CBD*CyberDefender / I cancelled order, they credited my credit card, yet, you, charged me29.95 on my card. I want it, taken off..

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I could not download the cyberdefender to my p. c., so, I cancelled the software, thru inter net, same day, I tried to get it, on line, so they took it off, my credit card bill, but I still have the $ 29.95, on my bill, that yoy charged, and I want it taken off, because, I am not going to pay it. thank you, alta adams

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  • Cy
      4th of May, 2010

    CyberDefender would like to apologize for the difficulties you have encountered with our company. We ask that you contact our headquarters at toll free 866-793-0454, 7 days a week between 6 am – 6 pm PT and request to speak with a Billing Lead or Supervisor who will be able to reconcile your account.

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  • Cl
      11th of May, 2010

    Hello Alta,

    This is the cleverbridge Customer Service team. We do see an order from you for a charge of $29.95 in our system. However, this order is not related to CyberDefender, but rather it is a Uniblue order for the RegistryBooster that was ordered in April.

    If you need any further information regarding this order, please do not hesitate to contact us. We are happy to work with you directly for assistance.

    Simply contact us using the contact information listed in the link below:

    cleverbridge Customer Service

    Feel free to review our credentials at the Better Business Bureau:

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  • Cl
      9th of Jul, 2010

    This company without my permission charge my credit card and I dont even have their software install on my new company. Does anyone else is experiencing difficulty with these idiots. I say lets get together and bring a class action lawsuit against these scammers. All these companies who sneaks up on you during this economy and charge you without your persmission..we should file, I know a lawyer who i was involve with a class action lawsuit against Capital Auto Finance and we won the me all the complaints and i have no problem doing all the work to bring down Cyberfender.

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  • Cy
      9th of Jul, 2010

    Dear Cleopa,

    The Cyberdefender customer service department would be happy to investigate the status of your account and provide a refund if that is what you would like, but unfortunately we cannot find your account from just the online name "Cleopa" and need more identifying information in order to assist you.

    If you were unaware of our autorenewal policy, you can reference our terms of service here:

    CyberDefender notifies all customers by e-mail regarding the subscription renewal process a full week in advance prior to renewing them, and then reminds them again three days before renewal. The e-mail reminders offer customers the ability to cancel or opt-out from autorenewal billing in our database. Customers that do not respond are then billed accordingly.

    If you would prefer to cancel your account for a refund, we can assist you immediately, but we cannot find your account based on just the name “Cleopa.” Please feel free to contact our corporate headquarters at 866-793-0454 or email us at, and please be sure to give us your full name, date of purchase, and the email address you used when you made your purchase.

    CyberDefender Customer Service

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  • Wa
      10th of Sep, 2010

    I have been charged 29.95 by this company and have never authorized this transaction nor have I evern remotely considered using this company. This is apparently some type of scam and some type of legal action should be taken against this company for stealing from the American people.

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  • Vl
      4th of Oct, 2010

    This company charged my credit card for 29.99, but I have never authorized this transaction nor have I ever considered using this company. This is apparently some type of scam and some type of legal action should be taken.

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  • Cy
      5th of Oct, 2010

    Dear VlrK,

    Thank you for contacting CyberDefender’s customer service.

    We were unsuccessful locating your CyberDefender account using the information you provided. Please keep in mind that if you purchased our product through a 3rd party company we will not have record of your account in our system. You will need to contact that 3rd party company for further assistance.

    If you are confident you purchased the product directly off our website, please reply with the following minimum information to help us locate your account:

    * First and last name used to purchase CyberDefender
    * E-mail address used to purchase CyberDefender
    * Your mailing address entered when purchasing CyberDefender
    * The product(s) name purchased
    * The date purchased
    * Activation Code for the software purchased if available
    * Order Number if available

    Upon receiving your reply with this information we should hopefully be able to locate your account. We will reply with your Activation Code and/or any information you requested.

    Thank you,

    CyberDefender Support

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  • Cy
      5th of Oct, 2010

    Dear VlrK,

    Thank you for your feedback. We understand your issue, and are available to assist you. Have you tried contacting us directly yet, or is your post on the first we are hearing about it? We can certainly perform an investigation if you feel you have been incorrectly or perhaps fraudulently charged.

    However, more information must be provided in order for us to be able to search our records. We will be unable to locate any records based upon your alias of "VlrK." Your full name is the most basic necessity in this case, but should your name be what is considered as "common" (ex. Smith, Johnson, etc), more information may be required, such as an email address. The date this charge was placed will also greatly expedite the process.

    We encourage you to contact us at 866-793-0454, and with your assistance, we can get to the bottom of this incident. We have not nor have we ever employed "random charges" of random individuals' credit cards, and firmly reject any such notions directed at our publicly-traded company. The majority of cases perceived as such are due to a consumer forgetting that they had previously subscribed with CyberDefender's services, and when their renewal charges appear on their statement per their plan, they are surprised. When they contact us regarding the charge, we are able to locate their account, and resolve the issue amicably.

    For such reasons we suggest you contact us, either at the phone number above, or by email at [protected]

    Thank you,

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  • Pa
      25th of Jan, 2011

    I could not downland the cyberdefender to my pc, so that you charged $ 29.95 in my credit card, I want it taken off, becouse I am not your customer I am not going to pay. I am neverauthorized this transaction and some type of legal accion shoul be taken


    Patricia Chiara

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  • Al
      16th of Feb, 2011

    I have a charge on my checking account for $39+ from cbd*cyberdefender. What is this? I'd like it removed, please.

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  • Ma
      5th of Oct, 2013

    39.95 was charged on my bank card without my consent. I called and told them I had no idea who they were and that I wanted this subscription or w/e it is stopped Immediately. The guy asked for my e-mail address and said he would cancel it. I don't trust that at all. I don't have any idea who they are or what they are about. I have nothing on my computer for cyber defenders or w/e they are called.

    I have sense called my bank and told them about this. They said they will credit my account, but I have had to destroy my bank card and have them send me another, which is inconvenienced me to say the least and will be charged 12.00 for a new card.

    I have no idea what this company is but its a rip off, because I NEVER EVER bought the software they are saying I did. How many other people are they doing this too that hasn't been watching their accounts??? Millions I'm sure...

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  • Sh
      13th of Dec, 2014

    Just received letters for a credit card account that I have not used in forever because there are several charges for late fees. I called up that credit card company and they said the charge is from CBD or back in October (it is now Dec and for one thing I never got a credit card statement to review so I didn't catch it early enough). I never authorized the charge on this card and now I have late fees racked up because I haven't paid the $29 and change for this charge. Submitted my dispute.

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  • Ki
      8th of Oct, 2015

    I am having the exact same problem. I have no idea when or how this product started getting charged to my account . I admit I should have looked at my statements bc they have been charging this for quite a while and I just noticed it. However I have the same email that I have had for years and have not once been contacted about renewal etc. That would have alerted me.

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