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Citifinancial Auto / Law suit/class action

1 FL, United States Review updated:

Questionable Fees and late Fees? My individual case is similar to most of the postings listed here. My original contract was purchased 14 months ago by CitiFinancial Auto and it's been a nightmare ever since. I recently re-financed my vehicle with my lending institution just to get away from CitiFinancial Auto. At my loan closing CitiFinancial Auto did not want to release my payoff amount and really gave my Lending Officer a hard time as well as upset me greatly. I ended up paying $663.00 over and above what my balance was just to get rid of them. Now it's my turn. I have made every payment, with one late payment...and have all my records.

If you are serious about going the distance to bring this company to court, email me and tell me to count you in.

If I obtain enough names and committments, I will then ask the attorney for a class action lawsuit. Other-wise I will be taking this company on alone.

Only email me if you can back-up your records, you are committed and have the patients to deal with this suit.

My advice...find another loan institution to re-finance with and get out from under CitiFinancial. It WILL NOT get any better.

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  • Km
      7th of May, 2009
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    I toatally agree!!! I mailed in a payment February 2008, I then got a phone call stating I had not paid my February payment. I checked my bank records and there it was, a cleared check made out to Citi Financial Auto. When I called them, they had no record of my check clearing. I fought with them for 2 months with a negative posting on my credit report! They finally found my payment and it had been sent to a local branch and was posted to a loan I had. I had to call the branch have them refund my money and repay my loan amount. My father who is the primary buyer on the loan was buying a house at the time and I had to request a statement from Citi Financial Auto explaining the details of the poor mark on his credit. I did receive the letter, with them admitting fault to my situation. I would like to join in any class action lawsuit brought against them.

  • Lj
      9th of Jun, 2009
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    I would like to be added to the lawsuit. I did a settlement with CitiFinancial Auto to payoff the remaining balance of my car. I spoke with Ms. Watts on April 29th and made a final payment of $449.oo. When I called to ask about my title 10 days later I was told that I still owed 161.00. I explained to the representative that I did a settlement. She then looked into my records and it showed where I made the agreement. Two weeks later I check my credit report and it is showing a 30 days past due marking from Citifinancial Auto. I called back and was transferred at least 10 times. A Ms. Goodman, team manager, was supposed to call me back; but she didn't. I called again on Monday, and the representative was very rude. I explained to her that all I wanted was my title and the negative credit rating taking corrected with the Credit Bureau. She thens tries to transfer me to someone else; however, she didn't put the phone on hold. I overheard her telling someone that "This woman is giving me a headache over $161.00. I then spoke to Mr. Jackson, and he assured me that my payoff was being processed and I should have my title in about 20 days, which is two month after I paid it off.

    This company is very rude. I have been hung up on by representative and no one has resolved the issue with my credit report.

  • Ox
      23rd of Jun, 2009
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    I am very much interested in joining a class-action suit against Citi Financial [2nd home mortgage].
    out of about 1-1/2 to 2 yrs payments, they only credited my principal 3 or 4 mos!!!
    It's like I'm paying an interest only Loan, when I know that I am Not!!!
    Sometimes I am 1 to 2 months paid ahead, but still Nothing going to Principal!!!
    All this time, and my Principal has not gone down, when There should be principal applied Every month.

  • Da
      25th of Jun, 2009
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    I want to join as well! I called to get a 10 day payoff and they gave me the balance of my auto loan. How is that? I was told that thats what the computer says and thats the payoff. I do agree they are very rude people.

  • Sk
      8th of Jul, 2009
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    These guys are a bunch of common criminals and of course the big bad wolf has his eye on the little guy but what about the outright fraud CITI Financial conducts on a daily basis? Sign me up for the suit, I am making it my personal point to hold these people responsible!


  • An
      1st of Aug, 2009
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    I moved to another State. 6 weeks prior to my tags expiring on my birthday, I called the Citifinancial Auto Title department to request a copy so I could renew my tags and drive legally. The man told me he would mail it out that day. That was around June 23rd, 2009. 3 weeks later, around July 6th, 2009, I called Citifinancial Auto again, they said they mailed it. So, I called the Nebraksa license bureau, and they told me they could not mail a copy, the Title has to be the original. So I called Citifinancial Auto back, they said that was correct, they needed the license bureau to send a fax request to mail out the original title. I explained how I had recently been told they would mail it to me, and the person on the phone dismissed that information. Now, on July 31st 2009, the absolute last day before myJuly tags are completely illegal to drive on, I called the license bureau, they still had not received any information. So here I am, my family only has one vehicle, we have a two year old son, I can't drive to work or take hime ANYWHERE...I am in and would love to be a part of this lawsuit. They have given me the run around the last time.

    Angela Server

  • Zo
      13th of Aug, 2009
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    i would love join you people! citifinancial auto is a TOTAL ripoff!
    email me at

  • Da
      18th of Aug, 2009
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    I am very glad to see that I am not the only one having issues with this financial institution.

    Exhausting is the best way to describe it, today. I just had an upsetting call with a manager and two Collections representatives.

