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largo, United States Review updated:
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Phone: 1-888-692-8352
have tried to call to cancel but line is always busy, busy all day. I sent emails to cancel, but still receiving product. do not want will send it back want credited back to my account 44.90 . Need customer care to email me return merchandise authorization number so I can send it back my order number is 1606473 susan kilgore


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  17th of Oct, 2008
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Ordered free trial of product. Company forwarded free trial PLUS two additional items which I did not request. Company charged my credit card account for items I did not request. Nor did I authorize this company to do so.
  29th of Oct, 2008
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I received an e-mail about the product Acai-pure which was supposeably talked about on the Ophra show. It said try a bottle free and all I would have to pay is the shipping and handling. I ordered the product and the next thing I know my checking account is turned upside down because they charged me $44.85. I ended up with a $28.00 overdraft charge on top of that. I called the 1-888-692-8352 and spoke to a customer service rep after being put on hold several times. She told me that I was charged for 1 Hoodiburst gum, 1 Hoodiawater 1 Unit plus the shipping and handling. I told her I had only ordered the free bottle of acai-pure and she said I ordered the other products which I did not. I ended up telling her I was going to turn them in to the BBB and the Attorney General because it is fraud what they are doing. I received the package from them, but told the Postmaster to send it back which was 2 weeks ago. I never even opened it because I was still so furious. I still have not received a refund from them. I figured it would be safe to order it because it is endorsed by Oprah.
  30th of Oct, 2008
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Same thing here at least you got through the phone i cannot get through at all. Even worse they sent me another bottle yesterday that i never ordered
and a billing statement for $44.90 that is being charged to my credit card.
This company HAS TO BE STOPPED
  30th of Oct, 2008
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I too ordered the free sample they messed around with me and took $20.00 off and now my checking account is being charged $39.95 because I supposedly did not return the product if I was not satisfied within 14 days !!! Besides people like us who are ticked off is anyone of importance reading these and doing something about the problems?
  3rd of Nov, 2008
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same thing happened to me, and i could not get through on the phone either. In response to above, no I was never made aware that this was a program, or that I would recieve other products and be charged. This is a scam, and I will stop payment on my charge card.
  3rd of Nov, 2008
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your website, www.gohelpnow.com, can't even find my email, funny, it is on my bill.
  4th of Nov, 2008
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I am sending for the second time a CANCELLATION REQUEST FOR FUTURE ORDERS. I received NO response via e-mail cust support yet. But when I complained about being wrongfully charged the $44.85 for the FREE TRIAL offer, I was responded to immediately. Oh yeah, BTW, They told me the same thing, that I ordered the hoodiaburst gum, and something else. I unfortunatley opened the package, and cannot return it. Just the other day, I was charged another $39.95... For what? I have no idea. AND HERE I AM NOW... Continuing from the beginning of this message, I am sending the SECOND request to refund my $$$ back.. I already sent a request prior to this UNAUTHORIZED charge when I first received my supposed FREE TRIAL package to CANCEL ALL FUTURE SHIPMENTS AND CHARGES. I guess they don't listen to the people they SCAM... I WILL MAKE MY OWN WEBSITE DEDICATED TO MAKE PEOPLE AWARE OF THEIR SCAM...SCAM...SCAM... Oh yes! I am pissed off. They refuse to respond to my messages.
  20th of Nov, 2008
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I did not order or authorize this charge of $44.90. When a free sample is advertised, that doesn't mean $44.90. I want this removed ASAP. These people are imposble to get hold of.
  23rd of Nov, 2008
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I received product I didn't order. I only ordered free trial. I didn't ask for a monthly refills.
  26th of Nov, 2008
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I ordered a trial of this product for $4.95 . All of a sudden I see my Creit Card is being charged for prodect I did not order nor have I RECEIVED. I am unable to reach them by phone or their web site . I can see I am not the only one but how due you stop these people. Their must be a way.
  1st of Dec, 2008
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I also ordered the "free trial" acai product and was supposed to only be charged for the shipping and handling. On the same day I ordered it I checked my account and realized that I was charged for an amount that I did not approve, I have emailed the company cancelling the original order, on the day I ordered and several other times and have tried to call. I have not received a response via email from the company, nor can I get through on the number provided on the website. I have also not received the product. I am reporting this company to the Better Business Bureau for investigation.
  1st of Dec, 2008
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I have also tried to call to cancel but line is always busy, busy all day. I sent emails to cancel, but still receiving product. have sent product after product back -have been charged repeatedly Need customer care to email me return merchandise authorization number so I can send it back my order number is 1625438 brenda brown
  9th of Dec, 2008
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My order # was 1604221. I sent back to items I did not order, the Hoodiburst gum and the Hoodiawater. I requested my credit card statement be adjusted to just show the 1.95 shipping I was billed for the free trial size of acai pure. When I received my next statement from the credit card company, the total 41.85 was still on the card and on 12/8/08 I was billed $39.95, the exact amount that my account should have been credited. Now I have a balance of 81.94 instead of 1.95. Please contact me and take care of this or I will have to contact the Better Business Bureau and a lawyer. This is a poor way to do business. Mary Taliaferro
  13th of Nov, 2009
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Yes, we received the three items at 99 cents but them 10 days later there were charges to our account from the UK for 29.97 twice and once for 59.95 no product came for this amount or authorized. All we could think of was this was a charge for the products received, but when one goes online to price these products sold on other websites the cost is no where near that . We filed a dispute with our bank. Charges have been removed. Then we cancelled our card to stop being ripped off. Our bank informed us that this has been an ongoing scam for awhile and they have seen it several times with other customers. They said that supossedly somewhere in the fine print that you acknowledge online states you allow them to charge these fees. For what I do not know
  2nd of Dec, 2009
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I ordered both acai pure and colopure on the free trial I was charged the shipping amount, but again there is some kind of fine print when you receive the package that states unless you call to cancel you will continue to receive a monthly supply at full price. Then when you call to cancel and get credit they will only cancel then you have to wait for product to arrive and then follow the paperwork to cancel at some other number or web site.

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