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To whom it may concern,

I went to the CeX store on the 1st October in Wood Green to repair a phone that I had purchased on the 7th of August 2018. I purchased an iPhone 7 for £450.

When me and my two daughters came into the store we asked to speak to the manager in order to resolve the problem with the good I was sold, to which we were promptly met by the manager who we later discovered is called 'Jazz' after asking for his name. Jazz asked what we would like to speak about and my daughter Caitlin began to name the issues with the phone. We then informed Jazz that we brought the phone to the original retailer Apple to see if we could replace the battery as we believed the issue to be due to the battery being older. Apple then ran a diagnostic on the phone and the people serving us at Apple informed us that they would not even open the phone up as the system did not recognise the battery and the screen did not look like an Apple issued screen. The diagnostic also showed some connectivity issues with the device. In response to us informing Jazz of this, he frowned and raised his voice, on the verge of shouting, and stated "why would you bring it to Apple and not just bring it straight to us here". This was only the beginning of Jazz's inexcusable behaviour and intolerable customer service.

When we were discussing the refund policy with Jazz, Jazz was very condescending and rude towards us. My daughter mentioned how it is normally at the manager's discretion if not to issue a refund or not, using those words, and Jazz laughed and said "I don't even understand what you're saying", as if she was not making sense. At this time she was readjusting her bag on her shoulder to which Jazz said to her "Calm down, I can see you're getting angsty" whilst smirking at her. She wasn't distressed but we both found that comment to be very offensive. In response to Jazz my daughter asked him politely not to make any personal references as to whether or not she is angsty as she had not raised her voice at any point and had been intentionally using clear language in order to communicate properly and effectively get her point across. I find a comment calling her "angsty" to be a very clear attempt at undermining her argument and intentionally upsetting her. My daughters and I all agreed that she had not been displaying any bad, or to use Jazz's words "angsty", behaviour and that the comment was very inappropriate and completely false.

This did not conclude Jazz's inexcusable customer service towards us, as when I was trying to talk Jazz began to make scoffing noises. The first time Jazz scoffed we ignored it as we gave the benefit of the doubt that he wasn't scoffing at us. The second time he scoffed it was clear that it was not accidental and that he was indeed scoffing at customers. To this my daughter politely asked Jazz not to scoff at customers, as someone who works in customer service herself she is fully aware that under no circumstances is scoffing at customers acceptable. Jazz did not respond to this, and we received no apology nor denial for his behaviour.

We are very dissatisfied at the level of customer service we received, especially regarding a £450 faulty product.

He took my name, address and phone number alongside the item and assured us that he would be in touch within the next 7-9 working days. We were informed this on the 1st of October. It is now the 15th and we have heard nothing yet. Not only have we received a faulty phone, but we have also received appalling customer service and I have been without my phone for 2 weeks. I would like someone to contact me immediately regarding this matter and I expect nothing less than a full refund. I must reiterate that I waited patiently for the phone to be repaired or replaced in good faith but it is now very clear that the company defaulted on the promise of a repair/replacement within 7-9 days.

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Oct 15, 2018

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