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Beware of this company's junk cell phone batteries! They give you 14 days to return defective merchandise and you have to pay the postage after paying postage for them to send it to you directly from hong kong. I ordered 2 cell phone batteries on april 6, 2009, opened the package and saw that the samsung battery was damaged. The vinyl sealed cover was pushed back exposing the internal cells of the battery and i was afraid of it leaking acid into my phone. I wrote an email to them 2 days later asking for another battery. There was no response. Meanwhile i had to leave on emergency trip to texas on april 16, 2009 and didn't return until may 31, 2009. My old batery finally died completely so i put this new battery in my phone despite the torn seal. My phone displayed a message that the battery was incompatible and to see my owner manual. To further press my luck, i left the battery in the phone and put the phone on a charger. I got a displayed message again that the battery was incompatible and could not be charged. I made a phone call to the cell phone shop and they said the item could be returned for an in - store credit. After the phone call i put the other new battery in my wife's cell phone, a lg8300, then put the phone on a charger for 12 hours. She went to use the phone this afternoon and it completely died in 15 minutes. My conclusion is that they only sell junk! I've decided to not pay postage to exchange junk with them and write off the $26. 00 i spent with them. Another lesson learned.

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  • Jp
      May 25, 2010

    I wouldn't recommend this fraudulent company to anyone. They have a return policy with no questions asked, but they don't respond to your emails, and can't find a phone number for them. Also, they don't tell you their junk products are sent from Hong Kong. What a joke!!!
    Lebanon, MO

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  • Ag
      Jul 24, 2010

    I agree with previous posters. Low quality products, misrepresented products. If they send you something defective/damaged/incorrect, you're on the hook for return postage even though its 100% their fault. The products we purchased were junk.

    Because of the low quality and the gamble it may not even be the right product for your phone, you're better off spending a few bucks more and dealing with a better company. The time wasted in dealing with them trying to get the return set up, waiting for product to arrive from Hong Kong, and the money spent in return postage cost me much more than if I had just spent a little more in the beginning.

    Don't be lured in by the initial low price, it will likely cost you more by the time you're done.

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  • St
      Dec 02, 2010

    I was drawn to due to their offer of 80% discount on cellphone accessories like bluetooths. I thought I had purchased a Motorola blue tooth, but the product was shipped from Hong Kong in a carton without official packaging and a photocopy of user instructions. When using the bluetooth I have been asked questions about "what is wrong with my voice" or received negative comments about the device's poor sound quality. It would appear that the company is fradulently selling knockoff's that are of inferior quality to the brands they purport to be.

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  • Ma
      Feb 28, 2011

    Ok, very disappointing, first I get to their Web site ( ) because they had the lowest price for the iPhone Car charger, and clearly said free shipping. I order one and it shows zero shipping charges on the order and ask to enter the CC info and confirm order. I entered all the info and clicked purchase, next thing you know confirmation pops up and it shows a $4.99 shipping on a $6.99 Charger. I was pissed needless to say, but oh well it’s still cheap, lick your wound and move on. Got the charger shipped directly from Hong Kong, I opened the package looks very dingi, the pull cord mechanism is a joke does not even go in even if you try to force it back in, I said oh well, lick your wound and move on, got in the car and plugged it into my Iphone, and that’s when I got really mad, only the LED works, no charging L. I don’t even know if I feel stupid because of my stupid act or because my wife and kids were laughing at me L.

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  • Re
      Apr 10, 2011
    Cell Phone Shop - cell phone battery
    cell phone shop
    United States

    said they were going to send a new battery for the phone never heard from them again

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  • Tr
      Jan 12, 2012

    Wish I had read the previous posts before ordering batteries from this company. Batteries took forever to arrive-comes from Hong Kong. Batteries did not work and died. Emailed within the "14 day guarantee-no questions asked" and got a huge run-around( they constantly drag out the emails by responding with "canned" "horrible attempt at the english language" responses). Finally called the phone number on their website. Reached someone in "india call center" and you know the story from there. Conclusion: their website is really a drop shipper( meaning they carry no inventory) and product is shipped from some company over seas to you.

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  • Sl
      Jan 07, 2013

    This site seems to be a shame. I ordered an i-SPREAD device. Upon arrival I tested it out. It didn't function as specified. In fact, it seemed to be missing its Micro SD.

    Anyway, there seems to be NO WAY TO CONTACT these guys (and I use the term "guys" very lightly. The info that they sent have wrong email addresses on it and if you try to call them on the posted number (866-381-1670), NO ONE EVER ANSWERS.

    Even their Network Solutions (Whois) data is wrong. The Whois lists the phone number as 507-708-8780. Guess what...That number goes nowhere! Typical on a Private Registration.

    This is a firm to AVOID!!

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