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On 11/15/08 I purchased a Joe Rocket RASP motorcycle jacket from the Chaparral Motorsports store. On 12/06/08 I returned the jacket because of a small defect in the right elbow (fabric came apart at the seam) expecting to get a replacement. They refused to replace or warranty the jacket and informed me that they had to send it to the manufacturer for an assessment before I could receive a replacement or my money back. They also informed me this process would take three weeks. After expressing my displeasure, they informed me that was their policy along with their manufacture’s and I would simply have to wait the three weeks.

I immediately went home, got online and found the exact same jacket at several online stores. I contacted each store and asked what their return policy was on this item if it was defective. Each store informed me I would receive a replacement immediately upon receipt of the defective item. One store informed me I would receive an immediate replacement for a defective item for up to one year. So obviously the assessment process is not the manufacture’s policy as Chaparral implied. I then purchased the jacket online so I would not have to do without a jacket for the three week assessment process.

On 12/26/08 I received a call from the Kevin, Chaparral’s sales manager. He informed me my jacket had been through the assessment process and that I now could receive a replacement. I informed him that I purchased the item elsewhere that I would no longer do business with Chaparral and I wanted my money back. He informed me I would have to come to the store order to have the money credited back to my credit card and that his approval and all pertinent information would be on file at their return desk. I could come to the store to do the transaction whenever it was convenient, is what he informed me.

On 12/28/08 I went the Chaparral’s return desk and of course the return approval information was not at the desk as promised. They started to give me the same story about the assessment process and they had not received word from the manufacturer. They also informed me this was their policy ON ALL ITEMS WITHIN THEIR STORE!! I informed them that Kevin, the sales manager had contacted me and he informed me the assessment process had been done and I was to receive a credit back to my credit card. They informed me that a different sales manager was on duty and I would have to wait while they rummaged through Kevin’s desk looking for the info. Seeing how it is a 40 mile round trip to Chaparral from my home and suspecting this was a further waste of my time, I left the store. I then made a dispute with my credit card company over this transaction.

In short Chaparral Motorsports has lost a long time customer over a $200.00 jacket, bad policies and poor customer service. This is not the only bad experience a have had with Chaparral just the only significant problem. I hate to think what would have happened had this been an online purchase.

Please visit the link below, Chaparral Motorsports receives an Email every time this site is visited. Let’s show them their customers do have voice and we are not happy. You can also post a complaint if you wish, and please pass this info along.

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  • Nw
      Jun 22, 2009

    I completely agree! I ordered through them for my first time in May of 09' and it was a nightmare. I WOULD NEVER, EVER do business with them again. What a joke of a company.

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  • Nw
      Jun 22, 2009

    Chapparral Motorsports sucks! They have the WORST service in the world, go figure it is in S. Cal.

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  • Mx
      Mar 03, 2010

    I think you need to stop crying!! Different retail stores havent different company policies, its that simple! Some stores will replace defective items just out of good faith since most clothing items are a 100% direct mark up. Most of the time it will be either cut up and damaged out or possibly sent back to the mfg and restocked on the shelf or used as a credit towards another purchase. Online stores are sometimes different, they are basically like the middle man for companies and most of the time the product you recieve is coming straight from the company or going to the online retail store (SOMEONES HOME) and then getting sent out from there. They can offer replacments because its not sitting in a show room with everyone trying it on and touching it. Customers don't understand what it takes to work retail, manage retail or work under policies set forth by the company unless they have done it. With that said, Chaparral does enough buisness and they arent going to miss you, I promise you that.

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  • Rd
      Jul 08, 2011

    Just finished with a lousy experience with Chaparral. Screwed up and lost the first order yet billed the CC. Entered another one as the item is STILL listed as in stock. yet days later, no indication of shipment and they tell me "it's not in stock". Maybe two weeks. Yet days later, it's still listed IN STOCK and CC billed and not refunded after canceling the order. Customer Service didn't care and sounded bored.

    They should farm it out to INDIA. Chaparralll is don't with me. Total waste of time.

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  • Li
      Aug 06, 2011

    No one wins here. This outfit has created there own problem. There not interested in the customer only there bottom line. Putting off the customer is part of there business practice. Although I can't imagine working for an outfit that requires its employees to carrie out there policies and procedures. This is not a good business model to learn from. If your going to stay in this field I recommend not working for a bunch of crocks. I for one have spent a lot of time and money in there store going back to there early days. After my current nightmare on a return of a faulty rear tire. I too am waiting for the manufacture to respond, I think my tire is on a slow boat to Brazil to find the rubber tree that it was made from. I'll never return to this store again and I don't recommend it to you either. Unless you like getting burned. It's no wonder that Caltrans moved the off ramp to there store. They are sowing there on seeds.

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  • Ep
      Aug 25, 2011

    CHAPARRAL IS A TERRIBLE STORE They have a weird and extremely arrogant attitude agaist the very people they should appreciate. THE CUSTOMER! If you can get anyone to help, they will be clueless and uninterested in making a sale. I have had horrible experiences with both the store and their mail order departments. The manager of the mail order is nuts and she is the rudest person I have ever dealt with. Never again, go to my local shop here in Stocktonwhere at least I am treated like they are grateful that I am spending my hard earned $$$ with them.
    My advise, avoid Craparral and spend your money elsewhere.

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