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CitiMortgage / scam and cheating

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Due to my paycheck schedule, I decided to start making two monthly payments to CitiMortgage for my loan, split evenly.

I got a letter today saying they are going to 'accelerate' my foreclosure! Of course, I know that all my payments have been made!! I have bank records to back it up.

I called the hotline. The last reported date they received my payment was in September-the last month I paid the entire mortgage in one payment. I have made three payments since with October's two payments (which equal MORE than my mortgage) not being recorded, nor my payment in November. Keep in mind, my bank account was debited. That means, they have my money...have not recorded it and they are threatening me. is not like they have been 'rejecting' the money and putting it back into my account.

I hate this company. It is no wonder they are failing. I hope they do at this point so another company can take over my mortgage.

Have anyone else had this issue? What do I do? Any legal attempt to take my house by them would back fire as I have proof they have accepted my money but I am still scared. How can a company do this?

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  • La
      7th of Jan, 2009
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    We are currently going through almost the exact situation as you are. They are saying we owe our mortgage payments for the months of October, November and December, yet it's recorded with our bank everyone of those payments have been taken out of our account. So today I found out they just took one of the payments out of an account that has never been the primary account I pay with. One time I paid the mortgage out of this account and I NEVER agreed to let them post date a check or any other nonsense on that account. They put my account in the negatve almost $300.00. When I called them about it, the first lady I spoke to verified that I was an authorized person on the account, admitted they shouldn't have touched that account, however she became very rude and when I asked for her name she refused to give it to me and actually hung up on me. When I called back 3 minutes later and spoke to another lady I was informed they couldn't tell me anything about the account without my husband faxing a paper saying he gave his permission for me access his account. Mind you, for 2 years I have been the one dealing with them. When I brought that up she said "Well, it's a new thing we started, he'll have to fax one of those letters every 30 days." I then brought up the fact that I had just spoke to a woman about his account that admitted they made a mistake, so this new "thing" they started was the fasted damn "thing" I've ever seen. This is absolutely the most ridiculus situation I have ever heard of. I absolutely hate citimortgage, they have been nothing but a pain in my side since the day they bought out loans. I hope they crumble.

  • Mi
      14th of Jan, 2009
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    1. you are unable to make partial payments due to your loan consisting of principle and interest. I have experienced the same and your Note explained this in futher detail. 2. your statement reflects how your payments are applied, after going back I realized that my payments were not applied but were holding in an unapplied balance. It sucks I know but you can be on biwkly payments if you make sure they apply them when the whole payment gets in, I track my account online now.

  • Bo
      13th of Feb, 2009
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    Although my situation is different than those listed above (mine involves escrow), I completely agree that CitiMortgage is the worst mortgage company to deal with. If at all possible, I tell everyone to avoid Citi at all costs. They continually increase the amount they withhold for my escrow account, even though my tax records from past years show that I owe far less than they are currently withholding. For example, my tax bill for the last year was $4600. This year, however, they are withholding $7200. I have called and talked with 4 customer service representatives and each of their supervisors. They have all acknowledged that "it looks like we're withholding too much" yet "that's just the way our calculations work out." One particular supervisor became incredibly rude when I asked what steps I could take to challenge this. I sent a letter to "Customer Service" only to receive a response stating that CitiMortgage is glad that I'm a customer. Unfortunately, they're the party with all the power in this situation and I'm left with no methods of appeal. I hate CitiMortgage and will do anything to avoid them in the future.

  • Na
      16th of Jul, 2009
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    I am on the phone with Citimortgage right now. I had applied for a loan modification. Was turned down and then they apparently approved me without notification so when my payments arrived they just put them in Unapplied funds. I just found out by accident they hadn't applied them. I have spent 2 hours today getting my funds reapplied correctly and my late fee waived and making sure that they didn't affect my credit report. It has been a 6 month nightmare dealing with them. It has ben so bad that I put my entire phone log from Jan 29 to June 10th I believe up on the CNN mortgage blog. And I have about another page more of phone numbers. Make sure each time you talk with someone you ask for their ID number. At least then you know who told you what. Keep a log of every phone call and what was said, time, date, name of employee and ID. I don't know how I am going to get someones attention at Citimortgage but I am going to try to get someones name that I can report this to along with finding a banking commission or someone else that oversees them. There has to be someone!

    Nancy - Ocala FL

  • Af
      19th of Sep, 2009
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    If you would read the terms of the note you signed for when your mortgage company agreed to lend your ignorant self money, you would understand whyyyyyyyyy your payments are not being applied. The "note" is very general for loans, it states you will make your payment in full on the day it is due. So sweetheart go to school, get some education to learn to read and than maybe you will understand why your mortgage company is not accepting your payments. You all make me very sad, I had more faith in peoples intelligence, you prove me wrong.

