CIMBlousy service for replacing faulty atm card

i want to complaint at the CIMB service in replacing faulty ATM cards. I'd been to the CIMB Bukit Tinggi 1 branch in Klang for 3 times, each time they will said there is no card available. When i asked the date of the availability, they said they cannot confirm, so i asked whether they can call me once the card arrive, the answer is no. When i asked for their contact no, they gave me the main number in customer help desk. So everytime i need to call to the customer help desk, which wil direct me to different number just to find out the card's availability and everytime the card is not available. I am so angry and asking for the branch direct no and the help desk refuse to gave me the no.
What a lousy bank. They better close the bank if they cannot deliver and provide customer with ATM cards.

Jan 26, 2015

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