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Citifinancial / Lies and unlawful bank drafts

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Yesterday (the day the expense was due), we made a payment for my fiancé’s vehicle. The fee itself should have been a little over $700. However, we were informed that there was a late fee of $35. I inquired as to why this was, and the question was never actually answered. At this point, the bill has risen to nearly $740. Next, I am told that there is a $14.95 processing fee since they utilize Western Union for ONLINE payments. Bear in mind that I am paying over the phone. I have about $750 in this particular account, and explain that if I am required to pay the ridiculous $15 processing fee, then I will happily send in the payment via next-day mail (it's already late, apparently, so what difference does it make?)!! The service representative I was speaking with ASSURED me that the $14.95 fee would be waived (so as not to put me into overdraft), and gave me a confirmation number.

Today, however, the full $753 was drafted from my account, which put me into overdraft causing me to incur an ADDITIONAL $35 fee from my bank. I called to inquire as to why this was, and complain if necessary, and the "boss" at Citifinancial stated that there is NO WAY his representative would have told me that because they have no way of waiving that particular fee. He flat out told ME THAT I LIED to him. He refused to do anything to rectify the situation because it was some kind of fault of mine.

Ultimately: Citifinancial UNLAWFULLY withdrew money from my bank account that I DID NOT authorize. I am absolutely livid because of that, but the fact that they will not own up to--or even reimburse me for their ERROR is what really upsets me. If I have any say in this, no one I know will EVER do any business with this company again.

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  • Ri
      4th of Jan, 2008
    0 Votes

    The most worst bank in the world i have ever seen.The best pethatic services the best liers are available in Citi bank.If any one is reading this note i must says never deal with CITI FINANCIAL... If you dont wants to waste your time. dont want to spoil your plan than never ever go to CITI bank. They just keep you in dark for 1-2month and in last denied for loan.

    I have also applied for a loan but after 1 1/2 moth they said they cannot give me a loan as per there new policy. I want to know tht where was thier new ploicy were before when i have applied for the loan.An youy know the worst part... they have signed a legal contract with me for session a loan and after that they said you even didnt applied for a loan in our bak ever. See how bad they are. So my friends never ever deal with them.

  • Fr
      6th of Feb, 2009
    0 Votes

    yeah CITI financial is a crooked company and thats for sure, i would never do nore recommend buisness be done with this company, to anyone including my worst enemy, the have no sence of loyalty to thier customers. I had a 10, 000 dollar loan with them at 22% interest just something to get me started off in the credit world. well after 2 years of on time payments and over payments, i refinanced my loan and went with wells fargo wich is a different story next thing i know two years after being refinanced with wells fargo i get a call from citifinancial sayng that i owe them money from my loan, at this time i didn't understand because i was refinanced with wellsfargo, well after talking with them, when they sent the pay off quote to wells fargo, wellsfargo cut a check for the whole amount besided 29.00 dollars, so thier was 29 dollars left over from my 10, 000 dollar loan, so instead of sayign hey wait this isn't enough to make the payoff we are short 29.00 dollars we need you to have them re do the check or we still need 29 to close the pay off . instead they just took the payment and applied it as a payment towards the loan, so kinda like i paid up on my loan for 3 years, then sent me on my merry way thinking i was closed out and done with that loan, hell they even said thanks for doing buisness with us for the last two years hope you decide to loan with us again, so heres where the story gets twisted. two years have passed since i did my re financing and i called wellsfargo to get my pay off so i can pay it and get my title, they tell me that wells fargo don't have the title citi financial does, so i call them and they tellme that i have an outstanding balance of 4400 with them when i asked them what the hell from, they said when i refinanced my loan i left 29 dollars not paid and for the past years this has been accrueing interest equaling the amount of 4400 approxametly and that they will not tak that off, i xplained to them how that was a bank mess up and if they knew i wanted to pay off and they seen it was short they should of never cashed the check or told me that needs paid also instead of acting liek it was closed out, they refuse to take responsability and fix the problem even after them contacting me on the phone sayign that they would get this fixed. so i am stuck in a possition i have retained a lawer and also contacted the local news company to let them know of the scheme that are going on so no one else has to go threw this.

  • Ja
      26th of Jan, 2010
    +1 Votes

    yup...they call a week before our payment is due every month like a debt collector wanting our payment info! We tell them that we will have there payment to them on the due date just like every other month. My wife screwed up and gave it to them one month and told them not to take it out till the 30th. They took it out that day and cost us $140 in fees and won't own up to it. So I shorted them the $140 the next month and they are trying to say we owe them. What a bunch of crooks. If they mess with me they won't get anymore of our money! On top of calling early for the payment every month they even called our place of work looking for early payment!

  • Mk
      21st of Jul, 2010
    0 Votes

    I agree Citi Financial is a rip off! the customer service reps are "RUDE"!!! im currently working with them now to working on making payment arrangements..and they dont even want my money all they say is i will document the system! WTH!!! im trying to catch on my payments since i was behind due to a death in the family and had to help pay for funeral cost.. This stupid company has no sympathy at all! NEVER AGAIN i will do business with them i cannot wait to refinance my car and go somewhere else!

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