CeX / WeBuy.compublicly humiliated in store

I haven't used you instore service in many years, I attempted to sell some games at your Edmonton London branch when I was told my account had been banned in 2015 due to the attempt to sell a stolen phone. This came as quite a shock and I am very certain this is not the case!!

During this attempted transaction today 06/12/2018 at approximately 14:00 it was announced to the entire store whilst customers and other staff members were present that in 2015 I attempted to sell a stolen phone. This is a complete breech of my personal confidentiality and was extremely humiliating in front of other people. as this labelled me look like a thief and a criminal.

Had I known my account was banned or even been accountable for this deed I would have made an attempt to un-ban this previously.

This matter should have been handled differently instore with more privacy and perhaps a lower tone of voice.

Publicly humiliating someone is wrong!

My account Number is; [protected]

Jason Thorpe

Dec 06, 2018

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