Cincinnati Belloverpricing

When I talked with Cincinnati Bell customer service on [protected], I did not need PASSCODE to talk with a customer service. As usual, she said that she would check our billing and call us back, but none in the Cincinnati Bell called. Therefore, I called Cincinnati Bell again and they asked for PASSCODE.
We never set up PASSCODE, therefore, we don't know what it was.
However, Cincinnati Bell insisted that we MUST provide PASSCODE to proceed to our account to talk about.
The insisted that we must go to one of the store to change it or update it.See the Top 10 Worst Complaints in Cincinnati, OH
If PASSCODE was created and forgotten by us, we are willing to fix its problem.
However, I talked with them WITHOUT passcode on Tuesday and could NOT talk on Thursday. Who created it within 48 hours? By us or by Cincinnati Bell? Only response they gave was that WE CREATED IT. I asked for verification or time and date when it was created. They refused.
I want to talk about its promotion - Cincinnati Bell promised one year promotion discount, but it canceled the promotion before one year ends.
They gave us the increased billing without a notification to us and don't talk with us because we don't have PASSCODE.
What a screwed up customer service they provide.

Jan 22, 2015

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