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Castle Finance Direct / they took money for the form and refused to refund

B3 2EW, Office 261, 27 Colmore Row, Birmingham, AL, United Kingdom Review updated:

I filled the form on the website of Castle Finance Direct. I thought to apply for the loan on this website, but after I filled the form and indicated my personal info, these jerks took money from me. I sent them tons of emails and told to refund, but the rep replied only several days ago and told that they didn’t return money. Total scam, so stay away from them.The worst company ever, so avoid these ### and post comments about your experience with them.

Aug 4, 2014
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  • Ad
      22nd of Sep, 2014

    Is this legit

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  • Pu
      22nd of Oct, 2014

    Castle finance are a disgusting company . The lenders they use are ruthless and ring as late as 9.15 pm . They hounded me at home and work which is totally unacceptable . I gave my work details as I presumed it was for the loan purpose .
    They said I would be paying £5.00 but they actually took 79.00 ... Other companies are the same . Do not put your details in without reading the terms and conditions .

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  • Sa
      10th of Dec, 2014

    disgusting and sly company! they took £79 out of my bank and then sent me a letter to say its because i applied for a loan with them! even though i didnt get a loan from them! AND the sold my details onto other companies who continuously harrass me to this day! i get about 4-6 texts a day offering me loans and maybe 2 phone calls!

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  • Su
      6th of May, 2015

    I phoned them and it cost me £66 in total which they said they would reimburse if I sent my phone bill, which I did. Never received money back

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  • Ma
      29th of Oct, 2015

    Took £100 off me for £500 lone said that check for £600 scam :-? :-(

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  • Cl
      26th of Jul, 2017

    @macauley Chester They took 100 pounds off me for a loan but didn't get the loan they said my 100 pound would be put back into my account in 24 hours that was Friday and now we're on Wednesday and I still don't have my 100 pound back please could you give it back as it was all I had and now I'm broke with no food or electric

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  • Am
      30th of Mar, 2016

    I am disgusted with this company today they took my very last 79pounds out my account without my knowledge..these stockbrokers are praying on the poor only last week another company took 16.99..i phoned my bank m turns out more of these companys were going to help themselves to my money. I have had to cancel my account to stop these dirty ### from helping themselves to my money..i work hard and a single mum.i fell on hard times and applyef for aloan and this is the out come..i won't ever fall for this again.79pound is a hard lesson tho vile ###

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  • Da
      15th of May, 2016

    I applied today and if they take any money from my account I'll go to the police ###'s totally

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  • Mr
      31st of May, 2016


    I was contacted on May 31st, via telephone by a mail presenting as Richard from Castle Finance Direct, Richard advised I had been approved for a loan I applied for. He stated that the money would be transferred to my account within the hour, and I would need to pay the first month installment of 118.00. Richard provided me with the banking details and then advised that I transfer the money. I transferred the 118.00, and then I received phone call advising that I needed to transfer another 199.00, at that point I stated, no I want my original transferred amount back because this seems like a scam. At that time, the rep denied ever receiving the 118 transfer. I emailed the rep three times attaching a screen shot, the rep still denied I sent the funds, and called me a liar. I advised the company that they would be reported at which time, Richard yelled if I report them, I will never get my money back. He then said that he never received any money and I better not call his company again or he will have me put in jail. I immediately, went to Epsom Police station and spoke with Officer Wills. Officer Wills heard the calls between myself and Richard because I had the calls on speaker. Richard yelled for me to get my money back from the police and leave him alone. I then showed Officer Wills my email, which attached the screen shot of the transaction, Officer Will verified what she saw, and I transmitted the email again. Richard placed me on hold and never returned to the phone. Officer Wills suggested I hang up and call back, when I called back Richard refused to give me the address to the company and disconnected the call.

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  • Ch
      11th of Aug, 2017

    I am SO glad, I read this: I wanted to take out a LOAN, and the whole £79 up front thing seemed a bit strange, and I literally NEARLY did it, and I am SO glad I didn't, its a complete CON. They take your £79, sell your info to other lenders, and you get a hundred or so emails and texts a day, they are (excuse my language) DODGY AS [censor]! AVOID!

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  • Da
      19th of Sep, 2017

    they are one big scam, as above they say you will be accepted for loan and only when you accept(without reading terms and conditions)do they say you will be charged the £79 fee!once i realised what they were about i got in touch with my bank raising my concerns and telling them they had took payment without authorisation, money was taken out fri, got the money back from my bank tues!!just dont believe that they will set you up with a loan with bad credit because all the lenders i applied to refused my loan anyway as they carried out a credit search!!!

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  • Sh
      10th of Jul, 2018

    Has anyone had there money back from this company and does anyone have a contact number for them??

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  • Di
      7th of Nov, 2018

    This company has also taken my £79.00 out of my account without my consent. I rang a number I had for them and it is just a voice stating email them asking for a refund and it will be with you within 7 working days. Nothing has appeared. I contacted my bank last week and they said they needed a authorisation number from them to stop the payment but you cannot get any response from the company at all. If all these people are being robbed by this company why isn't someone doing something about the company like closing them down.
    I have waited the 7 Days to get my refund so I will go back to my bank again and see if they can help otherwise it will be the financial ombudsman but I dont hold out much hope.

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  • Ji
      6th of Feb, 2019

    @Diane Dickinson Did you ever receive your refund as I’m waiting for one too it’s been 10 days. And I’ve still not heard anything :(

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  • Da
      20th of Mar, 2019

    I have no money in my account for another week, will they wait until then to take the 79 im so scared :(

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