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Certegy / checks declined no reason given

1 P.O. Box 30046Tampa, FL, United States
Contact information:
Phone: 1-888-582-9857

I sold 2 cell phones to uSell, an online recycling business. They sent me 2 checks one for each phone. I submitted them to my bank for processing and they were declined. Certegy declined to approve them but would not provide any reason why. When I called the verification phone number on the checks they were verified for the amounts and who the checks were payable to. Yet, my bank, a check cashing place and even WalMart verified the checks were correct but would not cash them because Certegy would not approve them. So uSell sold my phones and were paid for them. The checks they sent me are worthless all because Certegy is declining them based on nothing. It was verified multiple times that the money is there to cover the checks. I searched Google and was amazed to find that Certegy has a 1 star rating (very poor). I did not find one positive feedback but instead countless stories of experiences like mine. I have emailed uSell till I am blue in the face. They are sympathetic but have done nothing to give me the payment they owe me. So, they have been paid twice in affect. I have nothing no phones and no payment. I have filed a formal complaint with the New York Attorney General's consumer fraud division against uSell. I intend to do the same against Certegy.
What is really shocking to me are all the companies who use Certegy's services WalMart, American Express, Amazon just to name a few. I would encourage everyone to search the list of companies who use Certegy. Perhaps initially it saves all these members money in checks that cannot be cashed. However, Certegy's practices reflect back on these companies and it's not good. I personally feel like they are infringing on consumer rights and are not acting in good faith. uSell knows full well about Certegy and yet they still use them. Same with all the other companies. I mean if you were a national retail merchant, would you align yourself with a company who abuses consumer rights not based on facts? I have seen it mentioned on several sites about forming a class action suit against Certegy. It is long overdue and I totally support it.
So the next time you go to write a check or accept a check for payment or a refund, make sure Certegy is not involved. If they are, your outcome is questionable at best. I write one check per month. This whole experience has made me rethink ever accepting checks from companies again.

Jun 13, 2015

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