Circle K Stores / completely unprofessional cashier, nasty attitude, sleazy behavior, sexual harassment

Newport, maine, Maine, US

For almost 3 years I've done business with your store at 18 moose head trail Newport, Maine. However, you have a newer cashier named Kylie, who works 2-1030pm shift. Now please let me say this has happened over 2 months time so enough is enough. First off, this less then professional example of your company has yelled at people aka customers to get in her line. She has also on many occasions hit on several very married men, in front of their wives only to give snide dirty looks after the put her on her place. I'm curious, I know it's a "truck stop" and all but perhaps the non-existent manager should let her know sleezy behavior won't increase her pay, or will it?? This woman is rather persistent when rebuttalled by men, even married ones. I'm not sure if she's there for the pay check or the chance to hit on anything with a heart beat. I will say myself being one of the been she persistently harrassed even in front of my wife and several guy friends she's done the same to are now avoiding your store. Perhaps you need to rethink her position there or perhaps you don't mind having employees that act like sleeze queens and like they are at a cheap singles bar, rather then a convince store and restaurant. It's honestly disgusting and now your competitor is getting alot of business because this Kylie has left such a bad experience in several peoples opinion of your store. It's revolting, you can't even get a pack of cigarettes without her trying to hit you up, and yep there are 2 registers, believe me she will make her presence known even if you try to avoid her. This girl is either hormonally challenged or just constantly on heat, I'm honestly not sure which but several of us find it revolting and are now avoiding that store during her hours. Ewwww plz smarten up how your employees portray your business. I thought Circle K ran convenience stores not brothels. Or is this a new venture for this location?

Nov 17, 2017

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