Chicago Tribune / unauthorized charges from senior citizen

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I am contacting you due to elder fraud the Chicago Tribune is committing against my mother. My mother was a longtime subscriber to the Chicago Tribune home delivery, however, due to an ongoing battle with Alzheimer, she has been living in a nursing home since 2014. I have power of attorney and canceled her Chicago Tribune subscription in 12/14 and yet she is still receiving ongoing charges to her checking/debit account from the Tribune. Btw...the Tribune has record of this cancelation request. I have spoken with multiple Tribune representatives without any resolution. I have reference numbers and names of reps I've spoken too who have promised refunds, which have not been received. My mother is on a fixed income and all incoming payments she receives, goes directly to her care at the nursing home. When these unexpected and unauthorized debits occur on her account by the Chicago Tribune, her account becomes overdrawn and overdraft fees are charged on her account, which then I must cover in order to bring her account back in good standing. I expect full reimbursement on all unauthorized payments immediately.

The Tribune has two different accounts for her and should not have. A transfer of residency was made 12/2012, which is also on record with the Tribune, to her new residence and then canceled completely in 12/2014. [protected] and [protected]

Dec 01, 2016

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