Choice Hotelsout of service room

Stay at this hotel every trip I make to Hannibal and no issues, that being said I checked in to Quality Inn and Suites on 1/7/2017. Went to the room and left luggage noticed a faint odor, left hotel to visit family came back about 10 pm was getting ready for bed and the wife said odor was really bad in bathroom and toilet would not flush.See the Top 10 Worst Complaints in Hannibal, MO So she goes to the front deck and mean while kids are in bed, she comes back up and says we have to move because this room was suppose to be out of service. So we have to get the kids up pack everything back up and move to a smaller room down at the end of a cold hallway and now it's like 11:30 pm. Not a good experience to say the least.


Jan 11, 2017

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