Chevron Canada Limited / unauthorized credit card charges

North Vancouver, BC Canada, Canada

On October 27 at about 3PM at the Chevron Station, 2698 Capilano Road North Vancouver, BC Canada, I placed my wife's Visa credit card in the pump and was immediately asked to withdraw the card which I did. This seemed strange as a Pin is normally asked for. The pump then stated select a grade which I did and continued to fill up my wife's 2014 Corolla which was under half full. I put in about $40 worth of gas replaced the hose and headed home.
While I was checking our Visa statements on October 28 I noticed I did not have a charge for about $40 from Chevron but a flat charge for $100. There is no way a 2014 Corolla holds $100 worth of gas. I can only assume the pump did not reset from the prior customer. My error is I did not get a receipt from the pump in this case. Can anything be done to recover the overcharge?

Lionel H. Edwards
1341 Winton Avenue
North Vancouver, BC

Tel: [protected]
Email: [protected]

Oct 29, 2017

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