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Chaz Dean Wen Hair Care / Never buy!!!

1 United States Review updated:

Please never buy the chaz dean wen hair care system or any of the their line. 1st of all i saw the ad on tv so i thought it seemed wonderful so i got online and bought the system b / c the price was very fair. Well the product did nothing for me my hair felt oily and weighed down and pretty much did not clean worth a crap. . . But ho knows maybe i used it wrong since there was like no proper instructions just oh here is some tips anyway to my surprise i was put on a membership list which has mailed me a three month and listen to this it takes 29. 95 out of your checking account each month, so i immediately call the customer service line that was on my checking account and i talk to a man on the phone who tells me he canceled the membership and i can just send back the product and once it is received i will get my refund. . . So i was like ok that, s no problem ill send it off today. Since the package was never opened the mail person advised me to just send it back by refusal so i did (This was a month ago) well apparently even with them knowing i had returned it and canceled the memebership they still are taking 29. 95 out of my checking account each month and today was the third month well i call again and i spoke with a woman who pretty much told me im screwed unless the product gets there which can take 8 weeks anyways what pisses me off is that she stated that if the product never gets there then i will never get my refund. . . Wtf i mean so they could be screwing me over as we speak what if they act like i never returned it and never return my 97. 80 which i was scammed out of this just suck and no one else should go through this i advise you guys to never buy his products b / c i am not the only one this has happened to after this i am soo never buying anything off the late night tv crap. . . Any ways soooo just wanted to inform everyone.
Thank you

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  • Am
      14th of Oct, 2008

    I did not order from the infomercial. I ordered it from QVC because I wanted to try the Fig which was supposed to be better for curly hair & also the shipping was cheaper from QVC, so I didn't have to bother with an automatic shipment. I have naturally curly hair that is definitely limp, but like a big fuzzball at the bottom if I do not use certain styling products. Also my hair breaks very easily especially when I shampoo it. But not with WEN. After about a week using WEN I really loved it. It could make your hair greasy if you don't have dry hair, but my hair is very dry normally & it added a great amount of moisture. I would suggest shampooing with regular shampoo once a week, but with this cleansing conditioner I NO LONGER have to use styling products after showering. That is awesome to me. It makes my curls more defined, bouncy & shiny. The only drawback to me is that it is not available locally & it is pretty expensive. One 16 oz. bottle lasts around 1 month for one person.

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  • Me
      17th of Nov, 2008

    I bought this product online, they made it sound like it was so good. Well me and my daughter order it, And it did nothing for us just a waste of money. I called and told them I no longer wanted it anymore. Well I have not recieved anymore, but the problem is they are still taking out of my checking for a product that I longer get or want. This is going to have to stop I would not advise anyone to order this junk. If you want to try it order it off ebay.

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  • Sn
      24th of Jan, 2009

    Okay, I just canceled my membership with Wen through Guthy Renker. I love the product, but the automatic withdraw and delivery thing is a bit much right now, especially with the uncertainty of the economy. So I canceled it using this phone number 800-358-3408, they then send you through some prompts and you pick the one for Chaz Dean Wen Hair Care and they give you a number for the customer service, she the transferred me to billing to close my account. I had not one problem and they were as nice as could be.

    If you read the "tips" section, it tells you exactly how to use it, but you need to read the whole thing. That is why they put it in there. Because you NEED TO READ IT I have what is typically referred to as a "Jew Fro", I am Jewish, I have thick, curly, hair, but doesn't have any natural weight to it and it is frizzy most times. My hair is all body. Wen seems to put just the right amount of weight to it and makes is like mink. Also, if you check out or you can order there whenever you like it. There are also different ones for different hair types. You can also play around with it and use it how it best works for your hair. Try using a regular shampoo and then using a couple of pumps of the Wen as a leave in conditioner. I have done this on my busy days. You have to comb the Wen through to the ends for this.

