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Cici's Pizza / false advertising terrible service disrespected a veteran and his family

1 Portage, IN, United States
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I took my family to cicis pizza last night before our long ride home. I paid extra for the chicken wings and for the styrofoam cups so we could take them when we left as we had a 8 hour drive home to ny. It was kind of busy so I could understand waiting 10 min for my supreme pizza. Only after a half hr I still never got my pizza. I overpaid for what? My fiances personal pizza was given to her off of the service line. It wasnt personal it was made for the buffet. The manager who refused to give her name said this pizza just came out and she wa asmt wasting food to make her a fresh 1 when that should be good enough. Problem was that pizza wasnt what she wanted. At this time I had already waited over 35 minutes for my supreme pizza that u wanted jalepenos on. Aggravate ds I had given up lost interest and just did not have my appetite anymore. But shannon wasnt having that. She is always going to my defense. Being a veteran I just dont have the time or interest in petty squabbles. But she always says I could of died for them I deserve a frigging pizza or w.E. The case is. Truth is I didnt join for favors or recognition. I served because it was the right thing to do. But my problem right from the start was I went because groupon has 50% cash back. This manager said no not her store. Even though groupon led me right there. 2nd I couldnt get a discount for being a veteran but I did my 1st time ever going in ft lee virginia. 3rd I paid for drinks that I could take with me as I had a 8 hr drive home but because the lady at the register gave me dine in cups and not the foam cups when we paid we could not get our to go cups we paid for. When shannon tried to get them this manager acted like we were stealing them when I definitely paid for them. The manager replied we dont sell to go cups here. So what did I pay for then? And why were there 2 bigs stacks of large foam to go cups with lids and straws right at the counter. Not only did it take over 35 mi utes for her to make sure a supreme pizza was out on the service line I never got my personak pizza. Neither did my fiance. Why do you advertise it of its not policy? Amd ehy do you advertise soups pasta and salads if you do not? Why offer deals on groupon if they are not honored? Why advertise your own oersonal pizza made just for you with your choice of toppings if you do not? Is this just a portage indiana thing at meadows shopping center? Either way I spent close to $100 bucks for my 2md experience which was absolutely terrible. My fiance was treatly with absolutely no respect and my 3 year old daughter the slammed her face off of a locker that should never be in a public restroom in a liability law suit waiting to happen. And she she should never of been treated with such disregard as to say well she should watch where she is going. When you should not have company lockers in a public restroom.

May 12, 2018

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