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Certs, Inc. / Certs is a huge scam!

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This is the biggest scam incentive company ever! If you send in a bank cashier's check or money order instead of a POSTAL money order - the certificate is canceled. NO second chances. And - if you send in all the requested documents - they lie blatantly and tell you that you didn't even if you have proof. Please avoid this company - they will find a way not to honor their certificate!

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  • Te
      4th of Jun, 2007
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    That is so true. You think their cruises will help your business when you give out the certificates until you get EVERY person complaining about the hoops and then they get denied when they do everything right. Certs Inc. is an unethical company.

  • Pa
      28th of Sep, 2007
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    I just was taken by the fuel redemption program where they void the entire program if one of the 10 certificates is received prior to 30 days from the last one. I mailed # 2 & # 3 exactly 30 days apart, but the USPS delivered # 3 quicker than # 2 by 2 days, so Certs voided the entire program!

    The free travel is equally as bogus and virtually impossible to comply with.

    If a company offers you free gas, travel or vacation time, check first to see who is providing these "free" items. If it is Certs, don't even bother to go to the sales promotional because what you will receive will be worthless!!!!

  • Al
      27th of Nov, 2007
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    I just got scammed by this company as well. I guess if It's too good to be true, it's a scam, don't believe it.

  • St
      27th of Nov, 2007
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    Run as fast as you can if you receive this offer. Run as fast as you can if you are invited to hear information on Timeshares in Williamsburg, Virginia. Both company's are huge scams and a huge waste of your time and energy.

  • Pa
      29th of Nov, 2007
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    We attended a travel presentation and received the Certs activation form but it was so convoluted that I decided to check it out online. I've read the [relatively few] negative comments and am wondering, "Are there any people who have had a positive experience?

  • Da
      4th of Dec, 2007
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    Even jumping through every single obvious hoop -- I managed to lose any conceivable goodwill for Certs. They managed to use a clause in a PRIOR piece of paper to disallow an attempt at booking following every single iota of rational requirements and irrational requirements in the booking request!

    The mere fact that they proudly proclaim that NO customer complaints sent by email will even be read , and that their phone people are the EPITOME of the David Spade "No!" commercial should be warning enough.

  • Sa
      6th of Dec, 2007
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    Through Vacation Network we were offered a gift of "two free plane tickets" if we go and listen to some pitch about buying a vacation package... BEWARE OF VACATION NETWORK as well- and when we went through the process (mailing in the initial voucher to receive the second step of paperwork and send them the money) we never received the second step. So- we called about 25 days after mailing in the voucher to say we hadn't heard anything back and Vacation Network said to just wait it was on the way but it takes about 30-60 days to receive your 2nd step voucher but it was on its way to us. SO WE WAITED....AND WAITED...and WAITED some more... and nothing. Finally- my husband calls back to Vacation Network and they finally give us the number to Certs, Inc. and that they are the ones responsible. So he calls Certs and says.. "What's the deal?" and basically they told him that they had already sent us the second step and we hadn't responded within 60 days so the voucher was invalid and the offer withdrawn. THERE WAS NOTHING ON THE ORIGINAL VOUCHER THAT SAYS ANYTHING ABOUT "MAKE SURE YOU CONTACT US WITHIN 30 DAYS IF YOU DON'T RECEIVE THE SECOND STEP OR YOUR OFFER WILL BE WITHDRAWN!"
    My husband hashed it out with "Stupid" for 45 minutes and he refused to transfer my husband to his manager and said that there wasn't anyone else to talk to- that he was the manager and that basically we were screwed and it was OUR FAULT for waiting so long!!! Then he sent us BACK to Vacation Network to complain...


  • Ni
      10th of Dec, 2007
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    I have also been taken by this scam. Is there no way that they can be sued/ out out of business? Although the award is supposedly a gift, its availability does swing people who are deciding whether or not to take up a particular offer as is apparent value is around $1000 dollars (two free air tickets anywhere in the US )plus $100 worth of gas. The rules are so convoluted that very few applicants must succeed, and they only have one chance.

  • Ca
      11th of Dec, 2007
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    Yes, one more story to share about Certs!

