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Charter One Bank / don't bank at charter one!

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I closed out my accounts at Charter One today due to being charged a $25.00 inactivity fee which was deducted from my account because I had not deposited or withdrawn any funds for 60 days. First, I stood in line to have a teller inform me that they don't close accounts and that I would need to sign in at the welcome sign and wait to be called by a banking associate. I waited about 40 minutes before being summoned. I asked what warranted this fee. She needed to call to get the details. I explained that I wanted to close my account due to this fee and due to another earlier fee. The other (so called maintainance) fee was for my account dropping below $1,000 (which it did not even come close to.) She asked me if I checked my account everyday. I said no! She informed me that she always does so and I said because she's a banker and I'm not. She said they'd waive the $25.00 fee if I did not close my account but she couldn't waive the earlier (maintanance) fee because it was too old (2 months.) She told me that if I was a new customer they would not charge those fees due to promotional incentives; but they would not waive the fee if I closed my account since they'd lose my business anyway. I have been banking at this branch (under other bank names) for about 24 years and have never been notified or charged such fees. She said all banks charge them now. I told her to just close my accounts (and get me out of here for good.)

Regretfully, I did not do this sooner. Last spring I needed to make a bank transfer. I waited for at least an hour before I could get any help. And I was the only one waiting! By then I asked to use the rest room and was told there wasn't any. (Funny they used to have one.) The transfer took so long and then was done incorrectly. I needed to network with another bank to walk Charter One through correcting their mistakes! Also, in Oct. I wrote my first overdraft in over 35 years, by writing my check against the wrong account. Charter One sent a letter 4 weeks later informing me of the bad check. By then I had accrued late fees from the company I thought I had paid. (The other company graciously waived them because they know I have a history of prompt payments.)

My feeling is that the customer service is horrible at Charter One. I also feel they have robbed me of money via odd fees and access to my account. Bank accounts aren't truly inactive if the bank has use of or claim to your money. Should have left them sooner.

Don't bank at Charter One!

Charter One Bank Countryside, IL branch.

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  • Co
      25th of Aug, 2007
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    ive heard of bank accounts being closed because of inactivity and the people werent given their money back, all in all, yet another reason i hate big business.

  • Pa
      4th of Dec, 2007
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    Today. I was informed of my account being closed over insufficient funds. I'm so mad right now because I spoke several times about a mix up that had happened (to long to go into at the moment). CharterOne promised that they would waive the fees if I faxed them some documents. A few days later I faxed it. Not hearing from them for a few days. I called them up and they closed my account. They would not let me speak to the lady I faxed the papers to. They said said they closed (which i asked to do before and they refused). They transferred me to their "collections" department. I again asked to speak to the lady I faxed my papers to. They replied by saying she can't help me now that my account is closed. The only way to fix the problame was to pay off all the charges. The same charges that just 2 weeks ago they promised to waive if I faxed them.
    What makes this so irritating is that my Chase account is threatening to be closed if i don't "fix" this situation.
    I'm pretty sure that if I pay it, I'll never get my money back becasue paying it is admitting I'm guilty of owing the money. And I'm clearly not but feel like I have to pay because now I'm in danger of being kicked out of banks that I'm in good standings with.


  • Ji
      18th of Dec, 2007
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    I ToTALLY agree! Beware of Charter One! They are now charging $38.00 for negative amounts in your Available Balance. If your current balance is $80 and you order something online for $40 and go to the gas station and the store and use your debit card your current balance is not affected but your available balance is but all that is just doing is verifying off the current balance. Everyone knows if you use your debit card anywhere except the ATM it will not show up in your account for a few days or more. But even still they're charging $38 for everything on that available balance. I was charged $152 one day for that but not before I looked at my balance and all was good my paycheck was in so I went Christmas shopping without knowing about the $152 which then put my available balance in negative again (but not the current balance) then they charged me another $114. I'm switching banks! How can you fix something if they keep charging you fees you aren't even aware of until the next day??!!! The customer service dept is useless, just a bunch of uneducated data entry clerks answering the phone and reading scripts for situations!! I'm changing banks this week!!!

  • Jo
      4th of Jan, 2008
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    I agree. Charterone is one of the worst banks i have ever seen. I never recommand anybody to bank at charterOne. They charged me 4 times 35 dolloars because of totally 30 dollars and something exceeding my available balance within 4 days!

