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I used to go to this store on a daily basis for my beer and cigarettes, but not any more.

This store recently recieved a new manager (Not sure why) , and the faces behind the counter started changing right after that. One of the 'new' faces, violet, is totally rude. She never greets anyone when they walk in the door, never tells you what your total is, and then just shoves your change at you. I have called the manager (Dolly) and seen no change, except that they now have other 'new' faces in the store as well.

I have tried calling the 'district manager', and the 'customer hotline' number posted in the window, but it seems that it falls on deaf ears again.

I guess if I can encourage enough people to stop shopping there, maybe they will get the message.

So please do not shop at 43rd and maryland circle k. Or for that matter, any circle k store.

Circle K

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  • Ki
      Sep 01, 2010

    DID YOU CALL THE WHITE HOUSE ???????????????????????????

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  • Ca
      Dec 28, 2010

    yeah, maybe the pentagon? i also have to deal with alot of ### that i shouldn't when i'm at work. for instance, just today, i had a guy come in and throw a 50 at me screaming because i couldn't see his license plate (i couldn't see his plate because i was cleaning up piss and ### in the mens bathroom because someone probably thought it was funny), i had to deal with rude and perverted customers comments, i had to deal with being treated like a bank(standing by the safe for 10 minutes waiting for the timer because someones daddy gave them a 100 and they didn't know how to walk in to a bank), and by the way, i am a manager and we too get sick of this. i had a guy the other day buy a lottery ticket. he said he forgot it on the counter and expected me to replace it. people, dont you realize that these are counted like money!!!??????? come on. i'm so sick of this.

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  • Em
      Jan 10, 2013

    Maybe YOU need to get a life..calling district managers/corp offices to whine..and regardless if you go thru those doors or not they are STILL running a business. I suggest that you go to a grocery store and U SCAN! Crybaby 😢

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