    I did everything that we were supposed to, completed the form, sent the postal money order within the required time frame, etc. Guess what, the form got mailed with my signature but without my husband's signature. You guessed it, that invalidated the offer. Interestingly enough I found out only because I called to check on the status of the reservation. I have received nothing from them, no notification of any kind, and they are still holding my deposit. The manager, Seneca not only refused to give me his last name, he also refused to give me the name of the Certs president. He was outrageously rude and pretty much told me that we had nothing to discuss. We did not follow instructions and that was the end of the conversation. He concluded by saying that I had nothing to claim as I had paid for nothing, it was a free offer and I did not follow instructions. Amen. I faxed a letter to the president of Certs and I anxiously await his response. Will keep you posted on the outcome. I will escalate as needed. Dishonest companies need to be reported so that they do not get away with this unethical way of doing business and continue to impact others. I will definitely pursue this and suggest that everyone does the same. Hang in there for part 2 of my story.

  • He
      20th of Dec, 2007
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    This company is infuriating! Our travel certificate was rendered invalid because one of the two dates that we selected was past the expiration date of the certificate. Why can't they use the good date? I believe every complaint I have read about Certs, Inc. RUN, DO NOT WALK away from this company.

  • Cj
      20th of Dec, 2007
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    The Owner's name is Gregory Peaden.

    Their phone number is 407-472-2600

    PLEASE... complain to the Better Business Bureau AND the Attorney General of Florida about this guy and his company.

    How do you spell Scam? C-E-R-T-S!

  • Do
      14th of Jan, 2008
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    Yes, Certs, Inc. (VIP Travel Reservations) and others that promote all those "free travel incentives are all SCAMS. The businesses that they use as outlets for their "promotions" or "gifts"-- those businesses that advertise to purchase vacation travel clubs, time shares, etc.
    are the agents. In other words, the businesses that have these 90 minutes presentations to persuade the consumer to purchase these are in partnership in SCAMMING with businesses such as Certs, Inc.

  • Je
      18th of Jan, 2008
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    I was held by Wyndham against my will for 5 hours by a 'holiday' I bought from 'Central Reservations'.

  • Jo
      20th of Jan, 2008
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    In September, 2007, I received a postcard in the mail that had a Northwest Airlines logo "NWA" and stated “In celebration of our anniversary...we've been going crazy trying to contact you! Call us immediately for details at toll free 1-800-582-6054. The postcard stated "You will receive at your request two round trip airfares to anywhere in the US!" as well as a free rental care for one week. The postcard also read "This is not a solicitation for a time share. *Certain restrictions apply. Travel Provider: Utopian Travel 1315 185th Avenue #113 in Beaverton, OR. 97006.” I have since learned that the company that sent out the postcard was actually Perfekt Marketing, 3015 S. 48th Street, Tempe, Arizona 85282.

    I called the 800 number, and made an appointment for my wife and I to attend a presentation at 8:00 pm on September 19, 2007. At the presentation, we watched a PowerPoint presentation about the Vacation Travel Club, which I learned is a company based in Benton Harbor, Michigan. The cost of joining this club was approximately $8000. Following the presentation we informed a saleswoman that we were not interested in joining this club. Through my own investigation, I have found that the managers of Utopian Travel are James Wilson (417) 230-0997 and Andrew Loraditch (417) 593-5626. The owner is Janet Wilson, 503-729-3993.

    Before we left, we were given two certificates, one from VIP Travel Reservations for the rental car and the other from CERTS, Inc. for two free airline tickets. We did not redeem the car rental certificate, because the terms and conditions were obviously ridiculous, but we did attempt to redeem the airline certificate, which was the subject of our complaint.

    The Wings Across America Vacation Getaway certificate had very specific terms and conditions for its use. My wife and I made every good-faith effort to meet each one of these terms and conditions exactly as required.

    Within 30 days of the issue date, we sent, by Certified Mail, the Activation Form to CERTS Inc. (424 East Central Blvd., #413, Orlando FL 32801) along with copies of our passports.
    CERTS, Inc. then sent us a Travel Request Form (see attachment C). On October 25, 2007, we returned the Travel Request Form with a Postal Money Order for $100, along with our requested destination and departure airports (Denver, CO and Portland, OR respectively), and two travel date choices, with departure dates 30 days apart (June 17, 2008 and July 17, 2008).

    On November 13, 2007 I received a check in mailbox. The check was from CERTS, Inc. in the amount of $100. It arrived with no explanation or other documents.