    Where do I start? I get the runaround, I am always getting different information from each rep I speak to. I've had a deferment pending since March, it is now August. Every time I'm told to submit ridiculous (like my work phone number - so they can continue to call every sec) information to prolong the process. AT the same time being told "they are helping me"...yeah, right. They have threatened to come get the car at least four times. My insurance is also through them- got into a no-fault car accident...that was a TOTAL NIGHTMARE!!

    To make a long story, short until I can find some quiet time to write out my entire complaint, I will just say -- please include me on this class action suit. I am more than ready to take them on. I have my supporting documents and bank acct records, my loan contract as well as history of payments.

    I am still totally unsure as to when I actually started paying on the principal for my car but at any right, I know I paid too much for this car. Total was $16, 000+ at purchase, May 2007. Now, the total is $12, 200. I am ready to sale the car and settle but I have received little direction on that. My blue book value is $9100, retail $11, 525. Come Oct/Nov I want to be rid of this ever consistent headache.

    Finally, I am certain that I have made payments that have not been recorded and there is no telling what my credit looks like because I've been told that I have a deferment when I clearly don't if they are calling me every 5 minutes on the hour.

    Ridiculous. Keep me posted on the details. Thnx.

    Daya Washington

  • Ch
      25th of Aug, 2009
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    please add me to your class action suit - just started dealing with citibank in regards to my auto loan and I can already see it is going to be a nightmare. so far nothing but lies and fees - never received any loan info from citibank but boy did they start calling when their payment was late -tried to explain that I didn't even have a loan number to reference or an address /phone number to contact them until they called to inform me my payment was late. I am already dreading dealing with them on a monthly basis.

    please keep me posted.

    Cheryl Burgess

  • Ci
      4th of Sep, 2009
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    Count me in...I am very much interested in joining a civil lawsuit againts citifinancial auto. My father bought a car in 2003 his interest was 17%!!! he has since then become sick and stopped working full time..& cant be paying for the car through a part time job.The payments are $516 a the meanwhile, I have been helping him...but we have tried to talk to citifinancial auto so that the interest can be lowered so that he can pay it off...they would only agree to do an amendment for 6 months where they extent your payment period, but they cannot reduce the 17% interest rate...almost 270 out of the $500 he pays goes to interest...the company just wont work with us...


  • De
      9th of Sep, 2009
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    please count me in. I have had a loan through Citi for almost 2 years. It has been a night mare from jump street. I woke up this morning to find my car gone. I have paid my payments All of them and have proof of the payments. They say they can't find 3 of my payments. So when I made Aug payment I made it a week late. Well apparently when I made the payment late. It went in to a liquidation dept and the came and got it. I have delt with this for to long and now I have no car. They told me last Oct it was taken care of and fixed. Then again in April when they for some reason still can't find the payments. I have talked to several people and everyone tells me the same story. Its my responsablity to find my payments... How is that when they clear my bank.. The want copies of my cancelled checks.. Well even though I sent them a physical check it clears my bank as a ACH Debit.. where is my check ? I don't get them, even the lady from the bank told the lady on the phone for Citi. there is not way to get a copy of the check when its a ACH DEBIT... I am sick of this and now I have no car .. where do I go from here ? Debbie

  • Mh
      20th of Sep, 2009
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    Please count me in too. I am so frustrated with Citifinancial Auto. I have made all my payments on time for the last 2 yrs. I have proof that I made my payments on time via my online banking. Citi placed a 30 day late in May as well, which reported this month 9/09. I have spoken with 3 supervisors, one of which told me they would remove the 30 day late reporting. I called back the following day as he requested and he just avoided my calls. I am definitely in.



  • Ry
      1st of Oct, 2009
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    yeah, i would like to get in on this too! They mail the statements so late, that by the time they get my payemnt all of it goes to interest. So then i started to do 2 phone payments a month and that help, except you can only do 2 payments in one month, so if its a long month your screwed. My last statement had 3 $250 dollar payments and only 12 bucks went to the balance! Im refinancing through a different company, but i want the ### to pay! I would love to join in on law suits i can.

    Ryan M Justin

  • Ab
      1st of Oct, 2009
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    I would like to be added to any law suite against Citi Financial Auto.
    They are rude, they have created opportunities to add bogus fees to my payments.
    I have attempted over and over to contact someone with the authority to make a difference but have been told that I have to go through collection dept. They are only interested in
    bullying and dragging information out of you to use against you.
    This all started with a payment that I sent in a form of cashier check.
    They started calling and harnessing me saying I had not made that months payment.
    they required my bank to send proof on three occasions showing that they had gotten my payment and had cashed the check. It took three months for them to at last admit that they had gotten the payment however my credit was dinged with a 90 day late pay and they were charging me additional fees. MZ BROWN was a nightmare. Calling me over and over both my cell and home, At work. Ive been hung up on berated, and Ive been lied to. I can not deal with this company it is ruining my health.