    I want to emphasize the need to read fine print, read reviews, and for goodness sake READ ALL OF THE INSTRUCTIONS in their entirety! Don't just skim through, as I am sure most of you are doing with this comment.

    Thank you!

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  • Mi
      3rd of Feb, 2009

    I ordered off of the TV informercial and I used per the instructions. My hair is totally soft, shiny and has more bounce. It really does a great job of moisturing my hair. I have very over-processed hair from having straightened and dyed my hair. It had broken and I was looking for a product to help restore my hair to its natural state of wavy but with softness. I freakin' love Wen Hair products! I use the Fig and the Sweet Almond Mint products that work on dry hair. My hair feels wonderful, smells great and I literally have people come and ask me if they can touch my hair b/c it looks so healthy and shiny (I'm a Puerto Rican but can pass as a black woman). It's a bit of a cost but it's worth it since I'm no longer using so many other leave-in & styling products.

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  • Ca
      21st of Mar, 2009

    I ordered this product by phone afer watching the tv infomercial. I have never done this with any product before, and it was a stretch for me, since i know these companies can really screw one. And, well they did just that!!! I had to wade through one sales pitch after another to find out that it was going to be one of those monthly plans, like the old book clubs that you subcribe to, if you order a cheap record or book. I said i did not want the product if there was a monthly charge. I was told to wait a minute while a supervisor was consulted. When the sales person returned to the phone with other offers and i held out, she said okay, i could have it for one month at $29. 95! They had already gotten my card no. I hung up and it came one week later. They had charged my account over $50! Please beware of this scam!!! I called, very angry and spoke to an ashley. She said just a minute and said i would be credited with $18. Still not what was promised originally. I would predict they continue charging my account, because this is what these scammer companies do for a living. They get you coming and going!! Even though i am mad at myself for thinking this company might be ethical (Melissa, what's her name on little house on the prairie actually backs an unethical company and must be hard up for business!) i have learned again. I may have to close out my credit card account.
    So please be forwarned. This kind of tv infomercial is designed to sucker any and all viewers. Do not give them your credit card no. Or you may be paying for months and not be able to get your money back!!! I doubt the product is as good as touted. Doesn't matter, i'm not paying $30 a month forever!!!

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  • Ve
      20th of Apr, 2009

    The same thing happened to me! I recieved the product and thought it was OK but wasn't overly impressed with it and decided to cancel future shipments. First I had to send back the last shipment I recieved and ended up having to pay to return it because I had opened it. I asked to be taken off the auto-shipments however I just checked my credit card statement and saw that I was billed another 29.50!! This was atleast a month ago that I cancelled my membership. I am very angry that now I have to call customer service and get this straightened out. My time is precious and this is very upsetting!! Please never buy this product!! It has been a big HASSEL!!!

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  • Ka
      26th of Apr, 2009

    I have taken these complaints on-board, and yes, there is usually a monthly charge with this company. This product may be trouble, but I have bought a few things through this company and never had any problems so don't write off the company due to one bad egg!

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  • Em
      28th of Apr, 2009

    I ordered this product online and did not sign up for their monthly membership, but they gave me one anyway and have been taking money out of my account every month. I'm in the process of trying to return the additional products now. They have all these hoops you have to jump through to ensure you are unsuccessful making a return within their specific guidelines. If I am unsuccessful and they give me the run around, I will be contacting "channel 7 on your side" for additional consumer help and to let the public know how dishonest they are. I hate scammers!! Even if I liked the product (which I don't) I am so ticked off at how they do business I never want to give them another dime of my money. Save yourself the hassle. Do not purchase this product!!!
    Emily White

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  • Ma
      12th of May, 2009

    Everyone should order through QVC. You will only pay for what you receive and may return the product within 30 days if unhappy with it. Don't ever sign up for automatic shipments! This product is fabulous so don't be afraid to try it and please read the instructions completely beforehand.

