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CCVonline.com Pastor Don WIlson


Dishonest unethical criminal :permits felon fraudster to fleece members

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CCV - Christs Church of the Valley CCVonline.com
Peoria, Arizona
United States
CCV (ccvonline.com) Senior Pastor and phony "Christian" Dr. Don Wilson and equally phony staffers Scott Chandler and Jon Edmiston, have been notified IN WRITING by me numerous times FOR OVER ONE YEAR that a formal, known, member of CCV church, fraudster, Phoenix lawyer Edward Maldonado, a former Maricopa County prosecutor and current Maricopa County Attorney (who is so unsuccessful that he still seeks private clients (to screw over) on the side through his lawyer ads on the church website, ccvonline.com) has acted in a highly unethical and in fact CRIMINAL MANNER with me, a former CCV attendee-member (until thiss happened and nobody responsed or cared and I stopped attending). I hired MR MALDONADO after seeing and trusting his church legal rep ad on ccvonline.com and Maldonado completely screwed me over in "representing" me. Yes, he demanded money orders upfront before he would start any work, then once he cashed them, he failed to return calls or emails, abandoned my case just before my trial focing me to represent myself in horror(my case was dismissed and I have no criminal record), then in violation of State Bar rules he refused to return any or all the unearned fees he had taken from me after we parted ways, then he wrote me a BAD-NSF check and maliciously mailed it to an incorrect out of state address right before my trial so I would have to spend a thousand bucks to travel to get it to use it to try to find another lawyer, when I finallu received it he had written a BAD-NSF CHECK - WHICH IS A FELONY IN MARICOPA COUNTY AND THEN HE FAILED AND REFUSED TO EVER MAKE HIS BAD NSF-CHECK GOOD WITH THE PENALTIES, FEES AND INTEREST AS REQUIRED BY STATE LAW - FOR OVER ONE AND ONE HALF YEARS!!! AND AFTER TONS OF NOTICES!!! AND WHEN I SENT MY WRITTEN COMPLAINT AND WARNING TO FAILED PHONY SENIOR PASTOR DON WILSON AND HIS INCOMPETENT LEGAL STAFFERS SO THAT THIS WOULD NOT HAPPEN TO OTHER CHURCH MEMBERS, INCLUDING PDF COPIES OF THE EXACT COURT-LEVEL DOCUMENT: A SWORN, NOTARIZED, WITNESSED BANK OF AMERICA AFFIDAVIT PROVING MALDONADO'S BAD-NSF CHECK, ALONG WITH NOTICE THAT HE HAD NEVER MADE THE CHECK GOOD AS REQUIRED BY LAW - WHAT DID THESE PHONY FRAUDSTER CHRISTIAN LEADERS, THESE DELUSIONAL MEN OF GOD DO? - Aaaabsolutely nothing. I received NO response, NO apology that they were sorry that I was screwed over financially due to a fraudster with an ad on the church website. NO offer to take his CCVONLINE.COM ad down and call him in for an explanation OR MEETING TO EXPLAIN HIS SIDE OF THE STORY TO ME THE VICTIM AS IS REQUIRED IN THE BIBLE. No offer to call the police or make him provide restitution as is required in THE BIBLE. Nothing. NADA. ZERO. And this made me absolutely sick not just for myself, but even more for the image and reputation of Christianity. What if this had happened to a non-believer, a non-Christian. They would NEVER become a believer - NEVER set foot in a church again. I thought that if this, CCV, the largest Christian church in the fifth largest metro area in the US is the cutting-edge of Christian leadership in the Church today, we are in deep do0-doo. So - shame, shame, shame on these selfish, fraudster, phony "Christians". I guess they were too busy counting all the tithing and donations and moving it all into some offshore account so they be able to live in absolute luxury after the whole CCV-racket thing crashes. Vile. Makes me want to puke. If you are a Christian you likely know that Christ, the main God-human-face in Christianity, held a special contempt for these exact type of religious people - the phony, fake, two-faced religious leaders of his time - and in fact he called them various things from "brood of vipers" to "whitewashed tombs" - indicating the sickening stench of their phoney pious -perfect outside yet corrupt, rotten, filthy and maggot infested inside - refering of course not to their colons but their hearts. Jesus rebuke of these folks is the one place in all the New Testament where Jesus really, really angry. Anger not for prostitutes, or for the gays, or Nancy Pelosi, or liberals, or peacenicks, but SERIOUS anger for the corrupt, phony two-faced, religious-church leaders. Yes Dr Don Wilson - Jesus had a story tailored just for you! He knew you were coming to screw over the body and he wanted to say something about you 2000+ years early. SO now what? If this story and this failed church leadership sickens you as it has me, you know what to do. Tell a friend that as much as you like the fancy kitchen and food, the expensive flagstone patios, great childcare, hilltop cross, and luxurious setting - your soul is far more important than being seen inside some pretty yet morally bankrupt campus. Vote these evil-dooers out with your feet and head over to another church. Thanks for Speading the Word. GodBless.
