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In May of 2007 we signed a security contract with Pinnacle Security which was later sold to Castle Rock Security. In January of this year there was an attempted break in on our home. Instead of an alarm notification comming from Castle Rock, it came from the police! Neither my husband or I was ever contacted by Castle Rock, even though both of our contact phone numbers are listed on the contract and havent changed since May of 2007. The police officer had to look through our personal papers to find a contact number in order to notify us a break in had occured.
That same day my husband and I decided to cancel our service with Castle Rock and were notified that we had signed a three year contract! The "nice, clean cut salesman from Utah" had lied to us, he had said our contract was month to month. There is NO way we would have signed a three year contract as this was a starter home for us and were planning on living there only for two or so years. (Also I have serious commitment issues with companies and contracts, which is why I own a prepaid cell phone.) However, we really should have paid more attention to the contract. Luckily our contract was up in May of 2009 so we decided to suck it up for a few more months.
When I looked at my contract in detail I noticed that it stated that we are required to send a written letter of cancelation thirty days prior to the end of the contract term or it would automatically be renewed for a year! What a scam; especially because we were never told that important detail over the phone when we asked about the cancelation procedure.
I faxed Castle Rock a cancelation letter asking for confirmation of cancelation in writing. Days later when I called to confirm they recieved the letter, I was informed they did but that we would still owe them money until September! I told them that our contract was signed in May, they agreed, but stated that their records showed that they didnt start charging us until September. I disagreed stating that we were charged from May on. They said that we needed to show them proof, to which I said that I didnt have the burden of proof because I have a contract signed in May. It turns out when Pinnacle sold our account to Castle Rock in September of 2007, Castle Rock didnt input the monies that had previously been paid to Pinnacle! Imagine if I had just taken their word for it that we owed them until September?
As of now everything is straightened out with Castle Rock but we'll see if at the end of May I recieve a bill stating we owe until September. I wouldnt be surprised. I see that break in as one of the best things that could of happened to us; although we had some property damage from an attempted thief, we were made aware of the thieves at Castle Rock Security.

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      5th of Feb, 2010

    Castle Rock's manipulative ways to want to keep consumers as hostages to their contracts are outrageous. My contract with them was originally finished on June 2009. I called 6/22/09 to confirm the fact that my contract was done. They indicated that because I did not submit my desire to cancel in writing in May 2009, my contract had been extended for one more year. I told them that I did not want CastleRock’s services any longer. They proceeded to put me on hold to discussed my issue with a supervisor. They came back to the line with a bargaining option of 6 more months. For the sake of being civil, I accepted. I clearly felt that CastleRock was holding me hostage. During our conversation, they never mentioned the need for further paperwork.

    Since my contract was extend 6 more months; my contract ended on 12/09. I followed the indicated guidelines by submitting my request to cancel in writing. In fact, my first letter was submitted in October 2009, the second letter was submitted in November 2009.

    I made a courtesy call on January 26, 2010 to let them know that I was still getting monthly bills. They told me that the contract is still active because I did not mail in an amendment, which they claimed to have mailed me. I never got the amendment nor did I received any specifications on mailing one back during my 6/22/09 phone conversation with CastleRock. I followed the guidelines that were given to me. I am not interested in continuing CastleRock alarm services. However, they are determine to get more money from me.


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