Circle K Storesemployee

On May 10, 2017 I sent my niece to the Circle K location at (2969 Tremainsville Rd, Toledo, OH 43613) to purchase a pack of cigarettes (Wave Menthol 100s). When she returned she had been given the shorts. I went back and explained to the the girl behind the counter that I was given shorts instead of 100s and she said "oh well I gave her what she asked for and we're not allowed to exchange them, I pointed and asked her are these the ones and she said yes". I told her ok I understand that but the spot where your 100s are supposed to be is empty, you pointing at the correct brand but having that spot empty to a person that doesn't smoke would assume those were what they asked for. She then says "well I have the correct one's they just not there" I tell her well that's your mistake, can I get your manager info.See Top 10 Worst Companies in Toledo, IAShe replies I don't have to give you anything and I'm not calling anyone, she also refused to give me her name telling me now take your shorts and get the ### on. I'm like excuse me then calls the police saying I bet you won't be allowed back in here watch your ### run now. I was completely appalled that this employee was so rude. I told her well I will find the information needed and you will no longer have a job, she goes on to say whatever I bet I will. I've been going to this location for 3 plus years and have never had a problem with anyone this employee who says she's been there 3 weeks needs to be fired. There is no way she should behave or speak to a customer the way she spoke to me using fowl language is unacceptable. I would like this matter addressed immediately. Thank you in advance.
Kathy A. Newsom

May 10, 2017

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