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CitiMortgage / bad faith, holding my check hostage

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These horrible, horrible, people! I can't possibly tell you what we've been through and there is NO help. They are holding my insurance check hostage. My repairs are going to be complete tomorrow morning and I haven't the money to pay the contractor! At least I had the money to get them started! What if I didn't??? They have played games with me now multiple times, delaying and telling lies. I send what they request and then there's always "something else". They never tell you the full story. NOW, they indicate that an inspector must come to our home (on THEIR own timeframe, of course... no rush!) to inspect our repairs and then write a report and then maybe a couple of weeks later... maybe, we'll get our check. BAD FAITH dealing! What if we didn't have any money to start our repairs? Then they'd never be done, I guess as Citimortgage apparently expect that you pay for your damages and then they'll torture you and toy with you until you have health issues. Dispicable. AND I'm in a hote right now!!! These people are cruel and horrible. Logic and compassion should enter the equation. No wonder their company is in the toilet.

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  • Ja
      19th of Mar, 2009

    My experience has been EXACTLY the same. In December I was required to forward my endorsed insurance check from damanges due to Hurricane Ike to them, which they have held since then. I have complied with every form, every requirement, and they have continued to either require additional documentation (the roofer's proposal then became a "signed" contract with both our signatures); they denied a signed form because I forgot to enter the date, then never bothered to inform me that the process had stopped because of that. I have kept a massive journal of the phone calls and supervisors I have spoken with. I was told that as soon as the inspection and repairs (all of which were completed weeks ago) were complete, the funds would be released, and that a check would be issued to both the roofing company and me to endorse, and I assume the remaining balance to me (I had already done the repairs with my own money, had their inspector verify that 95% of the work was complete, another requirement to release the funds), overnighted. As of last Friday (March 13) I was told that the claim was complete but that it would take 3-5 more working days to process (that's what they call overnight?), then sent out FedEx, meaning as early as yesterday, or as late as tomorrow. This morning, after calling to check on the progress, I am told that the claim was approved 3/13, sent to accounting in Maryland, cut on 3/17 and has to be sent back to the Ohio claims office for MORE approval, and hopefully FedExed then, and it could be next week before it is received. In my furor, I forgot to ask why they are only referencing ONE check. I asked the supervisor to please personally follow up to make sure it is not held up again, and she offered to call me as soon as it is overnighted. Big help. It's misleading, fraudulent and bordering on criminal. I have yet to have a conversation in which more delay, more processing, more forms, and more requirements are not the case. This is a HORRIBLE HORRIBLE company and I would like to be a part of any lawsuit or complaints to the FTC, for what it's worth.

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  • Ci
      2nd of Apr, 2009

    i can copy jane j's comments to the letter and be writing about my experience. i would also like to file a bad faith claim against crummymortgage. any help out there?

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  • Ji
      19th of May, 2009

    I live in Houston as well and I have been given no help from this group of [censored] bags. Prior to my claim check arriving I called and was told that they would only pay half out on the first draw. That did not cover the cost of the roof and as a contractor and inspector I put it on the back burner till I could get my company back together. When I did send them the check with a letter bagging for the total cost of the roof I was told that after completion of my roof that they would pay out the rest and we would be done... I later received a call from my insurance company telling me that they had tried to get the check cut directly to them.

    Today I was told that in five to seven day I could expect a call from the inspector to set up am appointment to look at my roof. I fund this over the top and asked to speak with a supervisor. I was told that I had only called in 5 times prior and that he did not feel I was receiving poor service. After reading others I can say he was right about that. They then told me that the job was not 95% complete and that the inspector would have to let then know what was done. Now for the good part… I can ask for an other exception for some more founds (maybe I will get the money? Maybe I will not). I pointed out that I paid for this insurance and after checking with the insurance company I was told there is no law requiring the check to be made out to both party’s
    I have had it with this company… I plan to file complaints with the BBB… and write the state about this... This is un-real.

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