Cathay Pacific / Cathay Pacific is racist!!! Do not fly with them if you are Asian!!!

Australia Review updated:

I was recently not allowed to check-in to a Cathay Pacific flight from Seoul to Taipei because the "plane's cargo was too heavy".

What angered me more was the fact that Cathay Pacific check-in staff knew that no one else would be let onto the flight, yet they chose not to make an announcement and just left 30 Asian passengers waiting in the check-in queue for an hour. Only when I complained was I told that the flight had been prematurely closed an hour prior.

To rub salt into my wound, non-Asian passengers who joined the check-in queue behind me were singled out for preferential treatment and allowed onto the flight.

Cathay Pacific may try to argue that these were VIP customers, etc., but I am a Sapphire member of the oneworld Alliance - I should have been offered preferential treatment as well. Was it just because I am Asian that I and 29 other Asians in the queue were treated like dirt?

Shame on you Cathay Pacific!!!

I have written a complaint letter to Cathay Pacific seeking an apology and a full explanation, but a month later, I am still waitng for a reply (they asked for 14 days to investigate to which I generously agreed).


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      Apr 11, 2017

    I agree and their staff is awful ! The pilots think they are gods gift to this earth! They have so much arrogance and attitude its unbelievable!

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