  • Sm
      5th of Oct, 2009
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    Would very much like to be added to law suite. These people have redone my loan back in april for 411.02, I don't know how many times they ended up taking out 568 out of the account after that, which put my account in a negative balance. Look I know I don't have much but when they continually do this and it ends up taking your gas money. I mean come on! They have done this to the point of my bank actually calling them and speaking with a rep. My bank rep said she had never in her life seen anything like this. One guy will call, "hey we'll work with you, just pay this amount and you're current, we'll get you a deferrment".. you do that and a week later end up getting another call. Hey you owe such and such amount, but if you pay this, you can qualify for deferrment. I'm thinking what the heck are these using for data-base backup??? Don't they have systems to record these transactions and if they do, can they not communicate with each others servers?? I am at my wits end..

  • St
      12th of Oct, 2009
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    I'm not sure why you are having problems with CitiFinancial Auto. I refinanced my previous loan with them and got an interest rate 3.5 points lower even with some rough credit. When my company cut my hours a few months ago, CitiFinancial deferred TWO monthy payments for me with no penalty. They are also very good to set up a payment a few days after the 10 day grace period if you only get paid bi-weekly with NO penalty. I'm not doubting what you say but I haven't seen those kinds of problems with them. When I trade vehicles I will apply with them again.

  • An
      29th of Oct, 2009
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    I have been with Citifinancial for two years. I bought an explore 2007 and financed 22, 300 dollars with these guys. I have paid them a total of 23 payments at $540.oo a month. That comes to about 11, 500.00 total in two years and my balance is great than the original loan. The payoff is now 23, 000. I feel helpless like there no way to get out of this crazy company. They are so rude on the phone. You know this company took stimulus money and now they are getting away with robbing the public blind. If anyone is serious about fighting these people I am all for it. They are going to destroy any chances of fixing your credit.

  • Mi
      4th of Dec, 2009
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    Yes, count me in. Citifinancial is corrupt and what they are doing must be illegal. I made 38 payments on my loan and the balance of my loan is about the same as the amount I financed 3 years ago. How can that be? Now, they've repossessed my vehicle and want $1800 from me to get it back. I don't want it back considering the fact that I've already paid what it's worth and they're saying I still owe $18, 000 which is the amount I financed it for 3 years ago. This is a sleazy, unethical company. Shame on them for taking bail out money and screwing the people that financed through them.

  • Vj
      11th of Dec, 2009
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    Please count me in on the lawsuit. Citi harasses me, my mom and I have paid on time religously up until a few months ago when my son feel ill and was hospitalized. they harassed me while my 7 yr old was in the hospital for a week!!! And as much as i send in my balance is not shrinking!!! They are ripping people off and i'm sick of their rude ###.

    Valencia Johnson

  • Si
      5th of Jan, 2010
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    I had an auto loan with them and my car was washed away in hurricane Ike in 2008. I had full coverage insurance and Gap insurance. I never had a late payment and had paid over the min due all the time...

    WELL total loss told me (when I called them to let them know what had happened to the car) that no more payments would be due past the date of total loss ... and that when and if I owed anything that I would be sent a final payoff letter if there was anything due that the insurance wouldn't cover ...

    Well ... they would not send me a final payoff letter just bills each month saying my monthly payment was in rears ... I called and got phone hell each time to be told that I did not owe anything that the insurance was still doing their thing and that billing was just not communicating with total loss blah blah that I didn't owe anything ...

    WELL ... after MONTHS of this game when I called I could ONLY talk to collections NO OTHER DEPARTMENT and they reported on my credit 150 day late payment!!! I have no late payments on anything ... this was an insurance thing that it took so long ... and then they slam me with a late payment??? So I wrote them a letter via certified mail since their phone system is a really bad joke ... and their reps are even worse ... I spelled out everything included my notes on who I called and when from Citi telling me that I didn't owe anything etc etc ... and offered them the payoff amount that my insurance papers noted was left and due ... included the check in the letter that was my offer of final payoff ... and stated that they needed to fix my credit report to reflect my perfect payment history ...

    WELL they billed me for a couple hundred more dollars in fees and interest and did NOT fix my credit report. SO I hired my attorney to write to their registered agent via certified mail ... he went over everything that my car was totaled and there is no late payment etc etc and requested that they justify the amounts and repair my credit ... they didn't reply!!! So I paid the extra amount under protest to close the account ... My perfect credit is now ruined ... I am now low 600's and can't get a home loan!!!

    No lawyers in my area will take it because they are such a big bank and it will cost so much to sue them... at least that is what they all say... I had one firm look it all over, the contract, payments insurance etc ... they confirm that there is no late payment and that I overpaid but they want 10k down to sue them and the rest on contingency ... insane this is keeping me from getting a biz loan to expand my business or a home loan!

    I just sent in a complanint to the Missouri Attorney General, and if I don't get a response I am contacting Send all complaint to:

    Federal Trade Commission
    Bureau of Consumer Protection
    Office of Credit Practices
    Washington D.C. 20580
    Board of Governors of Federal Reserve System
    Division of Consumer and Community Affairs
    20th & Constitution Ave, NW
    Washington D.C. 20551

    and then the Federal Banking regulators ...
    I am not giving up on this!

    So please if you really have an attorney count me in!
    My email is

    I live in Missouri

    I loathe Citi Auto!

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