Cedars-Sinai Medical Centersecurity team

On December 7th my son was admitted and assigned a room on the 4th floor SE wing. I visited the cafeteria twice within the first 24 hours of our stay. There wasn't security team onsite during those visits so I had not been asked for a visitors badge. On my 3rd visit to the cafeteria around 10:30pm of December 8th I was stopped by a security officer who asked me to obtain a badge at the reception. He was kind enough to let me get something to eat since I had not eaten in a while. After grabbing some toasts I was happy to comply so I approached the counter. Security Officer Alejandro Gonzalez very rudely pointed to phone and said: "you need to call to get a room number". He seemed to have a patient list in front of him so I asked him to check on the list. I offered two different spellings for my son's last name. He refused to look it up, so I refused to call. It was the principle of the matter. His attitude was very abrasive and uncalled for. It was a simple request and he handled very poorly and unprofessionally. The entire time he had a smirk on his face as if he was enjoying aggravating me. Security Officer Quintanilla approached and instead of trying to diffuse the situation or help me she proceeded to threat to have me removed by stating: "you either make the call or I will have you removed from the property. This is a private property" . I was in shock! Not once I raised my voice at any of them of threat them with disrespect. I requested to speak with the supervisor. Mr. John Navarro III came out like I was interrupting his sleep. He seemed annoyed and kept rubbing his eyes and awning. He didn't seem interested at all on what had happened neither demonstrated concern. He was very eager to dismiss me and even scoulded me in front of the same employee who had been rude as I made a comment to him while picking up my badge. All I said was:" you could have saved us from all this trouble"
It was very clear to me this team is not trained well: they are insensitive, unprofessional, unpolished and not focused AT ALL at servicing.
A simple gesture of kindness could have avoided a very escalated situation. A gesture officer Alonzo took the initiative to make in the middle of all the caos: she picked up the phone and got my room number in less than 3 seconds. I want to recognize that ONE of employees seemed to understand the industry she is in: service and Care. Being threatened to be kicked out of the hospital on my pijamas while my son is in critical condition for lack of empathy really blemished the wonderful experience we were having with the nursing team. It felt I was in two different facilities with two different employee Quality. The security team looked is in desperate need of leadership that can set the tone for the kind of service we pay for and expect from Cedars Sinai.

Dec 10, 2018

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