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We just returned from the Dominican Republic/Majestic Colonial Resort. We had previously booked two other vacations at this resort and several others witj cheap, we have always been pleased. This vacation we booked 15 with us, we were all very excited. We had specifically requested rooms poolside due to the fact we were traveling with several children and would be convenient to keep an eye on them at all times. We booked this trip months ago and were assured poolside rooms. When we arrived however our request was not obliged. We were told we were near the pool and the veiw was good. Needless to say, we were no where near the pool and our veiw were the backside of the rooms of the Majestic Elegance resort!!! May seem small, but this was impotant to us. Also several restaurants were closed, but closings were not posted before hand so we could make adjustments to our dining schedules. One restaurant would not serve us because we had a small child with us (8 year old, well behaved)-even though the restaurant was not crowded. We also had trouble getting a volleyball to play ball-we had to buy our own!!! First day we arrived we were told the pool closed at 6PM-we had only arrived @4PM and wanted to enjoy the early evening in the pool playing volleyball- they took the net and the ball!!! We did have a nice time-staff is freindly and helpful-and if you tip they are even more so. Not sure I would go back!!!

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      Apr 23, 2013

    I called to ask for amount to change dates. When Sam told me 824. I declined. Then he told me there is a problem with my reservations. 3 kids could not be in a room alone. I told him there are 2 adults 3 kids. We can have an adult in each. Then he changed his statement to we should have been charged more for the 2 kids under 12. They will call hotel to see if I need to pay additional amount. I would find out later and hung the phone up on me when I said I wanted to know now.
    I called back and got Sara. Sara stated the reservation was correct and read hotel rules 4 people allowed per room and max 2 kids. So there was nothing wrong. Then she stated let me check notes.
    Well long story short Supervisor Monica refused to take my call. When she did she explained that $24. per person does not include kids under 12.. And she read to me in little letter at the bottom if you have a single person w/child 4-11 to call reservations. I did call before I booked on line. And it's 3 people in the room how is that single.
    So what she is saying is that person does not include kids! Never heard of any company who didn't consider kids a person. They should have used the words adults instead of per person. She also stated only 2 hotels offer the special rate and both of them do this false advertisement, but that is handled by the advertisement department not her.
    So I have to wait to see if I can take confirmed trip or they will refund me.
    After I bought 5 plane tickets. Paid for 5 people to stay at hotel. I'm waiting to see of I owe money?? is a scam!!!

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