    On November 14, 2007, I called the office of CERTS, Inc. (866) 292-0099. I spoke to a representative. I gave him my name and certificate serial number (Wings22-37298) and asked him why CERTS had sent me the check. He informed me that the reason was that I had not met the terms and conditions of the certificate because I “did not have 30 between departure dates.” I told him that I had counted the days the very carefully and that there are 30 days from June 17 to July 17. He told me that was incorrect, and that there are only 29 days between June 17 and July 17.

    I told him that most educated and reasonable people would interpret “30 days between” and “30 days from” to mean the same thing. I did not, and do not concede that their interpretation was correct and mine incorrect. However, I asked him why a CERTS representative didn’t just call me and ask me if I would change one of the two dates by one day, given that they had my telephone number. He said that CERTS does not call people who make mistakes filling out their Travel Request Forms. Then I asked if I could resubmit a copy of my Travel Request Form, with another Postal Money Order, given that the expiration date on my certificate is 12/9/2007. He said that would be impossible; the certificate is now void because I had not met the terms and conditions.

    I asked the representative if I could speak to his manager. He told me that the manager is named Seneca (though I’m not certain of the spelling), and that he is in the office from 11 am to 2 pm ET every day. I attempted to call Seneca three times, but each time I was placed on hold for 15 minutes. I am a classroom teacher who teaches students every morning, so I cannot spend time waiting on hold.

    I have demanded the following remedy from Utopian Travel and CERTS Inc.:

    Two airline tickets from Portland, Oregon to Denver, Colorado leaving June 17, 2007 and returning July 1, 2008 or leaving July 17 and returning July 31. If CERTS Inc. prefers other travel dates, immediately before or after our requested dates, we will accept them. Upon request, we will send CERTS Inc. another Postal Money Order and a photocopy of our original Reservation Request Form.

    I complained to the BBB of Florida and Oregon, as well as to the offices of the Attorney Generals of Florida and Oregon. The BBBs were unsuccessful at persuading CERTS, Inc. to honor my certificate.

    Below is the response of CERTS to the BBB and the Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services:

    November 27, 2007
    Johanna Moorer
    Consumer Affairs
    Better Business Bureau
    1600 S. Grant Street
    Longwood, FL 32750
    Re: Joel G______, Case#: 63A2-9DC&
    Dear Ms. Moorer,
    Certs, Inc. is a promotional incentive company that works with companies such as Utopian Travel. Certs, Inc. creates, distributes, and processes many types of certificates. Utopian Travel purchases our certificates and distributes and markets them to their liking. In return, Certs, Inc. fulfills the certificate if and only when the Terms & Conditions are followed.
    The program that Mr. G____ has participated in provides two adults with round-trip airfare from the major airport nearest their home to any other major city in the continental United States. In order to participate in this program, users are required to fill out the activation form and send it to Certs, Inc. along with a copy of a valid photo ID for each traveler. Once Certs, Inc. receives these items, a Travel Request Form is issued. With this form, users are to indicate where they would like to travel to and from; along with two separate travel dates they wish to depart on. They are also to include a US Postal Money order in the amount of $100 to pay for taxes and surcharges associated with the flight.
    Certs, Inc. received Mr. G____’s activation form and ID’s on September 29, 2007. Mr. G____ was then issued a Travel Request Form. Certs, Inc. received Mr. G_____’s filled out Travel Request form and $100 deposit on October 29, 2007. The reason that Mr. G_____ received his $100 back is because Mr. G_____ failed to adhere to one of the original terms and conditions associated with this offer. Both the original activation form and the Travel Request Form state that your first and second departure date choices must have at least 30 days between them. Mr. G_____’s first departure date choice was June 17 and his second departure date choice was July 17. There are only 29 days separating these two dates and therefore, Mr. G_____’s offer was voided. As the letter that Mr. G_____ received states, “We are unable to process your travel request. . . Please do not resubmit any documents to re-instate your certificate. The offer remains void.”
    Certs, Inc. goes to great lengths to make our terms and conditions simple and easy to understand. We have very few restrictions, but we do require adherence to be able to serve all participants who are in compliance. We are sorry that Mr. G_____ did not choose to follow all of our terms and conditions of this program; however, there is nothing that can be done.
    Thank you for your time and consideration in this matter.
    Lauren Gallo
    Certs, Inc.