  • No
      26th of Aug, 2010
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    I soooo totally agree with all of you above...except Nancy from Ocala. I've been dealing with CitiMortgage for over four years, and have had THE WORST dealings with them. I had a few months of financial difficulty 16 months ago. I was encouraged to refinance when the rates got so low, started the modification process, got approved for a fantastic rate (2.9%) that lowered my monthly payment by half, made my payments on time. Great, right? NOT! CitiMortgage had 'no record' of the refinance/modification. The payments I had been sending in are not recognized and were placed somewhere...nobody can tell me where they went...all because I wasn't sending in the entire payment as was on the original loan!! What the heck was the point in sending in hundreds of pages of financial documents to "qualify for the refinance" ? What was the point in talking with ten different customer service reps about the refinance procedure, doing this for them, doing that for them? What's the point in ANY OF IT if CitiMortgage NEVER INTENDED to honor the modification/refinance????? Now, I'm days from foreclosure, I'm exhausted trying to fight for my home and getting nowhere, and I can't talk with the same customer service rep twice in a row. To top this off, CitiMortgage had the audacity the other day to suggest that I accept "an incentive" of $3, 000.00 from them... !!! just walk away from my home that I have lived in for 12 years with my famly. I was trying to do my due diligence in keeping them informed of my situation for that short time. THEY WERE THE ONES that encouraged me to go for the refinance, and now they don't even want to work with me. I HATE THEM, I HATE THEM, I HATE THEM. If anybody knows of a class-action lawsuit that I could join, Please let me know!!!

  • Oc
      22nd of Jan, 2011
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    My husband just sent a lengthly letter to Channel 6, here in Ocala, about the remodification SCAM they pulled on us. 1 1/2 years so far of BS. Can't wait to hear about it on the news.
    Nancy, sounds to me like you'er the IGNORANT one to talk down to people in such a manner and/or you WORK FOR CITI MORTGAGE! You should be ashamed of yourself. You never knows someones's story until you've walked in their shoes.

    Bonnie - Ocala, FL

  • Oc
      22nd of Jan, 2011
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    Sorry Nancy. I was talking to "a fair opinion", not you. The placement of names is somewhat confusing.

    Apologies to Nancy but not to "a fair opinion".

    Bonnie - Ocala, FL

  • Pa
      15th of Mar, 2011
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    I am also with citimortgage, and I have had a trying time with them as well. What the jerk "a fair opinion" needs to understand is that not everyone went with citimortgage initially. I financed locally through a local bank who went under, and my mortgage was bought by citimortgage. I didn't get any type of corrospondence or anything from them for 2 months, and it was a nightmare getting them to apply my payments from the other bank for that time period. I would refi, but I don't want to pay closing to go somewhere else, and the rates aren't what they were 3 years ago. "A fair opinion" needs to keep their opinions to themselves.

  • De
      23rd of Mar, 2011
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    I agree CitiMortgage horrid...I have been paying on an estate for 5 years now and today they told me they will no longer accept payments as they just realized the original loan holder is dead...Now for the past 5 years they have had the death certificate and have accepted payments knowing the original loan holder died...Now I have to go out and get a loan to pay them off...And to top it off there is only $12, 000 owed on the loan...

  • Me
      2nd of Apr, 2011
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    hate does not ever come close ... they say im being forclosed on... but wont take payments on my acct i am behind .. i just dont get it im down to the show me the note card... worked in cali ...

  • De
      10th of Apr, 2011
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    I know that they won't take a payment because you are in foreclosure. You have to pay the account up in full in one payment through the foreclosure office. Many banks and mortgage companies have that policy

  • Lo
      19th of Sep, 2015
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    Did you pre arrange your twice a month payment with CitiMortgage? If not, when sending in 1/2 payments did you list how much of the payment was to go to escrow, interest & principal? Without doing that, if they receive money they will automatically apply it directly to the principal, not as a 1/2 months payment. This is how you ended up as past due on your mortgage. .Your mortgage is a legal contract & you cannot make your own changes to it. The only thing I can suggest is to talk to someone & see if they applied the money to principal & ask them to remove that amount & re apply them as monthly payments, & honestly I don't know if they can or will. I know they offer a twice monthly payment plan, but you have to switch over to it, you can't just start doing it without them being a part of the process. How are they supposed to know where to put your partial payments if they don't have you set up on the twice monthly plan? So they apply them to the principal. I've had CitiMortgage for over 30 yrs & never had a problem with them. At one point I was jobless for a long time & almost ended up in foreclosure. They worked with me & set up a repayment plan that took 1 yr to catch up on past due amount while still making the monthly payments due. I didn't find them hard to work with or unreasonable.

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