and citi. reported i was on a modified loan arrangment but was back 3ths. They denied me the modificaton loan and said i owed more money! They said i would go back to my orginal payment! I can proably save my house but i dont know if i want to work with a dishonest company! How many others are there? What can we do? My E-mail address [protected]@hotmail .com

  • Mt
      11th of Mar, 2010
    +1 Votes

    I have been trying to modify my loan with Citimorgage since October2009, but it still pending, because I refused to sign the modification agreement that they sent to me. Under their modification my payment has been reduce only on $147.00. I tried to get some explanation from Citi why they didn’t comply with the government Home Affordable Modification Program base on this program my payment should be 31 % from my gross income not 61% like they offered to me .I spent hours on the phone but their right hand doesn’t know what their left hand is doing . The Citimortgage doesn’t want to cooperate; seems like they sabotage the modification program in purpose. After reading all customer complains I realize that will happen next with my modification, ( Citi do it almost for each customers who want to modified the loan) they will deny my modification and then ask more money for debt repayment plus late fees and so on. I would like to file a class action lawsuit against Citi as well. e-mail [protected]

  • Da
      13th of Mar, 2010
    0 Votes

    i have had they same problen with usfinancial relief center. paid 995.00 and was later told my mortagase co. has it, s own modification programe. tried to work with my mortage co [american home mortage] but all i get is letters saying i did not give them enough information. we help people all over the world, but our goverment can, t help there own people. david

  • Sp
      18th of Mar, 2010
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  • Pa
      30th of Mar, 2010
    +1 Votes

    I too have been and still am facing problems with CitiMortgage's loss mitigation. I now loathe CitiMortgage. They think they are too giant of a corporation for the little person to stand up to. After stringing my modification out for 16 months, countless fights with them through phone calls, I finally received my "denial" letter of absolute contradictions in what I was told originally that a modification is based on. All LIES. Just another way to save CitiMortgage their $8 billion bailout. I know it won't do any good but I'm now sending my complaint to every office and organization there is to expose what they did to my modification and the lies CitiMortgage tells. So far, I've gathered a very long list, all the way up to the Federal Congressional Committee who gave them the bailout. Sorry business practices is too mild of a description for CitiMortgage. I live in Florida and can't go up and pound on CitiMortgage's front door!!! Patricia Evans, email [protected]

  • Su
      4th of Apr, 2010
    0 Votes

    Same situation. Going on the 8th month of my "3 month trial period". I still not have recieved any documentation to finalize the modification. I call 2-3 times per week and everytime it is the same story, 'We don't know why your paperwork has not been sent, but I will talk to my supervisor and get it out right away'.

    Something is seriously wrong with Citimortgage. Everything is 'verbal agreement' that the Citi represenatives somehow have the authority to say over the phone, but when you ask if they could send you a written letter or an email in regards to the conversation you just had, they can't do it because it has to go through their legal department? So basically they can tell you whatever the ### they like over the phone.

    Like many on this thread, before trying to work with the Loss Mitigation Department for a modification my loan was current and paid in full. Now I am recieving letters and phone calls claiming I broke the terms of our contract, my home is in jeopardy of forclosure, it's deliquent, I owe thousands of dollars, I will be reported to the credit bureau, etc.

    The majority of responses I recieve from Citimortgage representatives, is that loss mitigation is a different department from collections or whatever department calls and sends their 'demand' letters. So they say to ignore them. Once again, I ask could please send me a letter or email stating that? Nope, can't do it. I actually had one representive suggest I send a letter to them, stating I was dead, because that would put a stop to the calls.

    They told me in the begining, that during the trial period I would stop getting the monthly statements and I did. Then around the 5th or 6th month I recieved a mortgage statement. I called and asked about it and they representative told me that somehow, my loan modificaton 'fell out' and he didn't know why because all the modified payements were made on time in the full amount and he could see that no paperwork had been sent to me as promised. So he put it back in the system, which I have come to believe, their system is ran by hamsters and carrier pigeons.

    From the very begining I have documented the first name and employee ID number of every single Citimortgage representative I have spoken with. Along with the date and what was discussed. I don't know if it will do any good, but I will still call them 1-2 time per week and make sure everything looks right. I would suggest doing the same because if you do not stay on top of them and ask question and demand answers they will just put their head in a hole and hope it all goes away.

    Our country, without a doubt has been seeing a very unfavorable economy. I myself do not look to blame anyone nor am I looking for a handout or believe I am owned something.
    I do however, would appreciate the insitute that financed my home (or in Citi's case bought it from another lender) to be truthful, honest and possess business integrity.

    They don't own this country, we do, the people. This is our country and it was founded on this belief, so do not let them take it from us. Do not take an idle seat and hope something good may come, stand up and take action.

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