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N  20th of Nov, 2010 by    +3 Votes
Thank God for one godly man with the cajones and 1.5 years of patience to step up and call a spade a spade. What has happened to the Church? Hope you get your money back.
A  20th of Nov, 2010 by    +3 Votes
Perhaps Dr Don Wilson and staffers should spend a little less time at Christian Leadership Conferences and more time as real, actual Christian leaders. Seems to this Christian that the real heart of Christianity is rolling up ones shirt sleeves and helping heal broken relationships and hurting people. And not so much seing how you can squeeze in another book or seminar to ones busy schedule. Is is not clear to anyone here that foresaking a victimized brother or sister to the point that they post a horribly damaging ad out of complete hopelessness and exasperation, aint the fruit of great or even good Church leadership. Dr. Don are you listening?
A  20th of Nov, 2010 by    +2 Votes
So sad. CCV's def got failed leadership and now a person with more that just spiritual emptymess that needs fixing. Theyve caused additional harm. This guy? is a real victim. CCV and Pastor Don specifically, since he failed to even return an email, needs to step in and pay this guy back for his damages for whatever he was ripped off by CCV member Maldonado. Just searched for the ccvonline.com lawyer ad referenced and here is the link to the actual ad touting "honesty" - LOL- STILL appearing right this second that the guy who was screwed over by attorney Maldonado refers to:http://www.ccvonline.com/Arena/default.aspx?Page=12340&categoryID=717.
A  20th of Nov, 2010 by    +3 Votes
Unbelievable! Not what the Church stands for! Fix this CCV!!!
N  20th of Nov, 2010 by    +3 Votes
I know of this guy Maldonado, he represents kids in court. Now this may sound really noble at first glance, B- U-T, I have a different take on it. He represents poor, indigent, minors notbecause hes got a big heart, as the bad check screwover of a trusting Christian clearly proves, but because poor gang-bangers and ghetto kids KNOW little to NOTHING ABOUT THE LAW, ABOUT THEIR LEGAL RIGHTS OR WHAT CONSTITUTES GOOD LEGAL REPRESENTAION AND SO THEY WILL PROBABLY NEVER FILE A COMPLAINT AGAINST THIS GUY. hE MAY HAVE LOTS OF OTHERS AYT CCV FOOLED ABOUT HIS BIG HEART, BUT NOT ME. I am 100% certain that this is why this ### choose this specific area of law to practice. NO ACCOUNTABILITY. Sounds like the person who Maldonado screwed over was not a kid and knew his rights and is now exposing this gUy in a forum that a 6yr old in jail wouldnt or couldnt.
A  20th of Nov, 2010 by    +3 Votes
That last poster sounds like he nailed Maldonado to the cross.
A  20th of Nov, 2010 by    +3 Votes
I am aware of this guy Maldonado and this case. While this incident is not going to start or stop the world, it is sad and dark and very destructive to the image and reputation of CCV, individual Christians who are actively, diligently and sacrificially sharing their faith with others, and of course, the public image of Christianity collectively. The worst part is that this type of incident, in general terms, is WAY TOO COMMON in the Church today. The irony here, and I would wager a million bucks, is that if this injured party had been ripped-off and he sent a similar complaint email that threatened litigation or online negative publicity after waiting very, VERY patiently for 1.5 years to receive a replaced bad-NSF check, from, oh, lets say . . . the president of (imaginary) XXX EXTREME VIDEO: the WORLDS #1 ADULT VIDEO CORPORATION, he probabaly would have gotten a very prompt and respectful response from that organization (even if they hated the sender) just because it is good PR and good business to protect the image of the company and brand. Why are Christian business leaders so much more stupid and unethical than the most extreme non-Christian equivelants we can offer in comparrison? How can CCV and Pastor Don Wilson be so dum, so hurtfull, so evil, so destructivce, so self-absorbed and so negligent here? Lets face it, 85%+-, of Americans have faith in or belief in some sort in a God/higher power. To move or draw them into the Christian form and expression of that belief requires something different, better and very compelling. Most reading this, I'm gussing, know that "something" to be the way, teachings and sacrificial love of Jesus, and his radical call that we follow suit in his/Gods' countercultural expression of that way in opposition to every selfish, materiaistic, individualistic impulse and desire running through our veins and calling out to us on a second by second basis in this world. And a "way" that the Church and CCV all too often, as evidenced here, do not practice or seriously encourage other to practice. CCV has for years, actively sought and built its brand and foundation on heterosexual, blue collar MEN. It aggressively sought them out, tailored its