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Leesburg, VA, US Review updated:

Flat out deplorable!!!

1. Deceptive agreement! I fell behind on payments and couldn't afford the service anymore. I called to cancel my service and was told I couldn't cancel until I paid my contract in full which was in 3 months. So, I egotiated a payment to catch me up then 3 final payments to complete my contract. The rep told me specifically that my contract will end in july. However, in july it automatically renewed! The arrangements I made on the phone were deceiptive. They collected my money and told me that my contract will end in july. But of course, she did not tell me that I was still required to write a letter 30 days in advance to cancel my service. Therefore, I am now committed to another year of service/payments.

2. Inflexible tech support! In addition, my alarm system has been inoperable for over a year due to battery problems. They said I needed to upgrade and it would fix the problem. They sent me the upgrade unit and told me to call tech support for help installing it. After talking to them on the phone, we realized that due to the battery problem, my unit was not even on... No power, no error codes, etc. Turns out I needed a tech. Well, they don't have techs that can service my unit on the weekend. It can only be done during the week! That's funny, because as I recall, after I signed my contract, they had a tech in my house within 20 minutes to installing my system on a saturday!!! So, in other words, techs are installing systems for the sales team on saturdays when people are home. The are unavailable to service the needs of existing customers!

3. Additional expense! For whatever reason, we were required to upgrade our system at our expense ($99). What the??? You require this upgrade at my expense???

4. Deplorable customer service! Not only did there customer service reps only speak ebonix, they told me to install my upgrade and call their tech support if I needed help. On top of my 1 year of inoperability, the false commitment made by their billing rep, and inconvenience of having to upgrade my system at my own expense, they showed no empathy for the problems I had and for my desire to cancel my contract. They not only did not care about these legitimate issues, they found every way they could to blame all of these problems on me! How is that for customer service??? The best solution they offered me was to sign a new contract for only 6 months??? The nerve of these people!!!

I told them to delete my payment information and stop billing me automatically and to send me a bill which I will pay in disney princess coins for your rediculous service! Simply deplorable!

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      Dec 28, 2009

    its a criminal enterprise. If anybody knows a lawyer willing to take them on with a class action lawsuit, please contact me via e-mail [protected]

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