Chinese owned: "IObit products" / I believe the company is scamming public

Valrico, FL, United States Review updated:

I believe “IObit” products are a scam. i.e. Advanced system care 8, Malware Fighter 3, Driver booster2, and the rest of their products.

I had problems with their products not performing as they were promoted. I went to their website forum and asked questions about the problem. When I did not get a useful answer, I started researching the product and company.

After several days and a great deal of investigation, I found a number of complains about the company and its practices. Additionally, I found that they were hiding the fact that they were owned by the Chinese Government.

I posted my concerns on their site asking them to explain and found that they removed my post, banned me from their site, and refuse all attempts from me to contact them. This smacks of Ill will, and I believe it is a sure sign that my research is correct in that this company is masquerading as a real service provider when it is something to the contrary. I believe that they are stealing consumer information, and using our PCs for illegal purposes.

I am hoping that I am wrong, but in the mean time, I believe the public should be advised that this company is not acting with integrity. Additionally, I believe they pose a major threat to all users of the internet.

In one post, I asked why they were hiding the fact that they were a Chinese owned company, their reply said that I was wrong, that they were not owned by China. I sent them another post with the proof that they were indeed owned by China.

Here is a copy of my last post to Cicely, their forum administrator:
Nothing in my post about the ownership was incorrect! Why do you deny facts that are verifiable by all most anyone if they just take the time to research? When I first bought “IObit” products I thought they were a California owned and operated business. (which they may have been at one time.) But currently I could find no government license issuance for any of the names as*ociated with IObit listed anywhere in the state of California.

IObit is indeed owned by a Chinese Corporation. It operates under “GET Holdings Limited.” The company formerly known as "M Dream Inworld Limited" changed its name to "GET Holdings Limited" in November 2014.

The “Apperience Corporation” originally incorporated as a Cayman Islands Corporation, was the original listed owner of the US Trademark of IObit. However, the Apperience Corporation and its trademarked products IObit and Bluespring were purchased by M Dream Inworld Limited in 2013.

The current “Get Holdings LLC” traded on the Hong Kong stock exchange is made up of dozens, of other companies. Many, that I found with direct ties to government offices in the People's Republic of China (PRC)

Many of the same names of stockholders and directors appear in the multiple companies, owned directly, or operated by people with direct ties to PRC. One should note that, in spite of the creation of a complex investment vehicle called a “variable interest entity” all companies within the PRC are owned and or controlled by the government and no foreign ownership is permitted by national law. Add to that mix China’s hunger for the 1999 repatriation of Hong Kong (which is well documented) as a resolution to their need for access to the world money markets through the HKEx Group and I think there is cause for concern, the HKEx itself is owned by China.

There are far too many ties to list in this forum. However; here is just one excerpt, from just one of the old documents listed in the companies archives, making up the current “Get Holdings”:

“A company controlled by a former, a the Group’s wholly owned subsidiary,
廣泰益昌 (北京)科技有限公司(“Guang Tai Yichang (Beijing) Technology Co.,
Ltd.”), entered into a framework agreement with 鴻源控股有限公司
(“Greatsource Holding Co., Ltd.”), a PRC company which is controlled by Ms. Li Fang Hong, a former Executive Director and former substantial shareholder of the Company,
and her as*ociate(s)”

The above is just one of many from official Company records. IObit is Chinese owned The Get Holding Limit Company's website shows “IObit” as belonging to them.

Below is the Official information listed by the GEM, (the Hong Kong, Stock Exchange reporting entity)

“GET Holdings Limited”, an investment holding company, engages in the research, development, and distribution of personal computer performance software, anti-virus software, mobile phone applications, and toolbar advertisements in the United States, Germany, the United Kingdom, Hong Kong, Australia, Canada, Russia, Japan, and internationally. The company also offers Website development services, and e-learning products and services; and insurance and mandatory provident fund schemes brokerage services, as well as is involved in the securities investment and money lending businesses. In addition, it engages in the provision of corporate management solutions and information technology contract services; and network infrastructure solutions and network professional services, as well as in the re-sale of hardware and software. The company was formerly known as M Dream Inworld Limited and changed its name to GET Holdings Limited in November 2014. GET Holdings Limited was incorporated in 2001 and is headquartered in Wanchai, Hong Kong.

As to whither IObit software allows or installs spyware and other computer bugs, I am not an expert in computers, so I cannot state with impunity that IObit products carry and install these spyware and other malicious software.

However, there is an old American saying “If there is smoke, there is fire.” With that in mind, there are plenty of articles listing claims and reports of computer attacks from the Chinese Government; in fact, The PRC does not deny that these kinds of attacks are part of their (supposed) defense plans. Taking into account all the recent adverse reporting about the origins of the world’s spyware, malware, computer break-ins, and viruses, it only seems prudent to me to discontinue using a product that I no long feel is safe to use.

I will acknowledge that not every complaint, negative report, or editorial on the internet should be taken as gospel imparted from a burning bush. Nonetheless, I was unaware of how much negativity was posted about “IObit” and its sister products. There are seemingly thousands of complaints and warnings that I had not seen before my research over these last few days.

Here is just a few examples:*cky-company/ (note word filter band, *=u)

Here is a very recent “YouTube” link from one of the latest test of the current version of MF3, The tester did a very detailed and lengthy test (36 plus minutes of review, demonstrations, and tests) in the end MF3 did very poorly:

Now tell me, why I should trust IObit? Please, I really want to! Because I like the one stop does it all component of your product.
After the above post, without any explanation, or other notice, they removed all my posts, banned me from their site, and stopped, and refuse all other communications attempts. I believe that a legitimate company would not refuse to even talk to a customer, or hide their true identity.

I am doing more research on this company to see, if in fact, the reports attributed to this company of already proven malware scams on the internet are true.

If you have any relevant information, please share it with me, I am trying to comply definitive information to support a complaint with state and federal agencies that may have jurisdiction over this issue.

Jun 17, 2015
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  • Jo
      8th of Jan, 2018

    I just uninstalled that rubbish that i paid a big chunk of my money for i..e driver booster. I always felt in my gut feeling it was dodgy, but today it started installing my nvidia drivers auto without asking me, and I don't recall having that option to auto install - I had to force shutdown and now reinstalling the nvidia drivers from the source of Nvidia. I also got rid of booster driver, which I hope its gone but I fear only a complete format will do, if not more.

    Thank you.

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