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Unlike other stores that I shopped in, this store did have the brand I was looking for and the salesman who waited on me was pleasant and even pointed out to me the $30 rebate on this product. I already knew about it from finding this product on today's Circuit City web site.

My complaint comes from my attempt to purchase this product. First of all, the cashier could not enter my purchase on her computer because it did not have a SKU number on it. Then she went to speak with another perhaps cashier who was busy with other customers and told her to look up the number on the web site. Apparently, my cashier did not know how to find the SKU number on the website. When I offered to get another product package the cashier informed me that none of these products had been stamped with a SKU number.

After 10 minutes of attempting to find the SKU number, she spoke with another cashier who made several suggestions on how to find the appropriate web site with the appropriate SKU number. Finally she found the number, but could not give me the $30 rebate because the rebate did not show up on her computer screen. After looking up the MP3 ad on the store's web site and seeing the rebate offer listed there, she went to get the price marker for the MP3 product and read to me off the marker a statement in very small print that the rebate offer ended two days ago.

When I pointed out to the cashier that it did not say that the rebate expired on the store's web site, she went to get a man who probably was a manager. He briefly spoke to the cashier and to me about the problem and then left to go somewhere to look into this stating he would be back.

After waiting another 10 minutes without the manager returning I told the cashier I didn't want to wait any longer and if this weren't the only store that had this MP3 player I would have left already. Unable to relocate the store manager who disappeared, the cashier then went back to the first man she had spoken to about the SKU. She came back to me still waiting and told me that the first man told her she could not give me the rebate because the rebate was only for products ordered online and then picked up at the store.

Rather than pointing out that there was no statement to that effect either on Circuit City's web site or on the store shelf, I paid for the MP3 player at full price, just relieved to finally leave the store with a MP3 in hand.

As I was finishing my purchase the manager magically reappeared and the cashier explained to him that I made my purchase at full price.

He started to speak but I interrupted and told him he had just lost a customer by providing me with such poor service.

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  • Na
      Jan 30, 2008
    Circuit City - Terrible customer service!
    Circuit City
    United States

    I continue to have problems with Chase online bill pay. I cannot successfully access the account to pay my bill timely for the last several months. They are very quick to then hit me with late charges. As soon as my balance is paid I will cancel the account with Chase. VERY BAD BUSINESS CUSTOMER SERVICE!!!

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  • De
      Jul 15, 2009
    Circuit City - On-line payment
    United States

    How do I make a one time on-line payment to Circuit City? I went to and could not find a place to make a one-time on-line payment?

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