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I had the misfortune of having to communicate with Kaitlyn around 11:30 a.m. on November 7. I needed assistance in changing a professor for my NR509 health assessment course. When I realized she could not be of assistance to me, I requested a supervisor or to speak to my student advisor directly. She then stated that none were available. I asked, Can she provide me with a name or email to contact? She stated she did not know. I then asked for clarification on how she knew that they were unavailable if she did not know who they were. She became snippy on the phone and stated "you're focusing on semantics". I felt it was a justified question to know who my actual advisor is, and who will be contacting me.Throughout the majority of the conversation, I felt she was snippy and unhelpful. I kept having to probe for information and help. She even became rude when I asked if I can put down a "best time to contact" to ensure I do not miss a call. I feel this moment in my education has been the worst representation of Chamberlain University.

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