    I hate this bank. I'm gonna close my account right away.

  • Ja
      3rd of Feb, 2008
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    I hate this freaking bank too. Because of a voided transaction that never went through, they charged me a $35 overdraft fee, then I didn't look at that account because I never used that account for anything, within a week they charged me another fee just because they charged me a fee in the past. I am so looking forward to switching, as they have gotten rediculous. They are just out to find new ways to charge people money. They pull out withdrawals in the order of largest to smallest in order to make your account negative the fastest to then rack in the fees, and then only after all of that they process deposits. You might have deposited enough to cover the whole ting, but then 5 overdraft fees later your depsit looked like nothing in your account.

  • De
      28th of Feb, 2008
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    Charter One Bank is cheating me on my business account. For The past four months my accountants have noticed that all the deposits are showing up short.
    I too have tried to get fees waived and was told they could only waive the lowest amount of $38.00 and not the other amount of $114.00
    This was around a holiday period when I made a large deposit and so once the holiday was over and back to regular business days I received a letter stating the bank was charging me all these fees because my account was overdrawn. Our software showed plenty of money in the account.
    Now as I mentioned my accountants are always finding money not being deposited correctly.
    I will be changing banks this week
    Always keep receipts and go over them carefully.

  • Co
      22nd of Apr, 2008
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    I have proof that Charter One Bank is definitely practicing unfair/unlawful banking practices. I check my account regularly and was in the positive on Friday 4/18 through Monday 4/21/08. On Friday morning several transactions had cleared my account and I knew I had a check that would be posting soon. One transaction, in particular, from my student loans was unexpected and I knew it would have brought my account to a negative. I deposited additional funds after realizing that the transactions that cleared would bring my account to a negative if the check came through. I even have confirmation from several agencies (U.S. Dept of Education, Orchard Bank) that they received my payments on 4/18. I made a $500 deposit on 4/21 to cover the access for the check (which would have been $200). Upon opening my account this morning 4/22, I found that the check was forced through, and four transactions that had posted on Friday 4/18 had been reversed and are now being assessed overdraft fees.

    I immediate called customer service, who tried to tell me that none of those transactions had posted and that they were all in a pending state on Monday. Their policy is to clear any checks first then debit card transactions second, and that my deposit had not hit the account (although it was visible in their system) and would not be accredited until mid day. In essence, someone in customer service saw an opportunity to try to make extra money. So, instead of processing or leaving the 4 transactions and keeping my account in the positive which would mean that there would just be one fee ($39) for the check, they forced the check through so that they could have 4 fees to charge to the account ($156).

    When I explained to customer service that I had my printed confirmations that my payments were received on 4/18 before this check came through, he agreed to reverse the charges. This to me is an admission of guilt on their part. I will be closing my account with Charter One today and advise everyone, NOT TO DO BUSINESS WITH CHARTER ONE BANK.

  • An
      23rd of May, 2008
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    I work for Charter One Bank! Barely do I feel like I belong. They teach all of their employees what they call their "CREEDO" The 3 C' CUSTOMER's, COLLEAGUES (which I believe they abuse both, and lastly Community. But, I noticed that they only do something as volunteers if there is someway they can make a sale. I regret the day I accepted the job and now I am stuck with this terrible economy and a new car. What a joke!

  • Ma
      30th of Oct, 2008
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    I have just been charged an additional fee for overdraft and I pay interest just for having an account for this protection and not using it.
    To make matters worse, if you check your account before retiring for the evening everything is fine. But the next morning there is a DDA for 25.00 which puts the account back into overdraft. The draft is dated the day before.

    This bank waits until early morning to charge the account when you are sleeping then back dates the withdrawal. Isn't that illegal???

  • Ma
      30th of Oct, 2008
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  • Me
      12th of Nov, 2008
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    charter one is scammers...i agree how can we report them to the goverment...i have been scammed too long...and im know im not the only one...we need to take action now before more and more people become vicitims of there scams

  • Yo
      7th of Oct, 2009
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    I disagree! If your are a resonsible adult and do not spend above your means, you will not ahve to deal with fees. People always want free stuff! I have never had a fee and never expected anyone to cover my own mistakes! Keep track of your own balance and waht you spend and the you will see that no one is out to get you! I do not feel sorry ofr those that get fees, it makes my dividends higher on my money, I say yeah to rewarding those who earn it, and to those of you who are thinging it, no I do not check my balance daily I simply balance once a month with my statement.

