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Tried to make purchase of sale items(ankle jeans and bandana shirt) with 30% off, cashier had rung up at 54.43$- BUT, then since I was paying cash(2-$50's), she told me she couldn't complete transaction because it had been a slow day and there wasn't enough money to make change. I was on my way to a conference and asked if I could pick them up Monday. She gave me a slip of paper to put my name and ph. # on. When I came back Monday- first I was told they had returned to sock as could hold for 24 hours only, but this had not been communicated to me before.See Top 10 Worst Companies in Houston, TXSo I was able to find the two pieces again and then when the cashier rang it up, it was65$ etc and I was no longer getting the same 30% that I had come in to get, but couldn't complete transaction because they Didnt have money to give change. I feel I have been prejudiced against because I would not agree to use a credit card as I am Cash customer only. I waisted 1 1/2 hours and gas to return to the store to get the clothes I wanted the Friday before, -again on Monday only to be refused the sale I had tried to pay for previously but couldn't due to stores. Lack on change. I was embarrassed by employees because I was heartbroken not to get the clothes except to have to pay more .

May 09, 2017

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