Chevron Corp. / my car is dead

United Arab Emirates

This is to proceed for my chevorlet travesrs car
11/35268 Abu Dhabi, 2009 model
Chaseh number 1GNEV23D89S112376

Problem started when I begin with my first car maintenace at Bin hamouda Abu Dhabi
As the car had misfiring and jerking
And every time when I was bringing my car to maintinance same problem was there
I had shifted to umm alqwuin so I shifted my car maintenace to liberty as I had extend warranty as well
Problems continue to happened with many premises that the car will be fixed
Last 3 years every time I was bringing the car
My engine light was on ?????
And shortly everytime they supposed to fix
Problem happened again
My last service I was advised by the
maintinance advisor to sell the car as there's engine problem since the start!!!
And this what i did I sell my car after 2 days the guy return the car for me again jerking And engine light is on again
I drove it to maintinance but car stopped!!!
Now liberty infinform me that engine is almost dead and will cost me 22000 Aed????
My warranty ofcours is over
Now why they didn't fixed it when the warranty was valid????? Specially that they told me that the problem was since the start
And every one try to blame the other as in liberty they told me go and take your car and claim bin hamoudah for your car!!!
Kindly I want to complain against both
As my car now is dead because of there ignorance
Waiting for your kind process and reply

Jan 23, 2017

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