  • St
      11th of Nov, 2009
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    I totally agree with the negative impressions Charter One leaves on their customers. My family and I have been with Charter One for over 20 years till recently. My parents refinanced through them a few years back and was told this process would only take about two it took over 3 months!!! The paperwork was never entered properly and on time and every time they called this bank there was an excuse and they were simply just pushed off!

    Then, a close friend of mine had his debit card compromised from a correctional institution in California and it cleaned his account completely! My friend used this particular account for direct deposit on his employment checks and when he brought this to the tellers attention in Mentor, Ohio they first treated him as if the fee's were NOT a bank error. When finally realized that this was fraud they should have closed that account and opened a new one for my friend...NOPE!!! Charter One completely dropped the ball there. So, while in the process, my friend got two more direct deposits into this same compromised account and the fee's assessed completely ate up his access to ANY income. he went a month and a half with absolutely NO MONEY to pay his bills, get gas in his car or food for his family, and Charter One did NOTHING to compensate for this issue. This was a very rough time for him to say the least.

    Now, my personal issue. Charter One's customer service is HORRIBLE!!! They are so rude and insensitive to their customers it makes me SICK to even think about it! I now only use this bank for my child support deposits simply because it is a long drawn out process with the state to change. But just a few months ago I had written a check for my sons school and taken him out to dinner assuming that by the time these charges went in at the end of the next day my child support check would be deposited as normal. I'm familiar with these deposits to come in on the 9th and the 28th of every month...well Charter One dropped the ball yet again. They sat on this money for 2 days after the state issued it to them. They stole over half of my child support in fee's. I called the customer service line and that rep informed me that if I could prove that the state issued it on the 9th then they would refund me my money. (and this was after a couple previous calls already and their answers were to push the blame on Child and Family Services of Painesville, Ohio). So, I got the paperwork mailed to me confirming my case! I took it into the Mentor, Ohio branch and spoke with the manager and gave her my proof. She made a phone call that literally took 2 minutes, and rudely got off the phone and put the papers down to look at me and say, "Our policy is that we have 48 business hours to process a deposit". YOU HAVE GOT TO BE KIDDING ME!!! She rolled her eyes at me and huffed under her breath as if she was irritated with my complaint. Needless to say, that issue was NEVER resolved! They stole my child support money to pay for inaccurate fee's of theirs.

    Now, up to date, the most recent issue, which has made me finally start the process to remove my child support deposits from this bank. I had a balance of $6.97 on 10/29/2009 and my son was in the hospital with the H1N1 Swine Flu going around this season and I had to make a $14.55 purchase on 10/30/2009 at my local Giant Eagle grocery store for things he needed. So, I was prepared to pay an over the limit fee of $39 for the $7.58 I over drafted. NOPE!! They are very scandalous! The exact way my online banking came out was after all this on 10/30/2009 they charged me $117 in insufficient funds then on 11/02/2009 another insufficient fee came in for $39.00. And this is in between the time I have been trying to dispute the original $117.00 charge. Well, then my child support check comes through on 11/09/2009 for $223.78 leaving me with a balance of $60.20. So, I am heated now! On 11/09/2009 I am calling every number I can locate to get a hold of some authority willing to listen to me. In the mean time they charge me another fee of $35 for a "SERVICE CHARGE"!!! What is THAT??? So now my child support account is at a balance of only $25.20 and NOBODY will give me the name and number to the CEO executive director for this hell hole!!! The operator would NOT even provide me with her name when I asked for it because she would not give me any names or numbers to file a complaint but the district manager Patricia Fiori in charge of Mentor, Ohio. I have left this woman 2 messages now and I have YET to get a return phone call!! I'm so stressed out right now that I am determined to bring this issue as far as I can! It is the principal now!! I am a single mother struggling in this unstable economy and they steal a BIG part of my income to help support my son!!! Please...if anybody has any further advice or information please contact me at

  • Di
      10th of Jan, 2010
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    I agree this bank suck!!! My car payment is now behind because of Charter One. I have been paying this payment for 3 years through the same bank account O have had for over 10 years, now all of a sudden Charter One or RSB or Citizens Bank (Yes they are all connected) is telling my car company I have to account with them!!! Yet I am purchasing items and paying other bills with this account that doesn't exist!! I called 3 different people at Charter One and guess what NO ONE could help me. I am changing banks this Monday!