format to their desires, preferences and interests and encouraged them to sign up and join in, with family in tow, of course, in order to create the maximum body count and tithing bounty. But instead of seriously building disciples and creating true Jesus followers actively practising and living the "way", (actions which by the way, would NOT include screwing over a fellow Christian brother with legal troubles or a mega-church pastor ignoring the victims repeated written pleas for over a year), CCV picked another "way", which includes fully saturating attendees with every sport ever invented, interspersed with lots of EXTREME sports for good measure, including organizing Christian donor cycle riding gangs and Christian gun practice and conceal carry permit courses. Good times! Just this second, in fact, I am picturing a bad-fu*kin ###, fully tatted Jesus on a Harley with his 9mm Glock glistening in his bulging jeans as he roars, balls out, finger pointed, 80 mph down Bell Road. Fraudster lawyer Maldonado rides a street chopper and has a real strong case of "bad-###". Nothing wrong with riding a bike. But the real charachter of Christian man become visible in how honestlt, ethically and compassionately he traets his fellow man. Maldonados grade here: F-. We all know perhaps one of the most well know verses of all time: "you shall reap what you sow". And if the CCV Club Donor Cyle Group rider has been falsly lead and taught by CCV senior pastors, to believe at his church (CCV) that bike riding or shooting a gun with a conceal carry permit or playing pickup BBall night after night, is a key and primary expression of being a Jesus follower, as he and many, no MOST CCV men have been taught either directly or indirectly, then CCV's "way" has reaped a bad-NSF check, screw you - sue me, anti-Jesus, anti-love, anti-compassion church member teaching disaster of truly Biblical proportions.
A  20th of Nov, 2010 by    +1 Votes
Very well said brother. So what do we do know anout felon criminal Maldonado still on the loose with no punishment and ads still running on CCVonline.com and the very failed Don WIlson and CCV leadership?
N  21st of Nov, 2010 by    +2 Votes
Where is the media on this story?
A  21st of Nov, 2010 by    0 Votes
The opposite of church leadership
N  24th of Nov, 2010 by    -1 Votes
N  27th of Nov, 2010 by    -4 Votes
CCV Pastor Don Wison never even bothered to respond to the victim of his churchs' website fraud. I have personally viewed the emails. Wow-Wee! Now that is a real failure of both leadership and Christ's teachings which call Christians to protect and look after the sick, the poor, the screwed over, the rejected/outcast, the widow and orphan, etc, etc., or as I like to re-paraphrase: the last, the least and the lost. A sad moment for valley Christianity.
D  12th of Dec, 2010 by    +2 Votes
I go to ccv and love the church and the pastor. I live in tempe and travel all the way to Glendale for service. Pastor Don Wilson is a great man of God. God uses him to teach his people to be good christians. I don't know what happened with that guy and the attorney. But it is not the responability of the pastor to know everything about everybody. It does not make you a christian because you put an ad on the website. I'm sorry this happened to the person and I will pray that God will touch his heart and give him peace. But it's not pastor Don Wilson's fault this happened. It has nothing to do with him and it is wrong to bad mouth him or ccv.
D  21st of Dec, 2010 by    +3 Votes
Your issue is with the attorney and your insults to Don Wilson and CCV are without merit. Anyone who attends CCV can post an ad on the site. Sue the attorney and leave GOD, CCV, and Dr. Wilson out of your commentary. If you new anything about Don Wilson and the principals of CCV, you would have dealt with this with the person who took advantage of you. There is the BBB, State Bar, and others you can file a complaint with. You are being divisive in a manner that cannot be pleasing to GOD, and I'm sure you'll pay a price for it. CCV positively impacts thousands of Valley residents and their family's. You might want to consider an apology to Don Wilson and CCV. Thank you. JAH
N  25th of Dec, 2010 by     Best Advice +4 Votes
I am a registered member at a Roman Catholic Church near to CCV. I have attended CCV services from time to time - that said; I believe your issue has nothing to do with the Pastor, or the Church itself. Your rant makes as much sense as me complaining about an autobody shop providing poor service to my vehicle. Should I sue or blame the television station where I saw the ad for the shop I took my car too? Of course not. You, as an individual, should research ANYONE that you choose to do business with. Period. That is your own responsibility; not that of the Church, the pastor, staff or anyone that attends services there. You are wrong, and you should NOT bear false witness against others. Which is precisely what you are doing.
N  25th of Dec, 2010 by    +2 Votes

