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Cathay Pacific / Stealing my stuff

1 Hong Kong

Basically it boils down like this. Because of the lack of, or rather non-existent communication of rules and regulation about flying into U.S airspace to customers, I had my 130.00USD Royal Salute Chivas Whiskey confiscated just as I was about to board the flight from HK to Toronto. I bought it in Vietnam, which is where my flight started. All the Cathay ground staff did not mention anything when we bought the whiskey and took it on the flight. I was not an isolated incident but many others who flew into HK from Vietnam also had their goods confiscated. On the flight I wrote a full detail account of what happened, but guess what? No answer or email whatsoever from this company. It is a miracle that you guys win all the awards for excellence in service blah blah blah. Even the captain of the flight and other crew members acknowledge that it was a ### thing to do and fault of Cathay ground staff. After this experience, I can say with absolute conviction that I will never ever fly with Cathay ever again. I can I assure you also that the others who had their stuff suddenly taken away from them will do the same. Imagine spending our hard earned money on gifts for our families only to have it taken away seconds before boarding without a single explanation. At least if we were told or notify in advance then we could have at least find other ways to send our gifts or to simply sell the damn thing. Or better yet, we could have put it in our luggages. Instead, it will be either enjoyed by the people who took it away or simply thrown away. One detail I forgot to mention is that the goods we bought at Tan Son Nhat aiport in Ho chi Minh city were properly sealed in security bags. We were told that as long as we didn't damaged or open the bag, we were able to bring it on board without a problem. Dead wrong as we found out. What really made me angry was the fact that nobody to this day ( even as I am writing this) from your customer relation ( I am assuming you do have one because you have this sit up) has bothered to email us or contact us to explain or apologize. Or maybe the people in this department believe that the customers were wrong and don't need an explanation because Cathay is just perfect. Well, its only me saying this, but keep this kind of customer relation's attitude up and I am sure you will get that award again next year. I am done with this company and regret I even took the 10 mins it took to write this to you. You don't deserve even this much time and attention. Remember, bad news travel like 'wild fire' and I am making damn sure I will email every contact I know, tell every soul I meet, and take every single opportunity as it presents itself in conversation to retell this. You guys truly madly deeply suck ###!! The flight attendants were cute though, that was the only thing this bloody company had going for it.


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