    This is a horrible horrible bank. It is Royal Bank of Scotland owned by Citizens bank who also owns Charter one. And it is the Royal Bank of Scotland that is saying I don't have an account with Charter One. Please people withdraw your money, close your account and run away as fast as you can!!!

  • Sa
      3rd of Feb, 2010
    0 Votes

    I agree. I HATE this bank. Charter one is constantly applying overdraft fees to our account when we haven't gone overdrawn. In the last two days we've encountered $312 worth of fees. I'm so outraged that they keep taking our money like this. Their online statements are never clear about what is available. We have put cash into this account and tried to make a purchase two days later and the money has been "held" until we make some purchases and for each purchase they charge is $37. I'm not adverse to overdraft fees if I know exactly what they apply to and are clear. But these people are charging us through the nose at the end of every month when we are trying to do our best to stay afloat. They are not willing to budge on any of these unjustified fee's and if you look at our statment, there are two fee's for $156 each in the last two days and I don't even know what these apply to because we weren't overdrawn until they applied those fees. I'm so horrified. Can these people legally rip off innocent people like this? We didn't go overdrawn until they took our money!! Surely with all the complaints against them, there could be a case made to get our money back. They are robbing their customers. We admit that we are struggling anyway in these economic times and these people are truly messing us up. Particularly when we have a baby on the way. I've emailed them with no response. My husband spoke to three different people on the phone yesterday and they have no power to help him. We've been told that one of the managers will call him back, but we are not holding our breath. I've never encountered such a lack of professionalism. I suck it up and incur the fee's when they are justified, but this is not justified. Should we take it to a small claims court?

  • Ch
      14th of Feb, 2010
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    Incurred 6 overdraft fees for the sum of $234.00. Partially due to a utility company charging me twice and also due to the dubious nature of the "online banking statement.

    Did you know that the word "HOLD" has two meanings? Well according to Charter One it does.

    1. HOLD (noun) as it applies to a "debit" means "money that is INSTANTLY DEDUCTED, TAKEN, SUBTRACTED, REMOVED, ERASED and or TAKEN FROM YOUR ACCOUNT. It is instant. There is nothing on "HOLD" ABOUT IT. The only thing on "hold' is whether or not the merchant is going to ask for that money. They have 2 to 3 days to do so. I they don't the bank puts your money back. So if you think you have a day or two before something goes through you are sadly mistaken. The bank has taken it from you even the merchant hasn't. As a result your account could become overdrawn. And that my dear reader is exactly what those thieving ### at Charter One want!

    2. HOLD (noun) as it pertains to a "deposit" means money that has not yet been recorded or applied to your account. This essentially means the transaction has not taken place. It is on hold and has not posted nor entered your account. In this context the word means something that doesn't exist. It is an non-sequiter, it hasn't occurred yet. It doesn't apply.

    BUT WAIT... Despite this THE DEPOSIT THAT IS ON "HOLD" HAS ENTERED YOUR ACCOUNT! EVEN THOUGH IT IS ON HOLD AND HASN'T POSTED. The deposit is given a date and is placed in your ledger. The amount of the deposit then gets added to your balance. This then leads you to believe that you have that money in your account. But you don't. That money is still on Hold!!! Abbot and Costello couldn't have dreamed up a more humorous and deceptive scam!

    As a result of their dubious and deceptive practices I spent 2 days on the phone with "customer service." I also called 2 branches and went into my branch in person all to no avail. Charter One Bank has STOLEN $234.00 dollars from me. Once the utility wires the refund back to me I am CLOSING MY ACCOUNT. Charter One is home to some of the biggest crooks in a crook-filled, predatory and thieving industry! Avoid this company at all costs!!!

  • Be
      22nd of Mar, 2010
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    I agree to the tenth degree! I have not used my bank account for more than two years. I have tried to close my account on many occasions. Charter One wouldn't let me because of the over draft protection line of credit wasn't paid off. That was fine and I was paying the account down. Many times I was charged finance fees, card fees, and other misc. fees. I found out much later that my cards were still open after I closed them as well as still signed up for the stupid rewards points program. I finally found this out and worked the problem out with the manager at the local branch office. Before anything is done at Charter One you are bounced back and forth from headquarters to the local branch. Both say that they can't do anything and you will have to go other. I haven't mentioned at all the reason that I stopped using my account or the problems that I had with them in the beginning. Right now I have paid off my line credit and closed my account almost a month ago. Today I received a account statement from Charter One saying that I owe them a finance charge. What the junk? I closed the account a month ago. I called the branch and guess what? The manager can't do anything and they will have to call headquarters in order to get back to me. This has and unfortunately still is the worst company that I have worked with. Avoid at all costs Charter One and all of its affiliates.

