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I opened my account with Charter One about a year ago, and have nothing but problems since...

Most of the issues i've had have to do with their "online banking" shows something has cleared, then clears "again" the following day. I've been told by customer service to "not rely on the online banking ledger, it's often incorrect"... REALLY? Then WHY HAVE IT?

Today was the straw that broke the camels back for me though.

I used their online bill pay to have my car payment taken out. I've done this before, with no problem. I selected my date based on my deposit going in (which most of us do).

I checked my ledger this morning and seen that they took my payment out 2 days early. Because of this, 4 other debits cleared and overdrew my account. We're talking 4 overdraft fees at $39 a pop!!! Knowing that this must be an error, I called their customer service line.

The first time I called, I explained my situation. The lady seemed nice enough and even said she understood what happened, and that she looked at the digital check and saw the date was for 2 days later than it was taken out. I explained that if they had taken the payment out when I authorized it, the other 4 items would have cleared no problem. she said she realized this and could see it based on their stupid "ledger".

She puts me on hold for 4-5 minutes. I'm assuming she's doing the necessary things to reverse the fees that will no doubt be accrued (after 11am which is when they add on all their fees). She gets back on the phone with me and tells me, "ma'am, um, the company took the money from your account after recieving your digital check. They don't have to wait til your authorization date."

WHAT???? Are you freaking kidding me????

So, I say, "Um, that doesn't make alot of select the date you want your bills paid. So, if they can just take the money whenever they want (which ironically has NEVER happened before) then WHY even select a date?"

At this point too, I'm realizing where this is going, and i'm starting to cry. I'm a single mom and in my head i'm adding -$114.00 plus 160.00 in fees and it's not even close to what i'm depositing. So, i'm about to be screwed for 2 weeks!!

I say to the lady, "This can't be right!!! I chose the date and they took it out before that. that wasn't authorized.. Now i'm gonna get charged 4 fees when you clearly can see that I had the money to cover everything."

Her response:

"I can understand why you're upset, but unfortunatley there is NOTHING we can do. Is there anything else I can help you with today?"

Yes, she actually ASKED me that.

my answer:

"Why yes there is. You can explain to my kids how you just stole money from me and now they wont be eating very well for the next week or two."

Then I hung up...and started sobbing.

After I composed myself, and tried to understand HOW this was happening, I called back.. this time determined to get some help!!

I spoke to a guy named John first. He explained this wasn't his dept. I told him get to an online banking supervisor or manager. I work in customer service (not for a bank) and I know that supers and mgrs will help more to keep customers and have more authority.

So, John puts me on hold for another 4 or 5 minutes after I explain what happened. He transfers me to Tamika, NOT a supervisor, who immediately told me she was just waiting for her supervisor to transfer me. She again told me she understood my situation and how it was indeed the wrong date and there should be some way they could help me. At that point I told her if they didn't reverse the o/d fees, I would simply close my account. If making $160 was more important to them than keeping a customer, then fine.

Tamika puts me on hold for ANOTHER 4-5 minutes. I'm thinking for sure now this will be resolved. How wrong I was!!!

She gets back on the phone and says, "Ma'am, i'm sorry but we have a disclosure that states that online bill pay can be taken on or BEFORE the date you select. Unfortunately, we are unable to reverse any of the fees, but thank you for banking with us."

Thank you for banking with us?? Well hell yeah, making money like that off people like me, i'm sure they are VERY thankful!

So I told her I would be in later today to close my account and would be happy to take my banking elsewhere. I deposit about $4000 a month, so I hope that $160 was worth it.

Charter One is definitely NOT a customer oriented bank, but they are surely a fee and "disclosure" bank. Even when they have to steal your money to get it!!!

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  • Sa
      Feb 04, 2010

    I feel for you. This bank is outrageous and they steal from their customers. I've lost $429 in "fees" two days. I'm so mad! I hope you opened an account elsewhere. My husband and I are going to close our account as soon as we can.

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  • An
      Mar 23, 2010

    This past month they took out over 997.24 out of my account. The catch is each transaction says "Pre-Authorized Debit" I haven't preauthorized anything. So I of course go to the bank because now I'm overdrawn by 580 and they say well we can't give you the company information it's unavailable. Ok, then how do they get money out of my account. This is not the first time this has happened last month a transaction for 149.95 came out of my account then within a week was credit back to my account and this month was the same thing 149.95 three days back to back and two for 169.95. The bank has "no idea" who is taking this money which strikes me as odd. So as of now my account is frozen and it will stay that way, credits are the only transaction allowed to be made. Did I mention that they will also be hitting me with about 400 in o/d fees? Big rip off. Instead of having my check direct deposited into this account I am receiving paper check and opening elsewhere. Sorry Charter One this is a huge Bank Scam

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