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On 28th of October, around 7.25 am, the door of my room suddenly opened. I was woken up by the sound of metal as the latch had been latched and when the door was opened, it made a loud sound.
I went to check and saw that the lock on the door had been unlocked and the latch was pushed out like when someone had opened the door with it on.
I called reception to ask what was going on. A female staff answered the phone. She first told me it was housekeeping checking if I'd checked out - I had extended the stay and was originally due to check out that day. She said they sometimes check early to get an early start on the cleaning.
I questioned why they didn't knock and ensure that there wasn't one which is highly likely given that it was 7.25 am on a saturday. She then started changing her story. She said she has been there all morning and there was 'literally no one' there. She also said housekeeping only comes at 10am.
When I pressed for an explanation, she started repeating, 'what compensation do you want' over and over. I kept asking for an explanation but she just kept saying that like some deranged robot. I finally told her to find out what happened and get back to me.
She didn't. I was really sick those few days and I was resting after being rudely awaken. Anyway, I called down to reception again around 2.30 pm after not hearing anything.
This time an indian woman answered. She was really rude from the start. She started talking really fast when I explained the reason for my call saying that the maintenance guy had knocked as there was a leak upstairs and he was 'scared' I'd be 'upset' to see the bathroom floor wet. She kept going on and insisting that no one had entered - something I'd never said happened. I tried to explain that I know that no one had entered, I hadn't said that, rather that someone opened the door and I hadn't heard knocking. She wasn't happy that I'd interjected and very rudely told me to stop talking and stop interrupting her. I asked to speak to the manager and she replied that she was the manager.
She insisted that maintenance merely knocked and when I insisted the door had been opened and I hadn't been awoken by knocks but by the door hitting the latch, she started aggressively shouting at me that I was 'making things up' and 'imaging things'.
I asked, look, if n one opened the door, then why is it unlocked and the latch pushed out? She answered me rudely, 'how would I know? Maybe there is someone in the room.'
Her tone and behaviour was not only rude, it was antagonistic and aggressive. I knew there was no point talking to her so I said ok and hung up.
Some questions I have:
1. If it was maintenance, why wasn't I told that to begin with?
2. I understand from a holiday inn manager that if it had indeed been a leak, that was not the way it would have been handled and they would have called and the guy would have knocked and shouted maintenance at least 4 times. I heard nothing.
3. It is strange that the story kept changing, house keeping, no one, maintenance. Which was it? What were they even doing there at 7.25 am anyway? Besides housekeeping starts at 10 - I'm guessing that's why they changed the story to maintenance instead?
4. I wondered if I'd forgotten to lock and latch the door. However, if you look at the photos, you will notice that the latch is on at an angle that would not have allowed me to go out or back in if that had been the case - it would have been left as it was when I'd left and returned the day before.
5. What kind of staff does choice hotels have? What kind of manager shouts and behaves so aggressively and rudely to a customer?
6. I have serious doubts about this hotel. Although my do not disturb sign was left on and I told reception as well as housekeeping directly I do not want cleaning, do not come in, I experienced a few occasions when they knocked and I was still in the room and I told them I didn't want cleaning. I am curious as to what their intentions were when the do not disturb sign was clearly displayed. I checked with reception after the first time and was told they'd it in the system not to enter my room. I wonder if they thought I'd be out and perhaps try to steal something as I'm informed by staff from other hotels that this is not normal behavior.

I would like an explanation as to what happened - who opened the door and why. I also would like an apology from the hotel. I understand from other hotel managers that I am entitled to making a formal police report or even suing choice hotels and I am considering doing so. No one has ever made me feel so awful before. It was bad enough I got a shock and was really scared as I was traveling alone, but to be accused of lying and shouted at like that? I will not stay at any sleep inn ever again. Or any choice hotel even with my choice privileges membership ([protected]) with the exception of the quality inn at castleton. The management and staff there are professional and respectful and go out of their way to improve the experience for customers.

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Nov 13, 2017

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