Children's Placecredit card payment overdraft from checking account

Audra Emmert, account#[protected]
I am a newer customer to TCP line of credit. I have made payments each month since opening my card account in September 2018. The first week on December I received an automated call saying I had missed a payment and to avoid issues I needed to pay 41.xx on the phone. So I did. Confirmation # 330717. I didn't think anything else about it until I checked my bank account 12/5 and my account was overstaffed due to a Comenity payment of $246.xx which had been my entire TCP balance. The automated system didn't draft the $41.xx that had been authorized and confirmed but my entire card balance which left my checking account in the negative. I called TCP customer service number and s/w Tad, employee#4379. He showed the problem and advised would have a refund of $223.61 placed in my checking account then and fkr me to email a bank statement showing the overdraft fee of $32.See the Top 10 Worst Complaints in Johnson City, NY00 so TCP could refund that amount as well. After this call I went to TCP credit card website and viewed my statement and payments and found that I hadn't missed any payments and should have never even received an automated call requesting payment. I called TCP customer service again, speaking with Donita. She advised would refund the $27.00 late fee, which is showing a credit on TCP for the amount but my checking account is still in the negative. Because of the mistake, I haven't had any money for six days and counting. I have never been late and I even paid after being told I was late when I wasn't, only to have the wrong amount be taken and now I am left with no money. I have a daughter and this has been a very terrible situation for us. I am extremely upset to check my bank account today finding it is still negative because of this mistake by your company. I need resolution immediately. My phone number is [protected].

Dec 11, 2018

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