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Downers Grove, IL, United States
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I signed up with Chamberlain with 10 classes to complete the BSN. This company does not get the adult learner, I am in my early 50's with elderly parents . I was in my 6th week of an economics class when my Father passed, he lived in Italy, had to travel to bury him, I contacted the professor who agreed to have me do a paper on a topic of his choice. The problem was the professor left, student services did not honor the agreement, I escalated to some department I was not able to even speak with, like they are the president or something, student services, who I never spoke to the same adviser twice, abruptly dismissed me and my request, that was Dec of 2015. This year I am taking community nursing, keeping an A average throughout the course, my mother became critically ill, I wrote to the professor requesting a few day extension on the final assignment due and her response was you should of contacted me the day you knew your Mother was ill, like that was the most important thing going on at the time. They are all about the money there, no insight into the adult learners needs and obstacles . I was also told by one of the advisers that between my loans and tuition reimbursement from my job that I would have no out of pocket expenses, presently I am blocked from completing my last two classes due to owning 3 grand . Lovely place, they will go out of their way to get you to sign with them, but offer no support once you are trapped.

Jun 28, 2016

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