  • Da
      14th of Aug, 2010
    0 Votes

    I signed up for a charter one account about 2 months ago because my office uses it to bank and i need to be able to access the money from my checks same day.. well when i signed up i made sure to sign the paper saying i did NOT want over draft protection, the guy made sure to tell me it would decline my card when i had over drafted.. Now i do check my account almost daily so when i happened to have over drafted while out of town i was confused, so i called and explained i had signed a paper saying i had refused the protection "dan" explained it would not be affective until the 15th, but credited my account the fees which had put 74.00 back into my account...i then used my card a few days later for a total of 70.99... enough to have about 3 dollars in my account until my next paycheck... well i received a notice today saying as of 08/09/2010 my account was negative.. says i had 165, spent 161 (again i check my account so i knew i had enough for the things i bought) then says things that over drafted was 70.99, which would have been the things i got after i was sopposedly "credited the fees" back into my account... so now i have a total of 326.27 in late fees... I called to speak to someone again and they said i could not talk to a manager nor could they do anything to fix the fees or issue.. i cant cancel my account until the late fees are paid which is crap because i will not pay for there mistakes... i received a over draft notices on the 14 that is 5 days after i over drafted, nor was any of this online... so when is someone going to do something about this company?They do not care about the people who bank there, they do not take responsibility for there mistakes, and they plan on charging 6.99 a day until it is paid??? really i have a family and kids i cannot afford to pay your fees coming from your mistake, nor will i pay any of the 6.99 fees... they said they would take me to collections if i didnt pay... i already live pay check to pay check where do they expect people to come up with this money... ive read a bunch of complaints about the same issue, i cant believe they are still doing this...

  • Ch
      30th of Sep, 2010
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    Charter One Bank is a joke. Just got charged 150 bucks for overdrawing my account by 35 cents. They have gotten almost 1, ooo bucks from me last year for bogus insufficient fund fees, while the funds where clearly still there. But, because they disagree with me, I'm still out all that money and Charter One is saying "gotcha". I've had enough. I'm closing my account tomorrow, and will picket outside each and every charter one back if I have to, letting everyone know how big of a disaster this bank is. I work hard for my money, and for a bank to take advantage of any given opportunity to take it from me has more than pissed me off.

  • Sb
      9th of Nov, 2010
    0 Votes

    I just pulled all three of my accounts from Charter one. They charged over draft fees on an account of mine that was already closed for over a month. Hello, closed, how the heck do you get an overdraft? There is something wrong here. I closed the accounts after I started having the transactions hold for days, then all of a sudden post. Fees then, fees, then fees I didn't even get a notice when it is overdrawn until three days after it is over drawn - thinking I had money in the bank I never was any the wiser. I called and talked to customer service personnel, no help. They stated it was my fault and they could not help it. They told me it was basically the fault of my bookkeeping and I needed to learn how to handle my finances better.
    Then when they switched from Visa to Mastercard I never got a card for one of my accounts. I called, "We'll send it miss" is what I was told. Waiting, still no card, waiting some more, nothing. I called again, and again, and again. Finally after call number six with me ranting, raving and cursing out whoever was on the other end at this point I was told there were six cards issued in my name for this account. Six, really? Doesn't that sound a little fishy? I canceled them all and waited yet again for the card. It came finally after three weeks. I activate it, try using it, declined. How humiliating, there was money there. But guess what I had to call again to see what the problem was. Customer service told me everything was fine, no problem. I tried another store, nope declined. Called again, sorry about that you are all set now. Tried a third time, decline. Of course when I got to the third person on this I was like a rabid dog. I was on the phone for an hour and a half with this person. Needless to say I cut up my card, threw it in the fire and wrote checks until I decided on a new bank.
    They have raped me out of thousands of dollars, thank god I am no longer banking at this sham of a bank. My advice - tell everyone you know DO NOT to bank there. Unless they are wealthy and can afford to lose thousands a year in fees that are bogus, and like to be treated poorly by the customer service staffers. Tell them good luck for me.

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