    Maggie from Washington

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  • On
      26th of May, 2009

    DON'T EVER BUY ANYTHING FROM GUTHY RENKER EVER! The product may be great but this marketing company will rip you off any way they can. I bought another advertised by them and had the same problem with them dipping into my bank account. You can usually find the product they are advertising through other marketers. Try this product from QVC. I have never had a problem with them. I don't know why products market through this company. It ruins their reputations because of the crappy customer care.

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  • Gr
      1st of Jun, 2009

    I am a former employee of Guthy Renker. It is not our fault people do not listen, or read materials entirely. It is stated in very infomercial that you are enrolled into a club membership. When you receive your package, it again is in the materials, usually a letter stating the benefits of the membership. You have 30 days from the time the first package ships to cancel. If you don't want to be in the club, then call and cancel. Nothing further would be shipped to you. I can not believe how many people order merchandise without reading all the information provided. And then you call up and scream at us, its not our you can't read or understand.

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  • Ni
      2nd of Jun, 2009

    I am from the Los Angeles area. I ordered Wen. I have naturally curly brown hair. I love body and shine. And bounce. What it did to my naturally curly brown hair was totally awesome. It gave it more body, shine and bounce. I really really love my naturally curly brown hair and the Wen really made it great. Its manageable, shiny, really silky, and smooth. If u have naturaly curly brown or red hair like me dont use this product. It really stinks! PLus Gunthy Renker stinks, and when i told them about my hair, they couldn't care less. People have to understand that a girls hair is her perogative. And when I complained about this stinky product and how my once naturally curly brown hair was now dull, limp, and lifeless they couldnt care less. The Wen really is a doo-den! No sale!

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  • Tt
      16th of Jul, 2009

    I totally agree that the WEN product is a rip-off. After my first use I thought that my hair felt heavy and oily. It scalp felt as if it wasn't if I had gone about a week w/out washing my hair. I gave it a try though to see if it got any better. I was not at all impressed. I have 6 yr old that has a totally different hair texture and color - since she is part Asian. I wanted to see how it worked on her very long hair - maybe to help with tangles. It did help w/ the tangles, but it gave her scalp the same oily/greasy look.
    I called and cancelled. I was given a return code and told to send it by confirmation mail or UPS to insure it gets there. I checked to see how much it would cost to send it back and considering it was only $30 - I didn't see it a need to spend $15 - $20 to send it back. Also, when I called I was told that another package was already mailed out to me and when it came just to refuse it. It was delivered into my mailbox. I took it to the post office and they would not refuse it because the tape on the end and one side were ripped open. I pointed out that it had not been opened and that one side was still taped. They said that if they leave it the way it was - the items could fall out and be refused. If they tape it up to secure it - then it is considered opened/tampered with and would have to pay to return it. Of course - this package had the larger containers and a 3 month supply inside. It was much heavier. I was looking at a lot more to send it back to them. So, in the end I kept the products and paid the 3 months of charges & now have all this stuff here. I did start using the conditioning cleaner as a leave in conditioner on the ends of my hair & the same for daughter. At least I'm getting some use of it!!!

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  • La
      17th of Jul, 2009

    i am a hairdresser in dallas, texas. i am so impressed with this product, i want to distribute, though they are not capable of this yet.
    this product works, it just makes sense, and i have used it on all types of hair during this week, and all have been satisfied, especially me. and i am the one that counts, for it is my work that brings in new.for all those who complain, you must realize rinsing is essential. ESSENTIAL. i am very impressed with this, and when ordering of informercial or qvc, study how to really use it.
    remember, massage is essential, comb through, leave for 3-5 min
    just like you were in the shower, and then when rinsed for 2 min, you can feel a small squeak in the hair, then apply a dollip to the wet ends, towel dry, apply just a small amount of styling creme, it is a miracle.
    hair is soft, pliable, moisture restored, and no frizz
    so read the directions my friends, and i wish you a second good chance. don't give up.
    i can't wait to learn how to get involved with this company.
    dallas, texas
    i am taking my camera to work tomorrow. this is awesome!!!
    just read the directions, rinsing is essential!

