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Chrysler Financial / terrible company

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We are in the same boat!! We elected to give up one of our Chrysler vehicles because of hard times. They are calling me and the wife 15+ times a day and also calls are also before 8:00am. Also - I am 3 days late on payment on 2nd vehicle I am keeping and the harassing calls are still coming! I told them that since they know we surrendered the Intrepid... now they are harassing me on the second vehicle!! They know my pay periods are on the 15 and 1st and know I am going to pay late but they are rude... non english speaking %$# and promise you things they do not keep!! They are nothing but !@#$! Something should be done to them!!

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  • Jo
      18th of Nov, 2008
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    Employees are trained to belittle customers -- its a black or white situation, there is no gray. You have a vehicle and you can pay for it, or you will endure grief from kids with GED's about your status. And then they wonder why losses are coming out their ears. The leadership is seriously flawed, and it probably extends all the way to Cerberus.

  • Ro
      24th of Mar, 2009
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    I called Chrysler to request a payoff amount for my car, I wanted to pay it off early, only to find out I was being charged penalties for making late payments. I explained to the csr I do not receive any statements telling when they are due so I make my payment within the first week of each month, still not knowing when it is actually due. Misty a supervisor in collections rudely kept repeating the fact that it is a courtesy that Chrysler sends out statements, I kept repeating to her courtesy or not I should still get them.

    She then proceeds to say how come I never called to complain about the statements, to be honest I never did, but thats before I knew they where charging me penalties for not paying on time. I only found that out by chance just calling inquiring about my account, which I also feel I should get notified that I am being charged additional fees.

    I feel as if they took advantage of the fact since I nerver called to complain about a statement, they can continue to charge penalties without having to notify me in advance.

  • Pi
      26th of May, 2009
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    This actually happened to us as well sort of. We were receiving statements for 2 years of our 7 yr loan and they just stopped sending them. I called several times to have one sent and nothing, so I had to pay over the phone at what started out as 7.00 then went to 9.00 and is now up to 12.00+. I see now why they never would send me a statement. They are collecting big fees by making you call.
    I too tried to get my payment date changed to only 4 days later to fall within the payperiod and the refused.
    They just called me after 7 years on my loan and informed me that I was 13 days late with 900.00+ . I informed her I had just sent a payment. And she agreed and informed me it was my last payment on our 7 yr loan, but that we had 900.00 on principal due and now overdue by 13 days.
    ?? I was furious. She then informed me that they do not send any notices informing you and that we would not know that it was due or how much was due. That it was outlined in our contract that we signed 7 years ago. WTF? How would I know that 7 yrs later and HOW would I know how much if you don't tell me?? So we are paying it on Fri and we are done. NEVER again will I deal with them. EVER. I hope they go bankrupt. The truck we bought from them is a piece of crap anyway. My Dad bought a Ram from them as well and his is just a big piece of crap too!!

  • Ri
      26th of Jun, 2009
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    stop complaining and do something about it look up what you can do go to and see what is said about fraudlent loans and what you can do about it.

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