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Chrysler Financial / very rude customer service

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My first 6 payments were not reported to credit bureaus but when I fell short due to health issues they reported me, not to mention that when I took 2 deferments they listed it as non payment and repo my car. My 81 yr old mother lived in another state and they would call her everyday at 7:30 am and again in afternoon as well as evening being very rude as to why I am not calling them asap, she asked them repeatedly to stop calling her because she was very ill--dying of liver cancer and it was upsetting her with their rude behaviour, but that didn't stop them --the next day same thing up until she passed away 8/07. When I went to KY for the funeral on the same day she was buried they called at 7:30 am I explained to the "man" that my mother had asked for the calls to stop and they didn't and she had nothing to do with my loan I told him this was harassment he said they have to do whatever they can to reach me I told him that my mother was very ill and had passed and all he could say was when can I expect a payment? I will never buy another car from "Chrysler" again due to the immoral ethics that they use to contact their customers and it doesn't matter how many times you complain to a supervisor it doesn't get any better. I will now only purchase foreign made cars. "Chrysler" is like a bad mother-in-law always over your shoulder, mouthing off not considering your feelings or concern about the bad situation you are going through. You just want to turn around and drop kick them both. In my world: no more chrysler or mother-in -laws

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  • Dm
      20th of May, 2008
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    I agree they are extremely rude. The worst one is STEVEN LEWIS at their call center. Give him a call and you'll find out what a little rat he is. He is probably all of 21 years old and has been trained or is just naturally a little piece of sh** I have NEVER been spoken to by a company representative as this little twerp. His supervisor is just as bad. If you are looking for a collective group of nasty, abusive your car through Chrysler. I certainly will NEVER do so again.

  • He
      30th of May, 2008
    0 Votes

    They are by far, the rudest people I have worked with thus far in my life. My payment would be less than a WEEK late and I would start getting calls 10+ times a day everyday... One guy (can't think of his name off the top of my head, but I do have it written down) said to me "well Miss Thompson, I'm sorry that you are broke and can't afford your vehicle, but thats not my problem." First off, that is RUDE and EXTREMELY UNPROFESSIONAL...second off, if they aren't getting their money, isn't it THEIR probelm?! I even offered to pay him $250 THAT day, and another $250 two weeks later on my pay day...and he refused it! He wouldn't accept half of a payment?! I just gave them back my car yesterday because I was SO fed up with it... I was thinking about getting my account up to date (Im less than two months behind) but I decided "F-It". They can keep the car... my credit being ruined is WORTH it to not have to deal with those people anymore.

  • Je
      10th of Nov, 2008
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    I am a technical and support services manager and I called to correct information about my account - I spoke to T3 693KA who was the floor manager and ultimately resolved the issue in 5 minutes.

    I spoke to a guy who claimed to be a 'manager' b/c when I asked to speak to a manager or just to someone else he would not transfer me, he mocked me and was by far the worst support I have ever had.

    My pay off is coming up on my loan and I will definitely NOT get a car from Chysler Jeep to simply not have to deal with their support. I will never refer the company as a whole as being good in any way due to this one person, employee number T3622GH.

  • Ra
      28th of Feb, 2009
    0 Votes

    i have always been ahead on my paym'ts until sept of 08 and the day before my payment wasd due i started getting calls rude is not the words to descibe these pieces of work they refuse to give employee numbers and refuse to let you speak with someone that knows how to be halfway polite, i have been called a lazy bum who needs to get a job and make his payments, even when you tell them you'll make a paymenton this datethey still call 8 plus times a day and say oh well thats not in the computer, i am now recording all my conversations with them as i'm filing suit against these ###

  • Cl
      10th of Jun, 2009
    0 Votes

    I just had the worst experience of my life with them. I will never get my loan from there. And to think my grandfather is retired from GM! They sent me my last bill in the mail for over $700 and my normal payment is $500 something. They wanted me to pay the whole thing and I said I couldn't! Boy did I get an ear full. I wound up hanging up on them it was the worst thing.

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