N  27th of Jan, 2011 by    +3 Votes
This is the singularly most disgusting thing I've come across in quite some time - not because of what the leader of your (former) church did or didn't do, but because of your unconscionable attack of him over your personal failed private legal matter.

I've attended CCV many years, and you and I both know this church has never promoted any business person or company to its members. Their only work is to save miserable sinners like yourself, not find people lawyers or get you a refund because you feel like you got a bad deal.

Of course Don didn't reply to you. If your communication with him was half as angry and idiotic as your post here, he not only should have ignored you, but should probably have obtained an Order of Protection against you, too (hopefully the uniformed and plainclothes officers at our church know what you look like).

Calling a man who has devoted his life to caring and helping the downtrodden and is personally responsible for bringing many thousands of men, women, and children to the Lord a "phony" Christian just because he wouldn't somehow punish a member of his flock over your rambling accusations speaks volumes of your character, or rather lack of it, and Don's good sense.

I myself will pray for you, then thank God you're not sitting among us next Sunday.

Robert F.
N  15th of Feb, 2011 by    +1 Votes
hey mr. scared to use my name and show scripture verses where its the pastors fault for you picking the wrong lawyer. how about research the bbb or bar for a go lawyer, not look at a ad on a church web page that has a discloser the the church is not affilitaed with people the post on the site it a service. so you need to evaulate who you really angree with. check your self for several bad moves. Mona
N  3rd of Mar, 2011 by    +1 Votes
You've all heard one side of a story and then degraded this lawyer. I don't know if he is guilty or not, but I do know that there is no support for this type of insulting in the Bible. (Proverbs 26:17, Matthew 18, Romans 12:17-21). Yo
D  6th of Apr, 2011 by    +1 Votes
The thing is, that if this guy or gal had a real complaint, he or she would at least put his or her name to it. As far as Mr Maldonaldo, I do not know him. As far as the Church and Pastor Don Wilson and Staff goes, be careful who YOU accuse of not being a Christ following person. The Church is for everyone who wants to be healed, and even the worst of all has a right to come to Christ's Church. CCV is not Don's or anyone elses, It Is GOD'S.
So to me, this person is a coward and is doing Satan's work to try and tear down the Church. They should sign there name to it or everyone should disregard it. Ken Hodges

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