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  • Ka
      22nd of Jul, 2009

    My only comment is to nina, you say you loved this product in one sentence, then you diss it in the very next!do you like it or not?i have naturally curley hair and Wen is great, the secret is to RINCE, RINCE, RINCE you will love it if you follow the directions to a tee!!

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  • Ha
      28th of Jul, 2009

    I love this product!!!
    Order with qvc. . . If you don't like it you can return in 30 days.
    I shampoo with it & put on my ends.
    Love, love, love it!

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  • Ca
      14th of Aug, 2009

    Living in Southern California all my life, I spend many weekends out on the water and in the sun. My hair is long and straight. I have been using most of Chaz’s, Wen hair care products, and I LOVE them all. Would not ever think of using anything else on my hair. My hair feels incredibly silky, smooth, and smells great.

    Love ya Chaz

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  • Dr
      18th of Aug, 2009

    This is for everyone still having money taken out of their checking account. I would suggest going to your bank and having your account number changed. You may have to get new checks (mine were free with my bank) but it saves you the hassle.

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  • Ca
      25th of Aug, 2009

    I saw the infomercial myself and am quite intrigued. Seems there are more complaints about the continuous shipment program than the actual product. With the exception of the problem of not rinsing enough, most of you like the product. I guess you'd have to try it yourself to make a judgment call. One other thing is when I called the 888# with questions, they said that you should request to cancel the continous payment plan within the first two weeks of receiving the product. Hope that helps! I'll blog again after I try it. I too will not order from Guthy Renker only because of the continous plan.

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  • Tr
      7th of Sep, 2009

    I originaly bought wen thru tv ad. . . Now i buy thru qvc and tv ad. Qvc has teh variety and the tv ad has only 2.
    The instructions are clear if yoiu read the packing insert (The tv ad one) and also if yoiu go to chaz dean dot com!
    My hair is dry and no i cannot use the fig because for me i do get greasy hair but i have used their other products such as aloe, lavender, tea tree, sweet almond and etc and they all work fine.
    However yes you can get greasy hair if you dont expierament.
    His stuff works.
    Even my beautician tells me to use that stuff instead of the other salon stuff they always push because my hair is dramaticaly better when using wen.
    I use about 18 pumps sometimes more or less. . . Depending on the wheather here.
    I do this at the beginning of the shower and massage for at least 2 mins. . . Then let it sit on ur head while yoiu wash yourself.
    Than at the end you rinse yiour hair.
    Now wen says to put 1 to 3 pumps of the (Shampoo thats what i call it but it is called conditioning treatment) with a drop of styling cream (Rub together in yior hand till liquad) and start at the ends and massage in. . . Avoiding scalp. . . Do that briefy and at the the last. . .
    Now style as usual. .
    Now some days i can do that and some days i can only put it from midshaft down and than brush or comb thru. . .
    Wen says to do this with somping wet hair. . . Now again sometimes i can do this and sometimes i cannnot. . .
    If you tak ethe time to get to know your hair and the product you will be rewarded with beautiful hair like you have never seen!
    I have never had trouble reporting a lost shipment or a refund to renker gunther (Tv ad) and them refunding my money. . .
    Nor have i had trouble with qvc. . .
    You say yoiu used it and than you say you never opened it. . .
    So which is it?
    Really if you used the product and yoiu got it from the tv ad i too buy mine that way and yes the instructions are in the box that it comes with and the bottles!!!
    So i do not believe you gave a fair review because i know for a fact that the instructions are clear and in the packing box and on the bottles. . . Besides yoiu can always visit chaz deans website. . . Just google it. . .
    If yoiu never opened the box than how could you review the produvt fairly?

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