    Here was my response:

    Don Dietrich
    Regulatory Specialist III
    Division of Consumer Services
    2005 Apalachee Pkwy.
    Tallahassee, FL 32399-6500

    Dear Mr. Dietrich,
    In reference to case #0712-35920/DD, please accept this letter as notification that I do not accept the response of Certs, Inc. to my complaint.
    There are two reasons that I find the response of Lauren Gallo (representing Certs, Inc.) unacceptable:
    1) I do not believe that there are only 29 days between June 17 and July 17. Rather, there are 30 days between June 17 and July 17. If there were only 29 days between June 17 and July 17, there would have to be zero days between June 17 and June 18, or any other two days on the calendar. Between any given hour, noon for example, on June 17 and that same hour on July 17, there are exactly 720 hours. 720 hours divided by 24 hours equals 30 days. Gallo’s assertion that there are only 29 days is disingenuous and absurd.

    2) Gallo also claims that “…Mr. G. did not choose to follow all of our terms and conditions of this program; however, there is nothing that can be done.” The fact is that I made good faith efforts to follow every one of the numerous terms and conditions established by Certs, Inc. It was Certs, Inc. that chose not to inform me that it has a different way of calculating 30 days than I do. As I stated in my initial complaint, changing one of my travel dates was not a problem for me. All Certs, Inc. had to do was call me or send me a letter asking me to move one of the dates forward or backwards by a day. That is what any honest and legitimate business would have done. Instead, Certs Inc. chose to void my certificate. Contrary to Gallo’s claim, Certs Inc. never sent me an explanation for why my $100 was refunded. All I received was a check for $100 in an envelope.

    The remedy I demand from Certs, Inc. is “Two round-trip airfares from the major airport nearest [my] home to any other major city in the continental U.S.”, as promised to me by Certs, Inc.

    I am most grateful for all the work you have done on my behalf, and on behalf of consumers in Florida and throughout the United States.

    Joel G.

  • Ma
      28th of Jan, 2008
    0 Votes

    I too have been scammed by Certs, Inc.
    My husband and myself sat thru a promotional put on by Rangely Lakes Resort in Portland,Maine for selling time-shares. We received two certificates for free airline tickets within the cont. US. I have jumped thru every hoop and followed every stipulation to the letter and have yet to receive my tickets.
    This company is reprehensible and the small print is rediculous. I called the main office of Rangley Lakes Resort and was told to plan my two departure dates 32 days apart to ensure I would'nt get bumped off. The certificate directions clearly state 30 days apart. If they want 32 days apart that is what they should say!I am taking this to the Att. Gen. of Florida and the BBB of Florida. PLEASE! PLEASE !PLEASE! Do the same if this has happened to you. If they get enough cmplaints they will shut them down. I don't quit that easily and they bank on people to give up without a fight!!!

  • In
      4th of Feb, 2008
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    Don't count out all the incentive companies out there because we have worked with others that do well with fulfillment. This company and worldwide travel center are the two worst.

  • Me
      4th of Feb, 2008
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    We to have been scammed by Certs. We filled out all paperwork with the assistance of a Certs representative because i transferred tickets to my daughter. I to was disqualified due to the 60 days out before the first flight selection. However, the representative did not catch it either. Makes you wonder if this is just the way they work!!!!!! I also plan on writing to the Florida BBB, Attorney general and Ohio BBB. This company is not trustworthy and any company that uses them in my eyes is not reputable either.

  • Th
      7th of Feb, 2008
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    I am currently in the middle of a business transaction with Certs, Inc. Anyone with a complaint against them needs to contact the Better Business Bureau of Central Florida and make a complaint. The BBB has received 90 complaints on Caerts, Inc. since they opend a BBB file on Certs, Inc. in February of 2006.

  • Jo
      13th of Feb, 2008
    0 Votes

    I just got taken in by the airline scam. 30 days means 31 days. Has anyone obtained a judgement against them?

  • Pe
      2nd of Mar, 2008
    0 Votes

    I agree..My wife and I went to a presentation, given by DREAMLAND VACATIONS, for VACATION NETWORK INC.
    Every thing that NVI is connected with is a scam. I was lucky and changed my mind and did not send in the certificate with a $100.00 postal money order. After learning about VNI , I figured any company that requires a Postal Money Order has got to be a problem. Apostal money order is almost like cash and very hard to stop payment.

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