Cato Fashionsovercharging and not refunding overcharge.

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I bought a item that was marked on the tag 3.99. I was charged 5.99. The date of purchase was Jan-05-2017. After I got home I realized the mistake. I took the receipt and the tag back the next week since the weather was not very nice. I live outside the city and in the next county. However, the manger who said her name was Heather refused to reimburse me the $2.00. She claimed that it was against store policy. I asked how can it be a store policy to overcharge a customer and not correct it. She then said that the item was not on sale at the time I bought it. I bought it on Thursday and she said the sale wasn't until the following Sunday. I asked how you could mark a item on sale if it wasn't. She made it sound as if I changed it. You could obviously tell it was the same marking as on all of the other tags which by the way were also marked 3.See the Top 10 Worst Complaints in Huntsville, AL99 on Thursday. The Cato I am referring to is in Huntsville, Alabama Sore 952. The salesperson number is 109. I am so very disappointed that a store policy would cheat it's customers in such a way which is the same as stealing from those customers. I was also upset that I was made to feel I was being accused of changing the tag when it was obvious I had not. And that I was lying about the item being on sale. I have never been to a store before that refused to correct an error that was obviously on the store's side. Please let me know if this is truly your policy. If so I don't want to do any more business with you. Also if this is a mistake on the manager part I will understand and hope that the situation can be resolved without hard feelings. My complaint is mostly principal on how the situation was handled by the store manager.
Thank You for your time.

Jan 12, 2017
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  • Pa
      Feb 01, 2017

    My problems with Cato's is that they will not give you hangers when you buy something. I have spent over $500.00 in the last week at 2 of their stores. They would not give me the hangers even though some of the items were jackets and heavy sweaters. I think this is terrible. I have shopped at their stores in the Dallas, Texas area for over 20 years. I was told that the stores need to reuse the hangers because they cannot afford to replace the hangers. Excuse me? Cato's, with their many stores cannot afford to give hangers to it's customers? I think that is ridiculous. I have contacted headquarters to voice my concerns/ complaints and have not heard from anyone. I have shopped in smaller stores than Cato's and have been asked, " Do you want to keep your hangers?" I would love to hear from others if you have experienced this problem and have the same concern that I do. A Concerned, Yet disappointed Shopper

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  • Ma
      Apr 28, 2017

    The catos in Breaux Bridge, La gives hangers especially when it is a dress or sweater.

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