Cebu Pacific Air / error in mobile app booking


Dear Cebu Pacific,

Last night, Feb 1, 2017, I made an online booking for a supposedly Tagbilaran-Manila trip. I received the email confirmation at 8:59 PM. I sent the booking details to 2 of my friends who will be joining me on that trip when one of my friend noticed that the route was incorrect. I immediately emailed Cebu Pacific to advise about the error. That email was then followed by a phone call to Cebu Pacific’s hotline. I advised the customer service agent about the error that I made. I was given 2 options – to reroute or to cancel and book the correct flight. Although with both options, I will still have to pay P5, 793 on top of the amount I have initially settled – that ridiculous amount to correct a booking which was raised to Cebu Pacific few minutes after the incident. The additional fee was for a rebooking fee of P1, 500 each, fare difference, and I have to pay for the luggage allowance again as it was forfeited.

We really find that the charges are unreasonable as the mistake was foremost an honest one and it was immediately reported to your hotline. It was not a deliberate error on our part. The fare difference is a reasonable charge but having to pay for a forfeited luggage allowance and the rebooking fee – just because I clicked on a wrong button while doing an online booking using cebu pacific’s mobile app is way too unreasonable.

I still settled to pay the additional fee as we really need to go to that trip.

I hope you can help us raise this issue with Cebu Pacific Management and hoping we could at least get a refund of the rebooking fee and forfeited luggage fee.

Any help will be greatly appreciated.


Feb 1, 2017

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